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Favorite Team Legend Battle  

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  1. 1. Which was your favorite Team Legend Battle?

    • Valerie Harding vs. Dia Malai- "Bust Your Windows"
    • Emma Brooke vs. Nia Skyfer- "She's All I Wanna Be"
    • Parijita Bastola vs. The Marilynds- "How Deep Is Your Love"
    • Kim Cruse vs. David Andrew- "Heartbreak Anniversary"
    • Omar Jose Cardona vs. Lana Love- "Into the Unknown"

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A FANTASTIC season for John! I have complaints about Emma/Nia but even then, the battle itself was pretty decent.

1. Kim vs. David

2. Omar vs. Lana

3. Valarie vs. Dia

4. Parijita vs. The Marilynds

5. Emma vs. Nia


I say John made the right choices with winners, would've preferred a Lana/Dia/David save (in that order) but the sisters were deserving as well.

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nothing to complain about Team Legend


1. Kim vs. David 9.8

2. Omar vs. Lana 9.5

3. Parijita vs The Marylands/Dia vs Valarie 8.5 (both battles were great, I liked everyone's choices, but for moments I didn't enjoy Dia and the sisters as much)

4. Emma vs. Nia, so much fun! total contrast of voices

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Emma vs Nia was a serve idc idc. My favorite one of his team. Valarie vs Dia is a close second for me, Omar vs Lana was fun but slightly messy imo, and Kim vs David and Parijita vs Marilynds were good although I didn't love their song choices/they didn't do much for the singers. Honestly good battles from this team all throughout.

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