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Big Brother Canada Rankdown (#4 POSTED)


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Sarah Miller


Big Brother cast members volunteer to help out hurting Langley family –  Surrey Now-Leader


Sarah Miller was  on Big Brother Canada Season 2.  She was part of the first alliance of the season, the "First 5".  This group of individuals ran the game for the majority of the early game.  This was in large part to Sarah's social game.  She integrated herself well with the rest of the house, and had a lot of information at her disposal.  Sarah's game began to unravel when Canada took over as head of household and nominated Andrew and Sabrina.  This meant she was losing one of her closest allies.  The following week Heather won head of household and put up Allison and Kenny.  Once Kenny saved himself from nomination by using the power of veto, Heather backdoored Sarah as she was seen as the strongest remaining outside of Kenny.  She was evicted 4-3 with the Rachel, Kenny and Sabrina voting to keep her.  She left the game in 10th place!


Save: Adel

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AJ Burman competed on the first season of Big Brother Canada. This first season had some memorable Houseguests, but I don't believe AJ was one of them. He wasn't really featured much in the episodes. I can't recall anything suggesting he had any sort of agency in the game either. AJ was the "pawn star" of the season and had an alliance (or maybe just friendship?) with Andrew. Wasn't there a segment where AJ built some sort of obstacle course? That's all I can really remember from AJ. Perhaps his strategy was to fly under the radar, but AJ didn't really have any impact on the game. Maybe he was more entertaining on the live feeds, but I didn't watch them. In the end, AJ became the first member of the jury. He was one of the jury votes for Gary, but Jillian ended up winning the game. Anyway, sorry to AJ, but out he goes from the rankdown.


Saving Emmett.

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Ah, Alec Beal!  Where to start with him ? He was on the first ever season of Big Brother Canada where it was obvious from the moment that we saw his intro video that he was going to be one those male houseguests that are super confident in their gameplay and to a level where it's not likeable.  In the house, he was best known for his bromance with Peter Brown - I like to ignore that he's originally from my province ; They were convinced that they were going to dominate the game and I loved it when it started to crumble down.  Outside of his bromance with Peter, he is also known for his showmance with Topaz - they were a mediocre showmance that I've never cared for.  In term of gameplay, Alec was not a player that I enjoyed - he managed to only one HOH which you would have expected to have won more & honestly, I don't really remember anything that he has accomplished in the game.  Unfortunately for Alec, one of the most talked scene of the season involves him being exposed by Tom during the infamous shower scene, where like everyone, I felt for Alec in that moment.

But that being said, nothing about Alec is very exciting - he's just a mediocre straight male houseguest who thinks is more interesting than he is. As well, there was a little stunt a few years back where JoJo from BB14 and him pretending to date for the fun of it. Anyway, Alec has been evicted from this game.



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Austin Dookwah


Will Sola ever nominate any men this game? I suppose we'll have to stay tuned and find out. The BBCAN9 cast was extremely strong and created a lot of fave houseguests for me. Austin seemed to be one of the most popular houseguests of the season, but she never became a favorite of mine. I think most of her hype can from her potential as opposed to what she actually brought to the show. Austin's a gorgeous girl and a big fan of the show. That's enough for many stans, but not for me. Austin won the first HOH of the season and used it take the house pariah Josh out instead of making a bigger move to take down the Sunsetters. Austin did not build many relationships with her power and instead found herself on the outs because she got a reputation for being a comp threat after that HOH win. She never quite found her footing again and got evicted a few weeks later by Victoria as the Invisible HOH. While it was a terrible move by Victoria, Austin did nothing to reassure Victoria in the house that she was safe with her. As far as a personality, Austin was okay. She spent most of her time hanging out with her bff Breydon and gossiping with him. I think Austin brought out the worst of Breydon's game. His social game was the best thing about him and while Austin was in the house, he stuck to her hanging out with her all day. The power not shifting during the Invisible HOH may have been boring, but I'm glad we lost her instead of someone more interesting.


Save Willow duh

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Julie Vu was a Houseguest on the most recent season of Big Brother Canada. She was the first transgender Houseguest for the Canadian version of the game, and she ultimately became the first person to be evicted too. Due to the team twist, she and the rest of Team Defender faced eviction for the first week of the game. Apparently Josh was the original target, but Julie was playing the game too hard too fast. This eventually caught up to her, and she was evicted by a landslide vote. Julie had a lot of personality and could've shaken up the house with power. She was clearly there to play, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. BBCAN9 still ended up being an entertaining season, but it would've been interesting to see how Julie would've done had she lasted longer. But since she was a first boot, I think it's fair to eliminate her from the rankdown. Sorry to Julie and any fans, but out she goes from the rankdown.


Saving Beth. 

