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The Voice Year 2015(Poll)

Hamza Tufail


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  1. 1. Favorite Season

    • Season 8
    • Season 9
  2. 2. Favorite Winner

    • Sawyer Fredericks
    • Jordan Smith
  3. 3. Favorite Runner-up

    • Meghan Linsey
    • Emily Ann Roberts

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Again, didn´t watch these live, but I have caught up.


1. S8 was more enjoyable for me. S9 had a solid cast but a few too many clunkers.


2. Sawyer is my favorite winner of the show. I will say Jordan´s semifinal is easily one of the best, if not the best vocal this show has seen, though.


3. Emily Ann. I enjoyed her tone on several performances. Meghan is talented but her tone got waay to shrill and over the top for me at times, and I do enjoy power, but too much is too much.

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Season 8 by a hair (Sawyer, Koryn, and Kimberly all in the same season??? yes please, even if Korin, Amy, and Jordan put a good argument together for S9)


Sawyer wins this based on tone, even if Jordan was a better live vocalist.


I like both Meghan and Emily, but I gave the edge to Emily by a teensy bit since I liked her blind, KO, and finale not-Christmas-themed cover.

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