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Rank the Playoff Teams


Rank the Teams  

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  1. 1. Favorite Team

    • Kelly
    • John
    • Ariana
    • Blake

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1. Team John

1. Samuel Harness

2. Jershika Maple

3. Shadale

4. David Vogel

5. Joshua Vacanti


All of them are in my Top 12 overall


2. Team Blake

1. Wendy Moten

2. Paris Winningham

3. Peedy Chavis

4. Lana Scott

5. LiBianca


Wendy and Paris are both in my T5 right now, but the others have some distance


3. Team Kelly

1. Girl Named Tom

2. Jeremy Rosado

3. Gymani

4. Hailey Mia

5. Katie Rae


GNT is the only act I love here, but a bunch here are middle of the pack

4. Team Ariana

1. Holly Forbes

2. Bella DeNapoli

3. Ryleigh Plank

4. Jim and Sasha

5. Raquel Trinidad


Don't really have any favorites here, and a few of my least favorites in the T20 are here

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Purely subjective rankings, not factoring public appeal at all here.

4. Team Ariana
e.) Raquel Trinidad
d.) Ryleigh Plank

c.) Bella DeNapoli

b.) Jim & Sasha

a.) Holly Forbes

Holly is the most consistent vocalist out of the bunch, so she automatically gets #1, but I was expecting to be more compelled by her journey. Everyone else has been underdelivering or inconsistent.


3. Team Kelly

e.) Hailey Mia
d.) Gymani

c.) Girl Named Tom

b.) Jeremy Rosado

a.) Katie Rae


I am honestly rooting for Katie Rae's success on this show, I just find her compelling. She just needs to shift into a higher gear for the next performance. Same goes for Jeremy. Girl Named Tom are good but I think they're overrated.

2. Team Blake

e.) Peedy Chavis
d.) LiBianca

c.) Lana Scott

b.) Paris Winningham

a.) Wendy Moten

Wendy and Paris have been the most consistent artists so far out of the Top 20. I thought LiBianca would be my third, but I am more invested in Lana as a person, and her KO IMO was surprisingly great, so she's my 3rd. 


1. Team *LEGEND*

e.) Samuel Harness
d.) David Vogel

c.) Shadale

b.) Jershika Maple

a.) Joshua Vacanti 

Now this is a stacked team! Every one of them rightfully earned their spot in the Top 20. I'm so nervous for my snowflake here but I do think he stands out in this Top 20 so maybe John or America will acknowledge that and put him through.

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Blake > John > Kelly > Ariana



1. Wendy

2. Paris

3. Lana

4. Libianca

5. Peedy

Overall everyone on this team has had a consistently decent pre-lives run and have some more compelling novelty to their performances. Some of them also have the privilege of better edits.



1. Shadale

2. Jershika

3. Samuel/David/Joshua

Everyone on this team is good, I don’t find myself attached to any of the guys for any sort of lasting novelty, so I don’t care to make the distinctions between which one has the best shot. Interestingly, I would think this team loses a member first. I doubt a big enough general voting base would swing for all of them.



1. GNT

2. Katie

3. Hailey

4. Gymani

5. Jeremy

Total snoozefest of a team. GNT are whatever frontrunners and Hailey is probably a semifinals exit. Katie feels like karaoke but doesn’t actually have any glaring issues. Gymani and Jeremy are fighting to be in spaces that others are taking up much better.



1. Ryleigh

2. Raquel

3. Holly

4. Bella

5. Jim and Sasha

As someone said, this team suffers from under-deliveries and inconsistencies in performance. Unless the finale is team based or she starts singing more consistently, Holly should NOT be making it that far. Ryleigh is a personal favorite but seems terminally bent on adding vocal embellishments that just don’t need to happen. Raquel is probably the most accomplished in her performances but has gotten scraps in the pre-lives. Bella is whatever, decent as a vocalist but her tone of voice is kind of grating 3 rounds in. Jim and Sasha have exhausted their novelty.


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Not power ranking here since I have to be up in six hours for work, but here’s the gist:


1. Team Legend

Literally everyone here had a breakout moment before making it to the lives team. That’s hard to ignore. Also says a lot the highest steal percentage I’ve ever seen on the show came from the team tonight. Don’t count ‘em out yet, this is probably the fuzziest and most fluid team in terms of who all could move on (I have both my main snowflakes here, so I admit I could be a little bit biased, but f*** it).


2. Team Blake

What do you get when you take classic R&B, Elvis, neo-soul, country-pop, and someone whose answer to their genre is “yes” and combine ‘em? It’s a surprisingly eclectic team from the cowboy, but there’s only one clear front-runner for the moment. Whether or not the long-time coach will stick to his habit of advancing his original members over the new kid on the block remains to be seen, but any way you shake it, there’s something for most everyone here.


3. Team Kelly

The coach with the strongest team post-blinds had a helluva downfall to earn the bronze instead, but it also says a lot that her team is the only one where a four-way steal/save attempt + a successful double steal occurred this season during the battles. Moreover, the only double steal of the knockouts came from her team. It may not look as strong on paper, but don’t let that fool you - this is a team of artists that can kick ass and take names without even blinking.


4. Team Ariana

Her fans may not see my pov and say “thank u, next” to my opinions because she’s ranked last, but make no mistake: Ariana’s team is very good. What it may appear to lack in voting potential with the more mainstream demographic, it more than makes up for in terms of stage presence (and there’s a particular part of her team her fans have dubbed their “holy trinity” post-playoffs). There’s many excellent vocalists here, but whether or not they’ll appeal to a broad enough audience to sustain votes once things go free-for-all remains to be seen. If there’s consistently good live vocals from her artists, that will be icing on the cake for this dangerous woman’s team and may be the sweetener the Twitter-verse needs. 

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1. Legend - Amazing team. I'm least invested in Joshua but I respect him as a vocalist.


(Samuel > Jershika > Shadale > David > Joshua)


2. Blake - Peedy and Lana aren't my cup of tea but overall, this a solid team.


(Wendy > LiBianca > Paris > Lana > Peedy)


3. Kelly - I think GNT is amazing and Hailey/Jeremy have potential. Gymani and Katie are sort of whatever to me.


(GNT > Jeremy > Hailey > Katie > Gymani)


4. Ariana - The most underwhelming team. None of them had AMAZING knockouts imo, but Holly was the best.


(Holly > Bella > Ryleigh > Jim & Sasha > Raquel)

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1. Team John

1. David Vogel

2. Jershika Maple

3. Joshua Vacanti

4. Shadale

5. Samuel Harness


2. Team Blake

1. Wendy Moten

2. Paris Winningham

3. LiBianca

4. Peedy Chavis

5. Lana Scott


3. Team Kelly

1. Girl Named Tom

2. Katie Rae

3. Jeremy Rosado

4. Gymani

5. Hailey Mia

4. Team Ariana

1. Holly Forbes

2. Jim and Sasha



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