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Big Brother Canada Rankdown (#4 POSTED)


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Is this a controversial cut? A lot of people (at least those on Reddit) regard Dane as one of the best Big Brother winners. He won 5 HoH competitions and 2 Power of Veto competitions throughout his run on Big Brother Canada 7. He was part of the dominant Pretty Boys alliance, never had a vote cast against him, and ended up winning by a unanimous vote. However, I wasn't a fan. I didn't root for the Pretty Boys alliance, and I eventually stopped tuning in to the episodes as they continued to steamroll. I read updates online and planned to watch again when it seemed like the power would shift. That didn't happen though. The Pretty Boys ran the house from beginning to end. From the competitions wins to the strategic maneuvering (at least from Dane, Anthony, and Adam), the Pretty Boys never had to overcome any obstacles in the game. Kudos to the game play, but I simply wasn't a fan. I remembered when Dane threw a tantrum when something looked like it wasn't going to go his way (I remember him punching the bed in anger). Some fans say he was annoying, but I can't really comment on anything else as I only watched the first few weeks. Anyway, congrats to Dane on his win, but out he goes from this rankdown.


Saving Rohan.

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Liza Stinton is best known for her time on the first ever season of Big Brother Canada; Holder of a dual citizenship, she tried out for Big Brother in the past and the luck was on her side for the inaugural season of Big Brother Canada. As a player, Liza didn't necessarily do anything outstanding - she was known for her showmance  Tom Plant, while having feelings for Peter Brown whom we all love so much. In the house, she was close with Jillian as well as Aneal - love that they're still friend.  I do recall her not having the best relationship with Alec or Gary in the house which is surprising because I do know her and Gary are good friends in real life, now.  As a whole, I do think Liza had more to offer than we seen during her time on Big Brother Canada & I would love to see her return eventually. 

Anyway,  I always enjoyed her - probably due to her vlogs where she dished out on her time in Big Brother Canada. And this is a good spot for her! 


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  • *Amanda changed the title to Big Brother Canada Rankdown (Cycle 4 Round 2 Nominations Posted)

Zach Oleynik


Bbcan Bbcan3 GIF - Bbcan Bbcan3 Zach Oleynik - Discover & Share GIFs


Zach was a contestant on the third Canadian season.  He was in a showmance with Ashleigh.  I was pretty neutral on him most of the early game.  He became less likable as the show went on.  He was part of the chop shop, and he was part of Newport with Jordan.  Neither of these alliances were likable.  Zach won head of household and power of veto in week 5.  He nominated Godfrey and Jordan.  Everyone thought Godfrey was a dead man, but a blindside was in the works and Jordan wound up going home.  Anyway Zach went home a month later in 7th place under Sarah's head of household.  Oh and Bruno for some misguided reason saved him with the power of veto during triple eviction.  Meh.  I don't want to put anymore effort into this.


Save: Dallas

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Jamar Lee


Two BBCAN8 left...come on Chris and Steven y'all can do it! I went to my post-show rankings of BBCAN8 to make my cut and I had Jamar lower than Minh-Ly and Brooke so I'm cutting Jamar. Jamar has obviously become one of the most infamous BBCAN houseguests. Jamar was a wildcard in the house. No one could read him or figure out where his loyalties lied. He had a roller coaster love/hate relationship with Minh-Ly, but ultimately it seemed he was loyal to Sheldon (though unfortunately for him, the loyalty wasn't quite reciprocated). Ultimately none of that mattered because after a heated house meeting, Jamar found himself ejected from the show after Kyle & Vanessa accused him of "threatening" them. While I think Jamar chose his words poorly, you cannot convince me anyone was unsafe in that house. There have been plenty of worse words and actions made in BBCAN history and this was a poor call by the producers. A warning would have been far more appropriate. And it cannot be ignored that Kyle & Vanessa have made many microaggressions up to that point so Jamar's skin color unfortunately was a major factor here. Then the show got cancelled days later because of COVID lol Jamar's power! I felt really bad for Jamar when it happened, but it was great to see how the fanbase rallied behind him and #dragged the producers for their awful call here. This incident helped lead to Arisa becoming a producer and giving us the 50% BIPOC mandate which led to an amazing BBCAN9 so at least some good came for it. And I'm glad for Jamar that he's getting a second chance on tv as he's rumored to be on the upcoming season of Ex on the Beach with Minh-Ly and Da'Vonne.


Save Poppin Paul

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Minh-Ly was one of the Houseguests on the ill-fated Big Brother Canada 8. She was a popular among fans as she was one of the more entertaining and memorable Houseguests that year. Her big personality made her a possible target for the other Houseguests though, but she was able to survive until the season was canceled. As for her game play, Minh-Ly was one of the four Houseguests in jeopardy of going home the first eviction. She managed to save herself by winning a competition. However, she was on the outs after trying to campaign on behalf of house target Nico. Nico ended up withdrawing from the game. Minh-Ly never really got her footing in the game from what I remember, but she survived due to the house going after bigger targets or Houseguests getting disqualified. Who knows how far Minh-Ly would've made it had she survived? Anyway, sorry to any Minh-Ly fans, but out she goes from the rankdown. I'm expecting Brooke will be eliminated this round too, meaning BBCAN8 will be out of the rankdown very soon.


Saving Dillon.

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I truly do not remember anything about Brooke Warnock during her time on Big Brother Canada 8 - obviously, it is not her fault considering the fate of the season, but I legit do not remember what she did in the house.  Normally, I am good to do these without a refresher from the internet but for this one I will have to go do some research :  She was aligned with Sheldon and Kyle - one half of her alliance being decent, and the other half being super trash.  She was not really a threat in competitions since she did not win anything, but I feel she could have been a threat socially and strategically in the long run which might explain why she was nominated in Week 2.  Here I am hoping that this is 100 words because I really have nothing else to say about Brooke. 


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  • *Amanda changed the title to Big Brother Canada Rankdown (Cycle 4 Round 3 Nominations Posted)

Kiera Wallace


My face to some of these noms. Anyways, Kiki was another houseguest in the largely disappointing BBCAN7 cast. And Kiki was one of the biggest letdowns because I was suuuuper pumped about her preseason. She promised to be a cutthroat, fiery, bisexual alpha chick but instead she was a mute pawn for Dane and was disposed of prejury. Kiki was most known for her alliance with Estefania. Judging by nomination of her much earlier in the game, I clearly did not care for the alliance very much. Kiera and Este seemed to think they had an impact on the game, but they had nothing of the sort. They were constantly out of the loop and let the Pretty Boys run the game all around them. Kiera was comfortable with sitting quietly by and watching all her potential allies such as Kailyn and Eddie get picked off. When it was Kiera's time to go, the blood veto was unleashed and this was her time to make a move. Kiki knew she was going home and she literally had nothing to lose. All she had to do was stand out there all night, hell for the rest of the week if that's what it took, and wait for everyone to give in and let her take the blood veto. Instead, she remained mute and let the house give it to Kyra, who then doomed her. Kiki was evicted and carried out by some muscley production dude since she injured herself in a veto comp lol. I'm very disappointed to be the one to cut Kiera because I really wanted to stan her, but unfortunately she was another BBCAN7 flop.


Save Willow

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