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s20 Audition 2 - Favorite Performance


Favorite Perfromance  

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  1. 1. Who was the Best

    • Betty Maxwell - A Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkson/ Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood
    • Leah Marlene - Steal My Girl by One Direction/ Wisher to the Well by Herself
    • Mike Parker - Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter
    • Kelsie Dolin - Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson/When We Were Young by Adele
    • Skylie Thompson - Buckle Buddes by Herself/Oklaholma City by Zach Bryan
    • Luke Taylor - Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash
    • Kenedi Anderson - Applause by Lady Gaga
    • Isaiah Jaay - Every Little Step by Bobby Brown
    • Kaitlyn Rose - Make Me Feel by Janelle Monae
    • Kurtis Bell - I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown
    • Aaron Westberry - 2016 by Sam Hunt
    • Allegra Miles - Tainted by Herself
    • Christian Guardino - A Song For You by Donny Hathaway
    • Lady K - Wide Awake by Katy Perry

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1. Kenedi Anderson 



2. Allegra Miles 

3. Christian Guardino 


Really good 

4. Lady K 

5. Betty Maxwell 


Not really for me, but still talented 

6. Leah Marlene


Potential is there but i'll pass for now

6. Mike Parker 

7. Kelsie Dollin 


Average at best. Big NO for me

8. Luke Taylor

9. Aaron Westberry


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I'll ignore the bad contestants who didn't move on and who were montaged, but I will note that Kaitlyn had more personality than talent, and I could've done "I Feel Good" better than Kurtis.


1.  Kenedi Anderson -- wow!  She definitely deserved the Platinum ticket!

2.  Lady K. -- sad backstory + terrific voice = one golden ticket to Hollywood.

3.  Allegra -- the only thing I wanted was to hear more from her audition!

4.  Christian Guardino -- the best of the guys in this audition, and possibly the best guy we've seen yet.

5.  Leah Marlene -- she certainly has the personality to get far in this competition!

6.  Betty Maxwell -- powerful voice.  Unfortunately, I would have advised her not to choose songs that American Idol winners sang -- and killed.  Still, she compared well to Carrie and even Kelly.

7.  Mike Parker -- good enough to get to Hollywood and even the Top 24, but not the most memorable.

8.  Kelsie Dolin -- good enough to get to Hollywood, but the fact that she had never sung in front of others until now will hurt her.

9.  Aaron Westberry -- certainly good enough to get to Hollywood, but he's too sleepy to do well here.

10.  Luke Taylor -- his version of "Ring of Fire" was almost as grating to me as Adam Lambert's version.

11.  Skylie Thompson -- she tried, but she wasn't good enough.

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Favorite to least favorite of the contestants who made it to Hollywood

1. Kenedi Anderson - Amazing and super star in the making.

2. Lady K - Original and very versatile. Loved her audition.

3. Mike Parker - I liked how made a country song more of an R&B song and still sounded great when doing so. 

4. Christian Guardino - He’s got soul. The only thing I wish is that he wasn’t too loud and that his phrasing didn’t lacks finesse, character, and subtlety.

5. Allegra Miles - I wish I saw more of her audition because she was just fantastic.

6. Betty Maxwell - She is very talented. I just hope she can do more than just signing songs by former American Idol contestants.

7. Leah Marlene - The much calmer version of Catie Turner. She is very original musically and I like her style. She’s also really funny and has a great personality. She doesn’t overdo it with being funny either, which is a plus as well.

8. Kelsie Dion - She’s not experienced or ready yet for American Idol, but she’s got potential. She has a singing voice that just needs to be crafted more.
9. Aaron Westberry - Human melatonin (Luke Bryan’s nickname for him) and has an attitude and personality problem. Also, lacks passion when he sings.
10. Luke Taylor - Really bad singer to the point where he is the bad version of Scotty McCreery

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1. Kenedi Anderson

2. Lady K

3. Betty Maxwell

4. Christian Guardino

5. Mike Parker 

6. Allegra Miles 

7. Kelsie Dolin

8. Luke Taylor

9. Aaron Westberry

10. Leah Marlene

11. Skylie Thompson

12. Kaitlyn Rose

13. Kurtis Bell 

14. Isaiah Jaay

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