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Big Brother Canada Rankdown (#4 POSTED)


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Maddy Pavle was a Houseguest on BBCAN4. I was not a fan of Maddy throughout the season. She just seemed very negative with an "I hate other girls" attitude. She was a very emotional and unpredictable player. She also acted like she was so much smarter and a better player than everyone else...even though she made one of the dumbest moves ever. Her choice to backdoor Loveita made no sense at all. Loveita was someone that was supposed to be in her alliance. When Maddy won the HoH competition, she could've taken a shot at the Kelsey and Jared showmance. Instead, she takes out Loveita just for the sake of making a "big move." She lost a number and her other allies, and no one else believed they could trust her moving forward (except maybe Ramsey). She ended up getting evicted in eighth place. Anyway, out she goes from the rankdown now.


Saving Loveita.


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Beth Bieda


Vote BETH BIEDA for Canada's Fav Houseguest!


Beth was a female Caucasian contestant on Big Brother Canada Season 9.  She was part of Team Destiny during the first part of the game and was immune for the first week.  Beth was closely alligned with Tychon and Jedson throughout the season.  She was in a showmance with Jedson, and a psuedo showmance the first couple of days with Tychon?  Total man eater.  Too bad she was the worst part of that trio.  The group dominated large parts of the game.  She won HOH in week 6 and it was the worst as she got rid of superstar big brother player Victoria.  We all disliked her after that.  That said, the death of victoria allowed for the rise of Tera, and we are okay with that too.

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I am truly indifferent between the two remaining houseguests, but I am cutting Andrew Miller who was a houseguest on the 6th season of Big Brother Canada - one of the greatest BBCan season, in my opinion.  He's the perfect example of someone who started playing the game too hard and too fast - I cannot blame him considering he was giving the opportunity to divid the houseguest into two groups.  You would think that Andrew would have realized that this move would impact his game and he would play more on the down low but that was not the case. He was able to find a way to alienate the entire house against him & his overconfidence definitely played a  role - I think the fact that he was nominated and got evicted on one of his ally's houseguest speaks volume on his game play.  He was an early casualty of the game, and I do think the house made the right decision by getting him out early as I do think that he could have been a threat in the long run. 



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Tera Gillen-Petrozzi was a Houseguest on Big Brother Canada 9. She was a member on Team Destiny and was on the outs early on. She formed a close bond with Tina, and the two of them speculated they could play the middle while both sides of the house went against each other. This strategy didn't really amount to much from what I remember (other than the two of them making it far). Tera wasn't much of a presence in the episodes, but her fight with Victoria was one of the most memorable moments of the season. Tera and Victoria went back and forth about alliances and the game, but the most explosive part of the fight was how Tera insinuated she would rather go home than go to the jury house. This understandably annoyed a soon-to-be-evicted Victoria ("You signed up for this! You signed up for 90 days! Stop playing the f***ing victim, you signed up for this!") However, Tera's ~story in the house soon became one of an underdog who some people started to rally behind. Despite being the easy target, Tera saved herself by winning HoH. She even got Jedson evicted under her HoH reign. She would then be evicted the following vote, but it was the fake double eviction. She ended up defeating Jedson in a battle back competition and returned to the game. Tera also won the Final 4 Power of Veto and evicted jury threat Kiefer. Tera was just a few competitions shy of making it to the Final 2, but Tychon won instead. Tychon chose to bring his friend Breydon to the Final 2 and evict Tera in third place. And now out she goes from the rankdown.


Saving Emmett.

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Hamza Hatoum



So overrated. BBCAN6 is amazing in soooooooo many ways, but making the prejury the Hamza Show was not one of those ways. BBCAN was working really hard to make Hamza a Thing, and tbh they probably succeeded, but I saw right through their charade. Hamza was supposed to be an underdog hero who united the misfits to take down the Pretty People running the game. Instead, Hamza just randomly aligned with the outsiders, but it never felt ~organic~. In BBCAN2, Adel famously aligned with outsiders Kyle, Paul, and Ika which elevated him to fan favorite status. But during that time, Adel had genuine connections with them and beautiful moments. Instead, Hamza was just chilling with Ryan and Andrew, sitting idly by as Ryan stupidly nominated the other two outsiders for eviction :dead:. Hamza talked a big game about unseating the power. So when he won the following HOH, we thought he'd turn the house upside down by nominating Daela. Instead he targeted f*cking Olivia, a mild annoyance in the house no one really cared for, and used Jesse as a pawn. Luckily for us, Johnny saw the opportunity to flip the game upside down and he and Will helped rally the house to flip on Jesse and blindside him. The annoying this is, Hamza took all the credit for this on the show. He acted like flipping to Jesse was all along his master plan to flip the house upside down. Yes, Hamza certainly upset the power during his HOH, but none of that was his doing. He threw a hissy fit when Jesse slammed a door on him and the other houseguests were the ones to get the ball rolling.

Hamza would also brag to anyone who would listen about what a huge comp threat he was. Needless to say, that was a terrible strategy. So when Olivia won the double eviction HOH, she used this opportunity to take Hamza out of the game. It was a great game move, and tbh a season saving moment as the rest of the cast got to shine once Hamza went out the door. Olviia and Kaela cheering as they sealed Hamza's fate while everyone else was sobbing was such an iconic moment :wub:. Hamza went on to play Sequester after the show and I found him just as annoying on that show as he was here. Hamza is someone I could see playing again and frankly, I can't imagine a universe where I'd really be a fan of the guy. I'm sure he's a nice guy, but he just talks a really big game on the show and gets an inflated edit which is just not deserved.


Save Cory

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Kevin Martin


Kevin Martin Bbcan GIF - Kevin Martin Bbcan Bbcan3 - Discover & Share GIFs


My choice was between Kevin and Rohan.  I am not a Kevin Martin fan.  In season 3 he was not with the people I liked, and when he came back for season 5, he was also a major nuance to the contestants I liked.  He eventually won out in the finale against supreme Karen.  We stan Karen, and this cut is justice for her.  It tracks that he is in the bottom half of the winners to leave because his game wasn't impressive and I didn't care for him.  I think he is married to his showmance from seasom 3 Pilar.  Congrats to them.  I don't have too much of substance to say about him because I am not a fan of him or his game.


Save: Rohan reluctantly.

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Jesse Larson competed on Season 6, and he was one of the token "good looking" male of the season - I don't disagree because he's certainly good looking, maybe all most too good looking.  He was your typical male houseguest of your calibre - very confident in his game and thinking that he was go far with a showmance and an alliance with another good looking dude ; At least, the other good looking dude had some substance to him.  In other words, Jesse found himself in a showmance with Paras - one of the most forgetful showmance ever, and formed an alliance with Derek and Kaela - the other showmance of the season ; The alliance was called the Real Deal.  Knowing that he is a physical threat, he was nominated by Hamza in Week 3 which would lead to his eviction - the "real Deal" was not so much real deal after all considering Kaela & Paras casted a vote to evict Jesse which was also the best move for their game, in my opinion.  Overall, Jesse is just a okay houseguest and I think this is a good spot for him. 



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