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  1. I’ll play the Alanis round
  2. CheerS to @totes4totes and myself for having the lowest ranking for the #1 song
  3. Gtfo with this Halo shade!
  4. Finally, Elliott can stop b*tching about Love On Top not showing up. We are ALL winners now!
  5. When it’s right it’s right
  6. It’s always been a fan favorite tbh. I don’t see it winning though.
  7. Omg, Freedom is ranked above All Night and Hold Up isn’t it??? Okay now I’m pressed
  8. you could have ranked Hold Up higher!
  9. Woah not expecting to see All Night so low it’s a stunner
  10. I mean it’s up to Dee. I’m not gonna pander to keep my round where it’s at.
  11. Girl I’m already like 15th!
  12. No way he didn’t! I definitely mentioned a Lana round before I even requested a Rihanna round and while you were gone I asked people if they would play a Lana round and he was one who said yes! Can I just request two
  13. cutting Life, Bubble Boy, City Slickers (he’s not really in it)
  14. Wally not ranking XO last Thank you king!
  15. We’ll do one whenever she finally releases R9
  16. She’s always low key been an idiot The kind of woe-is-me, I’m a delicate privileged white woman who needs drugs to keep me sane. I just find her and her music fascinating, but I definitely do not view her as a role model like Rihanna. I’ve just been obsessed with her music the last year or so haha
  17. I’m aware she’s problematic but yes, I do. And lol bless you
  18. @Deeee Also Dee I need you to see this slander (particularly the Ribs part)
  19. Whatever, Jake was amazing in the movie I advanced. No regrets. I knew JC would advance Brokeback Mountain Next!
  20. I'm looking through Jake Gyllenhaal's filmography for the other game and....is Source Code not in this rankdown??
  21. PHILOMENA (2013) Idk, maybe this is a great movie lol but I've never really had the desire to see it? It seems like a movie my mom would stan which isn't always a bad thing...but maybe not in this case here lmfao. Anyways this stars the iconic Dame Judi Dench as a woman who is searching for her forcibly adopted son for 50 years. It also stars Steve Coogan and it actually looks kinda cute! It's got a 90% score on RT and grossed a super impressive $100M at the box office against a meager $12M budget. Judi obviously did an amazing job in this movie I'm sure and received awards recognition, including a Best Actress nom at the Academy Awards, bringing her up to an incredible 7 Academy Award nominations. Good for her! Saving: Inherent Vice
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