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RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 14


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Premiering on January 7th 2022. 

Alyssa Hunter

Angeria Paris VanMicheals


Daya Betty

Deja Skye

Jasmine Kennedie


June Jambalaya

Kerri Colby

Kornbread "The Snack" Jeté

Lady Camden

Maddy Morphosis

Orion Story

Willow Pill

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The huntress is on the prowl! As one of the most celebrated pageant queens from Puerto Rico, Alyssa knows her way around a runway and delivers stunning looks wherever she goes. She’s here to prove that not only can she give a fierce lewk, she also has the performance chops to bring back the crown to her hometown. 




This southern belle from ATL will light up any room with her charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. An old school pageant queen, “Angie” is here to serve fierce fashion and face with a country charm that you can’t help but fall in love with.




Don’t let her laid back Seattle grunge vibe fool you, this fiercely competitive queen is all about femme fatale glamour. With her razor-sharp wit and an impressive arsenal of drag talents, Bosco will stop at nothing to bring the crown back to Seattle.




You Betty be ready! Hailing from the House of Methyd, this edgy six foot four goddess is serving 80’s inspired rockstar realness. Daya’s known for crafting incredible looks out of any material she can get her hands on and will do whatever it takes to claw her way to the top and claim that crown.




This pastel princess prides herself on embracing all her curves and swerves. Deja is known for her bold, colorful drag aesthetic and design skills. She’s a sweetheart, but she has killer lip sync skills, so watch out for her!  




The ditzy doll of New York City has arrived! She is known as a high energy dancing queen who brings polished drag and the gift of gab. Her personality may be bubbly and fun, but she is drop dead serious about slaying the competition.




Hello-tis, it’s Jorgeous! This spicy Latina dancing diva started drag at the age of 16 and never looked back. A fierce performer who was born to do drag, Jorgeous is looking to dance the house down boots all the way to the top.




This jambalaya is heating up! Bringing Black Girl Magic to the stage, June is known for her fierce dance moves and is ready to show off her kicks and splits and put a fork in the rest of the competition.




This bodacious queen is all about beauty, hair and body-ody-ody. From the legendary House of Colby, Kerri is a bold diva who tells it like it is, while always looking flawless. She came to slay the game in true Colby style!




The bakery is open and Kornbread is being served! This LA queen is a performance powerhouse with a deliciously sassy personality. She will leave you gooped, gagged and gandered and you will want a taste of what she’s cooking!




Three cheers for America’s little spice girl! Born in the UK but now living in Sacramento, this professional ballet dancer turned drag queen is ready to take the world by storm serving class and sass and living the pop princess fantasy she always dreamed of.




This small-town camp and comedy queen is ready for her big stage debut. As the first heterosexual, cisgender male contesant on Drag Race, Maddy’s quirky performances set her apart from the pack and she’s here to prove she can perform with the best of them.




Orion is a retro sex kitten with a campy edge. As the first queen to represent Michigan, this midwestern beauty brings a smoldering Lana Del Rey energy to her drag and is eager to share her unique drag stylings with the world.  




A quirky little pill, this queen digs deep to deliver a wicked sense of humor and a darkly eccentric drag style. She is season 11 winner Yvie Oddly’s drag sister, so expect the unexpected from Willow Pill.

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4 hours ago, *Wallace said:

This is starting tonight. 😮 I may try to watch this season in live time, as it's easier for me to watch the US versions. I just hope it's not a million episode season, even though it probably will be. :dead: 

I believe it’s 16 episodes again.

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01. Willow Pill - She is the moment. 
02. Bosco - Not the most exciting talent show but it was put together.

03. Alyssa Hunter - Her runway was stunning and she lip-synced well to her talent show. It just wasn’t that much of a talent.

04. Kornbread - I enjoyed the talent show but thought her runway was hideous. 

05. Orion Story - Slayed the lip-sync and enjoyed her runway. It’s a shame her talent show just didn’t make any sense.

06. June Jambalaya - I didn’t know African Dance was just flailing your arms and legs around. 

07. Kerri Colby - She’s gorgeous but that talent show was horrific and there was barely any talent. She danced like a white girl for the first three quarters and it was terrible. 

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1. Kornbread - Star quality! So happy for her.

2. Kerri - So gorgeous and funnier than I expected. Didn't love her runway, but she could wear anything and I'd be obsessed honestly.

3. Willow - Loving the underdog story and the talent show.

4. Bosco - Really intrigued to see more of her. Wasn't wowed by her talent show but excited to see what more she brings.

5. June - The mug! Gorgeous. Talent show got a little messy but I'm enjoying her.

6. Orion - Felt for her, I was really curious to see what she brought.. past that talent show.

7. Alyssa - Haven't quite vibed with her yet, but great to see another PR queen.

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01. Bosco - enjoyed the talent show performance and the runway. Still my favourite based off the MTQ + premiere.

02. Kerri Colby - To paraphrase Reddit, “I hope she wins because her lips can’t handle All Stars.”

03. Kornbread - Iconic.

04. Alyssa - Bonus points for Halestorm.

05. June - Default ranking.

06. Willow Pill - I know I can’t hold it against her but I’m already 100% over how Ru pronounces her name.

07. Orion - Meh.

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1. Kornbread - Like the judges said, a complete star. Her original song was a bop. Agree with the judges that her runways might need a little polish but I have faith in her.

