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Snowflake Killers


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5 minutes ago, Jordan Smith Fan said:

King Adam Wakefield!


Honourable mention to CWB and Chris Kroeze.


Adam never stood out to me as a snowflake killer. Everyone was fine with him making finale (for a country singer that is)


It’s probably Jake W or Kroeze for me.

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For me it's,


- Jermaine Paul(#JulietSimmsWasRobbed)

- Trevin Hunte/Nicholas David(AmandaBrownWasRobbed)

- Michelle (She completely deserved to be in the finale but I wanted Amber)

- Ryan Sill(#BryanaSalazWasRobbed)

- Sugar Jones(#JeanKellyWasRobbed)

- Emily Ann Roberts#MadiDavisWasRobbed)

- Brynn and Britton(#KylaJadeWasRobbed)

- Spensha Baker(#PryorBairdWasRobbed)

- Kennedy Holmes(#ReaganStrangeWasRobbed)

- Myracle Holloway(#KyndalInskeepWasRobbed)

- Kat Hammock (#JosieBethJonesWasRobbed)


Now for IDF it's probably Jermaine, Jake W, CWB, Chris Blue, and Chris Kroeze. The first three didn't eliminate anyone's snowflakes but they definitely were snowflake killer in a sense that they placed higher than IDF snowflakes.

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11 minutes ago, TeamAudra said:

It could apply to every finalist, depending on who you’re talking to. Every single contestant is someone’s snowflake.  

Yeah, it definitely depends on who was each user`s snowflakes. Everybody could be named at some point. 

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Ok, here are mine: 

S5: None, i was pretty much satisfied with the season as a whole S6: Jake advancing over Sisaundra, Audra, Kristen, and then beating Christina on the finale was tragic.

S7: Ryan Sill being picked by Gwen over Bryana, man, i know it was her first time, but it was a really dumb decition 

S8: Corey and Hannah advancing over Mia, depressing asf 

S9: Barret being voted over Madi and Amy and Zach being in the Instant Save instead of Amy, that is one of the reasons because Season 9 is not exactly one of my favorite seasons 

S10: Daniel, Nick and Paxton advancing over Emily and Owen...No, just no.

S11: Josh beating Ali and Christian in the Instant Save, but if i'm being honest, i didn't cared much for that one. 

S12: Mark advancing over Hannah and Stephanie, Ryan Sill all over again. (Thank God Adam is not a coach anymore) 

In the past, i would have commented about the semifinal elimination, but now i couldn't care less. Bye 🤭

S13: Red advancing over Keisha and Noah. Also, honorable mention to Ashland being picked over Moriah and Karli (Thanks Miley 🤦

S14: None, pretty satisfying season 

S15: Kirk and Chris advancing over MacKenzie and Kymberly on the semifinal, and then beating Kennedy on the finale.

S16: I really have to talk about this one? lol 

S17: Shane and Hello Sunday advancing over Myracle 😔.  

S18: CamWess advancing over Zan. Yes, i know he had a better SF performances and he was a better vocalist overall, but i prefer Zan over him by a mile la

S19: Ian advancing over Camí and then beating DeSz, i hated that. Also, Jim and Ben advancing over Sid and Payge in the Playoffs, respectively, and Taryn winning the 4wko over Julia 😭😭 

S20: Unpopular opinion, but i was not a fan of Victor and Pia advancing over Ryleigh. And also, Kenzie advancing to the finale over Corey and Gihanna just because he is a male country singer it's not something that i enjoyed it to watch




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Chris Kroeze. Nobody ever took him seriously. First, everyone thought he was a PO fodder, and then he got to the T12. Then, nobody expected him to get a Semis PV to the finale, and he ended up placing 2nd in the finale, when everyone said he was getting 4th place, outlasting most contestants IDF liked. He had very few fans on IDF during his season. I don’t remember him getting a lot of hate before the finale though.


Red Marlow is another example. He was a contestant on Season 13, when there were so many contestants IDF liked. He was hated throughout IDF because he was inevitably going to rob contestants during the season, and he made finale over a few IDF favorites (Noah and Keisha). Luckily, this didn’t continue during the finale, as he only got 4th. Adam C to a lesser extent, since he declined in Lives and controversially eliminated Janice and made semis IS over Keisha.


Blake’s country guys in S16. Originally, it was Dexter and Andrew (particularly the latter, due to being a complete underdog early on) and IDF liked/respected Gyth. The PO results were particularly controversial due to the format allowing most of Team Blake in the T13. The snowflake killer changed to Gyth in the Semis (Shawn and Rod were better received in the Lives, and Dexter and Andrew were better received at this point). Luckily for IDF, Maelyn won in the end season

Kenzie Wheeler this season was the snowflake killer. IDF was worried that he was going to win, and made finale over some IDF favorites on Team Kelly. Fortunately for IDF, Cam, the only contestant that had a chance at beating him, won in the end.

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2 minutes ago, QueenMae16 said:

Ricky was going to advance, but the 2nd PV went to Kat, who was the real snowflake killer.(lmao, Indie girl being a snowflake killer, you would never think)

IDF liked her at the start, but the hype died by Top 13 I think. By Top 10 almost everyone wanted her out.

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6 minutes ago, Misirlou said:

IDF liked her at the start, but the hype died by Top 13 I think. By Top 10 almost everyone wanted her out.

Every week, I gave her a chance to break through, but every week it was....nope. 

She was 19, but most of the audience thought she was 15-16, so they gave her a pass. Kinda weird that her and Joanna Serenko were the same age on the show. I think Kat was actually a little older. 




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Jordan Matthew Young, and I'm not just saying this because of Gihanna


He eliminated Minivan's snowflake, Ethan

He eliminated Anna Grace who many loved

He eliminated MY (and half of IDF's) snowflake Gihanna (and Corey, Dana, and Pia)

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