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  1. The question is how many of these people are actually going to consider trying out for American Idol Season 20.
  2. Wade Cota does have a record deal it seems. I’m not sure about Dimitrius Graham though.
  3. Laine Hardy is going to be performing his new single on American Idol next week. Also, during the American Idol finale this season Luke Combs, Macklemore, Fall Out Boyand Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham will hit the stage for special performances, along with Chaka Khan, American Idol alum Mickey Guyton, X Factor UK alum Leona Lewis, Alessia Cara, and Sheryl Crow. Additionally, Idol judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie will also hit the stage. It’s possible that Lindsey Buckingham or Luke Combs will be performing with Chayce Beckham.
  4. What about Dimitrius Graham and Wade Cota? Are they eligible to audition next season?
  5. Assuming there is still going to be a next season, I think an important lesson has been learned. The creators and producers of American Idol need to do a thorough background check on all of the contestants auditioning for American Idol next season to make sure they are actually interested in the show and are not hiding anything that the public would not be happy about (Hannah Everhart, Cecil Ray Baker, and Caleb Kennedy). We should also try to prevent contestants from dropping out again like (Benson Boone and Wyatt Pike).
  6. I think Katie Stevens would be ineligible because of her acting career.
  7. I wonder which contestants that didn’t even make it to the semi finals will audition again.
  8. They should do something because it will turn lots of viewers away if they don’t. The show probably won’t be canceled after this season if they don’t do anything, but you can count on tons of people boycotting American Idol and calling the people in charge of the show racist enablers.
  9. Okay well that clears thing up. Here’s my next question. If the show doesn’t do anything to resolve the situation, do you think it will cause the ratings of the show to go even lower and that even though American Idol Season 20 has already been renewed, that somehow people in charge of deciding what airs on T.V. changes their mind and cancels American Idol Season 20 making American Idol Season 19 the last season of American Idol.
  10. This might sound a little funny at first, but hear me out. What if this news about Caleb Kennedy is some attempt to get Arthur Gunn back in the competition? I mean Arthur Gunn happened to not make the Top 5 and then not that long after this news about Caleb Kennedy came out. I mean why not just release that news about Caleb sooner? Is it because they didn’t know about it when American Idol Season 19 first started? Is this some ploy that American Idol has to fix their Comeback Twist thing? The compromising situation that Caleb Kennedy was in is wrong and bad, but the timing of when it became pu
  11. If they don’t say why, American Idol could be complicit because people will wonder what they are hiding. It’s better just to come clean.
  12. Give the kid version of the truth being that Caleb Kennedy associated himself with something that would be hurtful and offensive to some people. Then say we are a show that wants to treat everyone with respect and not hurt anyone’s feelings
  13. They should redo American Idol Season 19 and call it American Idol Season 19: The Redo Season hahaha
  14. Okay I sort of get what you’re saying. Can you just explain how what I said could be a trigger? Is it because of the possibility that there may be some people who would like him to come back to replace Caleb if he gets disqualified? If that is the point you’re making, then I understand completely now.
  15. Yes agreed. I really think she is the one who will win American Idol this season.
  16. Well for starters, they should have picked Drake McCain instead of Cecil Ray Baker for the Top 24. Also, Murphy definitely should have in the Top 24 without question.
  17. It had nothing to do with his color. It has to do with the fact that he had a chance on Season 18 and was the runner up and he made it to the Top 7 this season. It would be a big waste of time to bring him back only to be placed in the Top 5. That’s what I meant by my comment. I wasn’t “dogging a contestant because he’s a person of color”. If that’s how it looked, then that wasn’t my intention. I would be saying the same exact thing if it was Hunter Mett who was the contestant from last season and not Arthur Gunn.
  18. This season is one gigantic mess, but at least we got to see some talented singers really shine.
  19. Willie Spence may decide to quit whether the people in charge of American Idol decide to disqualify Caleb Kennedy or not. I’m saying that because the whole situation may make Willie Spence overall very uncomfortable. Like I said before, if American Idol doesn’t handle this properly, the ratings will go down and be extremely low and I could see this season being the last season of American Idol. I know American Idol was already renewed for Season 20, but sometimes shows are renewed and then people change their minds and decide to cancel them.
  20. I agree, but we will have to wait and see if American Idol does the right thing and care about their audience. If they don’t, I think they will face major backlash for it and it could result in the show getting canceled meaning no American Idol Season 20. Also, if they don’t do anything about this, what will it say to their black audience members and the black people who have won on this show or competed on American Idol? That they normally are anti racism, but sometimes they will make exceptions and look the other way for contestants who are really good singers?
  21. I just realized they might not do that because there was a season in the past when someone was disqualified and they eliminated another contestant the same week.
  22. Maybe because no one wants Arthur back because he already got eliminated twice and it would be unfair to the current season contestants who worked hard to get their spots in the Top 5.
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