2. Bosco - Good talent show, good runway and funny. Like the judges said, def one to watch.

3. Kerri - Stunning in and out of drag. While I agree with the judges that her talent show needs some spark, I still loved how unexpected it was.

4. June - Also gorgeous though I didn’t love her looks this episode as much as I loved her promo look. I think she’ll grow a lot during the season. 

5. Alyssa - I loved her talent but I wish she actually played guitar. Runway look was stunning though.

6. Willow Pill - I loved her talent show performance but her drag hasn’t blown me away yet. However, I’m excited to see what she does every week now.

7. Orion Story - It was pretty obvious that she would be the one going home from this group even before we saw everything. I think she’s got some growing to do though and might be better when she’s got her life stuff figured out.

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  1. Kornbread :  In the words of Wendy Williams - "she's an icon, she's a legend and she is the moment"
  2. Kerri Colby : Flawless look, both entrance and on the runway. I personally really enjoyed her talent show. 
  3. Alyssa Hunter : Love her, both in and out of drag. Loved all three of her looks, but the runway one ? Just wow. Enjoyed the talent show too, if I am being honest,
  4. Bosco : I wasn't sold on her with her entrance look, but enjoyed her talent show & her runway look. I do hope that she pushes herself with the looks though.
  5. Willow Pill : Love the underdog story but not connecting with her drag yet.
  6. June : Really love her but I am ranking based on the week showing. I am sure that she will surprise us though !
  7. Orion Story : It was obvious that she was the weakest link.
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1. Kornbread - best in the talent show, decent runway.  I really like her personality.

2. Bosco - the most interesting one of this first premiere.  I am excited to see what she does going forward as shes intriguing.

3. Alyssa Hunter - hot.  The runway was great, the talent show meh.

4. Willow Pill - Her entrance made my head hurt.  The talent show confused me in all the right way.  I had no idea what was happening and I was amused.

5. Kerri Colby - pleasing to look at, meh talent show and runway though.

6. Orion Story - I was at least semi interested in her over 7th place.

7. June Jamalya - I don't get it.  Dancing was not good, runway was solid though.  Not caring much for her personality yet.  She did better in the lip sync so I suppose she can stay another week.  

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I just watched the premiere. A fun premiere episode!


Kornbeard and Kerri would be my top favorites just based on this episode. Excited to see more from them both. Kornbeard is probably going to be that queen that always has me laughing through the season. :dead: 


Like most of the others but need to see more of them to be invested. But I do like Alyssa, Bosco and June as secondary favorites. Really enjoyed June's lip sync performance.


Willow's talent show really confused me throughout and I didn't totally get it. 🙈 But it was fun and interesting. Not too big on her drag style either. But she has a really moving and compelling backstory that makes you want to see her do well.


I felt bad for Orion as I would have liked to see her have another chance, but it just wasn't going to work with this format. :( Overall I'm okay with her going first as I didn't get/like her talent show act and wasn't too fond of her style. She kinda surprised me in the lip sync and did better than I expected. But wasn't quite up there with June.

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1. Willow Pill - Obsessed, from the moment she walked in. I'm so glad Ru got her routine and whatever I loved her runway look as well. Love this queen, easily my favorite so far

2. Kornbread - Big fan so far, I do agree with Michelle that her runway look did not work

3. Alyssa Hunter - 🥵 Purely a thirst placement. Also that runway was beautiful.

4. Bosco - I'm not fully sold yet but she has what it takes to be a frontrunner for sure.

5. Kerri Colby - Not sold yet but she is drop dead gorgeous.

6. Orion Story - I am actually sad to see her go, but am relieved we are cutting people starting in week one instead of waiting till like f*cking halfway through the season like they did in S13.

7. June Jambalaya - Got lost in the mix for me

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This was the worst talent show they have ever had periodt


1. Willow

2. Kornbread - runway look was awful, make-up was too subtle. We know she has wigs so why didn't she wear one???

3. Bosco - the burlesque was fine. I'm not gagging. The entrance look was great but the runway was very meh Krystal Versace

4. Kerri - the runway look was 100% Kylie Sonique Love. The talent show was fine, not very impressive

5. Alyssa - very Mariah Balenciaga in the face. The cheeks are a lot for me. I thought the talent show style choice was not as bad as the judges pretended, but either way a regular lip sync is a VERY safe approach, dangerous when there's only 7 in the show.

6. June - The talent show had no impact to me. The runway had initial impact that faded when you looked at it too long. The lip sync was the moment for her to win me over and instead she let Orion try to upstage her in the middle of it, smh. I almost put her last for how dull she was in the workroom scenes.

7. Orion - cheeks here too. Entrance line was atrocious. Performance was atrocious. Runway was the worst as well. But the entrance look was good and I was curious to see more. Put up a fight in the end at least

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Update: I forgot about June's entrance look which was the worst of the week and one of the worst of all time so I think she deserves last place lol


Also, someone needs to tell all of reddit that Willow didn't end up putting the toaster in the tub. which is pretty much the entire punchline of the piece? are they all 11 or all dense??

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