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Rank the Team Kelly Season 21 Battles


Your favorite Team Kelly Season 21 Battle  

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    • Girl Named Tom vs Kinsey Rose - Seven Bridges Road
    • Jeremy Rosado vs Jershika Maple - Hold On
    • Aaron Hines vs Gymani - working
    • The Cunningham Sisters vs Parker McKay - It's My Party

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Jeremy vs Jershika was my favorite battle of the season, so there´s that. The definition of complimenting each other to perfection. Loved it.


GNT vs Kinsey comes next. Fantastic country battle. Loved how it build up. 


TCS vs Parker was a pleasant surprise. Great song choice for them. They are 3rd.


Gymani vs Aaron is a distant 4th for me. Nothing wrong with their vocals but the whole thing was just uninteresting to me.

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1. Jeremy vs Jershika - Both did great in this battle! Very even and it had a really fun energy.

2. GNT vs Kinsey - Stunning opening, and the rest was decent enough.


3. TCS vs Parker - Wasn't huge on the arrangement, but this was good.


4. Gymani vs Aaron - One of the most boring battles of the season.

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1 Gymani vs Aaron (the more you watch it the better it gets to the point where it’s one of the best battles of the season)

2 Jershika vs Jeremy (When you put to people who should easily win there battle together this happens)

3 CNS vs Parker (wasn’t a huge fan of the song but vocals were flawless and Parker deserved a steel)

4 GNT vs Kinsey (didn’t like it)


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