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  1. PLEASE J&S It’s all I want. Then making it this far has been really nice though
  2. I don’t see GNT as very marketable. I mean they’re attractive, but I don’t really see it for them. I think Hailey is more likely to be successful post show than them. Viva La Vida was also not good. I can’t believe the praise they received for that performance. The brothers did not sound good and neither did Bekah. Haileys Peter Pan has grown on me but I still didn’t think it was very good either, maybe it’s just the song though. Jolene is Wendy’s best performance only behind Aint No Way. I’ve actually really enjoyed her run. im very happy that J&S are still here and I actually kinda like their stay performance. I just think they’re really cute which is probably not why you should vote for someone on a singing competition As much as I like them though I don’t think they deserve the finale but i wouldn’t mind them if they did. Joshuas a great singer but I just don’t like the theatrics. I like it more toned down tbh which is probably why I prefer lives Wendy to Pre live. Pre live Wendy was still incredible though. I never saw Holly making it to the finale after these live shows. I don’t know why they pushed her in the powerhouse direction. It’s so unfortunate.
  3. I doubt they’ll do the groups together even though that’ll make me laugh. Think it’s Paris/Jereshika, Lana/GNT, Wendy/Joshua, and Hailey/J&S. Swap Jereshika and Joshua maybe but think this might be it
  4. Maybe J&S rly have minivan support cause idk how they made it this far. Not complaining tho!! Love this for them
  5. Whenever I’m thinking about this situation is usually always both
  6. Jereshika was so much better but I’m still voting for holly. Happy with either winning tho
  7. Yes it was. She was better than team Ari though but that’s not a high bar
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