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Big Brother Canada Rankdown (#4 POSTED)


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It's time for a restrictions cycle? The two numbers you chose correspond with 2 different seasons that have been put through the randomizer, and your nominees must be from those 2 seasons only. (I left season 9 off because you guys have already decimated that to 3 houseguests :dead: ). If you got season 5, you are allowed to nominate the returnees as they were part of that season.





1. When it is your turn, you will nominate 6 houseguests from the 2 seasons you were assigned.

2. On a first come, first serve basis, the remaining rankers will cut and save 1 houseguest each.

3. You have 30 minutes from your initial cut post to produce a 100-word write-up for your cut to be valid.

4. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EDITING OF YOUR INITIAL CUT/SAVE POST FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. If you need to make changes, please quote it in a new post.

5. You cannot nominate any houseguest that was granted immunity.

6. You have 24 hours to make your cuts. Please ask if you need an extension. If 24 hours pass and you have not asked for an extension, another ranker can step in and make your cut.





1. @*Chris - Seasons 5 & 6

2. @Steven_ - Seasons 4 & 7

3. @Alex95 - Seasons 1 & 2

4. @Solaris - Seasons 3 & 9


Chris is up first! You cannot nominate:


Johnny Mulder

Olivia Riemer

Ali Martinez

Merron Haile

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  • *Amanda changed the title to Big Brother Canada Rankdown (Cycle 3 Info Posted)

Will Kenny



Talla Rajaei. Heather Decksheimer. Brittnee Blair. Cassandra Shahinfar. Ika Wong. These are the iconic women who had got fourth place in BBCAN's first five seasons. The fourth place goddess curse was real and I was worried who the next victim would be. Apparently Will Kenny was that goddess. The only problem is, he sucks! Will had potential early on and I saw myself potentially rooting for him. He was a solid supporting player in the infamous vote flip against Jesse, he had a think Newfie accent, and he had a fun little will they or won't they relationship with Veronica. He was also a member of the Trainwreck Trio of Paras, Maddy, and Will who I hated at the time but have come to ironically appreciate (tho Paras being the last one standing of that trio here is sooooooo righteous). Will was quite possibly the biggest loser in BBCAN history. Despite being a giant and lasting nearly the whole season, he lost every single comp lol. Hell, he even lost a public vote to RYAN of all people :dead:. Will sucked at the game, there is no denying that. Will did have a chance to win a comp though! He could've won the final five veto, thus saving his entire alliance and forcing Kaela to backdoor her showmance Derek. Instead he got manipulated by Derek to throw the comp, and his dreams of winning away lolpwnt. While Will was mainly worthless, he was being a dick to Maddy at the end of the season with Paras so instead of just being a nobody who left in fourth place, he left on a bit of a sour note.

Fun fact, I recently stumbled upon Vanessa from BBCAN8's Insta and found this:


Are they a thing? Someone tell me what's happening here lol


Save Dillon for being a loyal pawn to Ika Wong I suppose.

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Mark Chrysler was the first boot of Big Brother Canada 5. On any other season, Mark may have lasted longer than he did. However, after Karen won the first HoH competition of the season, she was determined to target an athletic guy. She set her sights on Mark and Demetres, and the two ended up on the block. Mark's performance in the Veto competition (he lost by seconds) and likability made other Housegusets views him as a physical and social threat. However, Mark still had people in his corner, and he nearly saved himself in the moments leading up to the eviction. Mark made up a lie about Cassandra, which spread around the house. The house was thrown into chaos and the votes to keep Mark were suddenly there. However, Mark unwisely chose to come clean and admit that what he said was a lie. It was still a close vote as Mark was evicted by a 6-7 vote. It would've been interesting to see how Mark would've played had he lasted longer. Anyway, since Mark was a first boot, it's fair to eliminate him from the rankdown.


Saving Jesse Larson.

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Veronica Doherty


Veronica Doherty GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY


Veronica was a houseguest on season 6 of Big Brother Canada.  She was a special houseguest.  By that I mean she entered the game a week later then everyone else after having been voted in by the fans.  I believe she said she won entry by being in the audience for the live show?  The houseguests didn't believe her or Merron (the other houseguest who entered late).  She was immune the week she entered the house. This was done in order to give her an opportunity to integrate with the cast.  She also couldn't vote the week she was immune.  In Week 3 she voted in the minority for Olivia to leave.  She was evicted in week 4.  She was a weak female houseguest in a season where the females reigned supreme.


Save: Andrew

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Eddie Lin


Eddie Lin GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY


Eddie was a houseguest on Big Brother Canada Season 7.  Pre season he was one of my favorites.  However when he played the game, he sort of felt like a fish out of water.  Really he was just biding his time until his eviction.  He voted the correct way every round except for week two when his crew wanted to get rid of Kyra in a blindside and it didn't work.  He helped successfully tie the vote, only for Dane to break the tie and send home Maki.  Eddie was in the game for 5 weeks and was only nominated the week the round he left.  Eddie left under Adam's head of household during the double eviction night, in a unanimous vote.  I wish his "side" had prevailed as the pretty boys are the legit worst.  As a houseguest though, I remain neutral on him now.


Save: Dallas

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Nick & Phil Paquette


So glad they get to be the lowest ranked winners because they're the worst winners in Big Brother Canada history. The second Phil & Nick tried to nominate themselves at the double eviction, that should've automatically disqualified them from ever getting a jury vote to win. But I guess they were up against Kelsey who had already been evicted so there wasn't really anyone good to vote for :dead:. Similar to Will (who I'm talking about cause I just cut him), I thought the Brothers had potential early on. They were in the middle alliance with Cass, Mitch, Joel, Tim, and Nikki which was a pretty interesting strategy and group. However at a certain point, Phil became obsessed with Jared for some reason and inserted himself up his ass until his eventual eviction. By sticking their necks out  for someone who didn't give a single shit about them, their games began to fall apart at the jury. Unfortunately, Nick was randomly good at these carnival games so he kept saving them. Still, they didn't have a single strategic bone in their bodies. This is most evident at the second double eviction where they used Nikki as a pawn even though there was an obvious and more dangerous duo of Cass & Tim. Obviously everyone knows what happens, Cass wins the veto and f*cks the Brothers over by saving Tim. The Brothers are so pissed they try nominating themselves, but sadly Arisa doesn't allow that to happen so they take Nikki out with their powerful HOH lolpwnt. The Brothers compwhore to the end and beat someone who was evicted week four. I'm not just cutting the Brothers for being shitty gameplayers though. They're also shitty people. After getting betrayed by Cass, the Brothers were VILE screaming at her in her face at the top of their lungs about what an awful bitch she was. It was sooooooooo disgusting. I feel like there's a myth that Phil sucks and Nick was just dragged down by him. Yes Phil is worse, but I wanna set the record straight that they both suck. Also Phil's some sort of crazy antivaxxer lunatic now so bye bitch!


Save Maddy

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Getting the opportunity to cut an houseguest from one of my least favourite season ? Consider it done!  This Toronto resident competed on the 7th season of Big Brother Canada aka the most predictable season ever.  At the start of the season, Maki found himself as one of the select few to win the first part of the HOH which meant that he was going to move onto the 2nd part which was later won by Adam. He was able to scape by to the 2nd week until he was nominated by Dane as a pawn but that quickly changed when he put his trust in the wrong people & it was found out that he was targeting the Pretty Boys. He was the 2nd houseguest to be evicted out of the house - I would have much preferred him staying over Kyra and actually giving us something as I know he wouldn't have been the Pretty Boys' best friends.



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  • *Amanda changed the title to Big Brother Canada Rankdown (#4 POSTED)

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