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S21 Playoffs: Favorite Team Blake Performance


S21 Playoffs: Favorite Team Blake Performance  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Peedy Chavis - Proud Mary
    • LiBianca - Woman
    • Paris Winningham - I Wish It Would Rain
    • Lana Scott - Next Girl
    • Wendy Moten - I Will Always Love You

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1. Libianca

2. Peedy

3. Wendy

4. Paris

5. Lana



I like Libianca's new look but I wasn't sure that song, at least it's by far an interesting choice in this typical The Voice corny song choices as always night .


Lol, of course. IWALY was there. I genuinely wish all the elders had good time enjoying the show.


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1. Paris - I guess it feels like he put in more effort? Him doing this great was a pleasant surprise.

2. Wendy - Obviously outstanding, it just seemed way too easy for her. Also, she should've saved this for a later round, bc PO performances are cut way too short.

3. LiBianca - Not amazing but its a nice, refreshing performance.

4. Lana - This won't move the needle for her but I enjoyed it.

5. Peedy - He managed to not be a trainwreck.

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Paris- Love to see him thriving on another team. Hoping he gets a PV


Wendy- I agree with others that it did seem laid back but it was great nonetheless and she didn't even seem to be trying


Libianca- Great take on a song I've never heard before. It seemed like she infused a lot of her artistry into it 


4. Lana- Not as good as her KO but a solid performance and she had great energy 


5. Peedy. I think the gimmick is becoming a bit repetitive but he's very entertaining to watch


Solid team, would be happy to see 4 or all 5 of them make it through

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1 minute ago, KingKongWoo said:

LOL I'm pretty sure Peedy and David's looks are tricking my mind into thinking that they're better singers 😂

Oh yea David too. But I’m trying to prevent myself from doing this. But honestly looks can get you pretty far in these shows can’t they:dead:

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