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Ah, Tina! One of the first two houseguests to walk into the BBCan House on its most recent as part of one of the twist - she was later assigned as the Team Captain for Team Destiny.  In the house, she formed close bonds with Kiefer as they were both one of the two houseguests to entered the house together - this would eventually lead to them forming an alliance known as the Sunsetters which included LaToya, Beth, Jed, and Tychon.  As they were trying to lay low, this helped Tina to form close bonds with people outside of her alliance, mainly the members of the Oddbells - Breydon, Austin, Rohan, Kyle, and Victoria.  Having a close link to both side of the house helped her and her #1 alliance, Tera, to lay low for most of the game. Unfortunately, the house would eventually catch on to Tina's position in the game which created a target on her and Tera's back. She finished in 7th place and the 3rd member of the jury,  

Overall, Tina is certainly a floater but I think she was a very interesting floater who was in a good position in the game who actually played the social game. But out of these nominees, Tina was the one that made sense to cut but now I regret cutting Tina over Beth since I think Julie should have survived this round.


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Our next cycle is inspired by the Invisible HOH twist from season 9. I have randomized your names, but will not be posting the nomination order in here. Instead, I will PM you when it is your turn and you will send me a list of the 8 houseguests you want to nominate. I will be the one posting the nominations this cycle and all 4 of you will be making cuts. At the end of the cycle, 16 more houseguests will be eliminated.


Also, immunities have now expired and all houseguests except for those that were nominated in the previous round (as per usual) are up for grabs during nominations.


I will PM the first ranker to nominate tonight.



1. When it is your turn to nominate, I will PM you and you will send me a list of 8 houseguests.

2. I will post the nominations in the thread.

3. On a first come, first serve basis, all 4 rankers will cut and save 1 houseguest each.

4. You have 30 minutes from your initial cut post to produce a 100-word write-up for your cut to be valid.

5. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EDITING OF YOUR INITIAL CUT/SAVE POST FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. If you need to make changes, please quote it in a new post.

6. You cannot nominate any houseguest that was nominated in the round immediately prior to yours.

6. You have 24 hours to make your cuts. Please ask if you need an extension. If 24 hours pass and you have not asked for an extension, another ranker can step in and make your cut.


@Alex95 @*Chris @Solaris @Steven_

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  • *Amanda changed the title to Big Brother Canada Rankdown (Cycle 4 Info Posted)

I’ve been fast forwarding my way through a bunch of eps from the earlier seasons just to refamiliarize myself with them and I forgot just how f*cked up it was what they did to Topaz during her HOH. Her game was sooooo good and they literally ruined it for no reason. And Peter was such a smug assh*le like “She shouldn’t have talked out loud” even though literally every single person in the world would vocalize their thought process to the audience.

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  • *Amanda changed the title to Big Brother Canada Rankdown (Cycle 4 Round 1 Nominations Posted)

Kelsey Faith




Whoever made these nominations, did an excellent job!  Kelsey was the runner up on Big Brother Canada Season 3.  She was previously evicted in week 4 at the start of a double eviction.  She would then enter a private room with the following evictee Loveita.  They would live here for a week and after the next eviction one would be voted back in.  The cast decided to vote Kelsey back in.  This was gross, as Loveita's impact on the game was much larger.  Kelsey became a little more aggressive coming back.  She used her relationships with Raul, Jared and Cassandra to propel her in the early part of the jury phase.  She then voted out her showmance Jared, which left an opening for the way better players to make the Top 4.  Nick & Phil and Kelsey went back to back to back HoH wins and became the Top 2, eliminating literally everyone who was more enjoyable to watch then them.  She lost 7 to 2. She was minorly more interesting with her second chance, but I am still bitter she robbed off us of a Nikki, Tim or Cassandra win.


Save: Hamza

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Bobby Hlad


One of the dumbest people in BBCAN history. Sometimes dumb houseguests can be fun to watch and laugh at and other times they're just frustratingly dumb. Bobby falls into the ladder category. Like many men like him, Bobby gravitated to the guys in the house and was part of the Chop Shop alliance that dominated the early days of the game. Luckily the alliance crumbled quickly, but Bobby still held onto Bruno for dear life. Bobby could barely blink in the house without express written permission from Bruno. During the iconic JP blindside, Bobby was the last one to get on board. And Bruno, Sarah, and Brittnee had to pretty much hold Bobby's hand and walk him through all the reasons why they had to blindside JP because he just wasn't getting it. And then right after that was an HOH comp and he immediately took Sindy out of it despite just making that big move with her which got the ball rolling and led to the Pili HOH 🤦‍♂️. Bobby's grand stupid move was pretending like he had a secret veto which never existed. I'm still not sure why he did that. But Kevin called his bluff and nominated him and Bobby couldn't do anything about it because there was no veto lol. Because of that, Bobby ended up leaving in 10th place right after Sindy lolpwnt.

As far as entertainment value, Bobby provided nothing. He bro'd down with some guys, he pretended to be a virgin for some reason to bond with Ashleigh, and he was just all around very chill. Not particularly witty, not particularly dramatic, not particularly strategic. He just existed in that house. He's been dating Maddy from BBCAN6 for a couple years now which still doesn't make sense in my mind, but I wish them all the best. Bobby seems like a very nice guy, just not a very good or entertaining Big Brother houseguest.


Save the other, superior Maddy

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