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American Idol S20 Auditions 4 Discussion


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Here's my take on the auditions:


1.  Zareh -- I love the song!  Not sure that she's good enough for the Top 24, but I'm sure that she's good enough for Hollywood.


2.  Thomas -- he was lucky that he got a chance to sing a second song, and that Lionel agreed with Katy.


3.  Lydia -- she apparently wasn't either good enough or prepared enough for Lionel and Luke.


4.  Sam -- she's an example of "If at first you don't succeed; try, try again."


5.  Kenzie -- sometimes you can be too unique for American Idol!


6.  Fritz -- the newest wgwg that the housewives will love.  He's better than Noah, however.


7.  Kevin -- it's funny that he was inspired by William Hung, but thankfully Kevin's voice is much better than Hung's.


8.  Charvonay -- oh dear.  Worst of the auditions so far.


9.  Jacob -- thinner and certainly more confident.  One of the best guys in this round.


10.  Haley -- at least they gave her a second chance, and she made the most of it.


11.  Elli -- possibly my favorite performance so far.  And she's really cute!


12.  Dan -- good enough to get to Hollywood, but he's a little green with his performance skills.


13.  Douglas -- I'm glad that he auditioned, because he was great!  And yeah, those who bullied him can go to hell.

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