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Favourite/Best Kyla Jade Performance


Best Kyla Jade performance  

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  1. 1. Pick one

    • Seesaw
    • One last time
    • You don't own me
    • How great thou art
    • One night only
    • Since you've been gone
    • This is me
    • Let it be
    • With a little help from my friends
    • Only love
    • The last tear

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One of my favourite contestants of all time. Her 3 best performances (Let it be, you don't own me and one night only) are some of the best this show has ever seen. 


Curious to see which performance of hers is voted as her best


And how would you rank her performances from best to worst?


My list.


1. One Night Only

Immaculate on every level. Im never not in awe of this performance. I think she sang this better than Jennifer Hudson..



2. Let it be

Definition of take me to church



3. You don't own me


Her breakout moment, just a bit lower than the other 2 because I replay those more ( and they were live!)



4. Since you've been gone (sweet sweet baby)


this was different from her usual performances and I loved it, especially her back and forth with the backup singers.





This performance alone redeems her finale night imo. She went all out on this one



6. How great thou art


I loved the first half of this performance. Her lower register really shines here. The second half is good too but I felt like she held back a bit too much.



7. Seesaw


This was pretty good, also, the perfect audition. Good enough to turn chairs but not showcasing all your vocal prowess. (Hell I don't think she did on the show, just watch her jennifer hudson ad lib as a backup singer..)



8. One last time


Not the best song choice but she did what she could. Killer vocals but it felt like she had to slow it down a bit because the song was too fast for her.



9. Only love and the last tear


Nothing wrong with the performances vocally. But the songs themselves were a bit boring and didn't do her voice justice at all.



10. This is me


Her most disappointing performance imo. Because unlike her two finale performances, this was a song that should have worked for her with how big it is vocally and emotionally. I thought Kyla could pull it off after performances like you don't own me and one night only, but I feel like her higher register in this performance was not powerful enough for the song. Which is weird to say about kyla (She was also getting emotional in fairness to her)



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One Night Only. One of the greatest vocal performances from that era, and the greatest solo performance in Season 14. Since the season didn’t have many great performances, this performance was very refreshing (Especially after an abysmal playoff round the previous week).

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