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On 6/22/2021 at 2:37 AM, Alex95 said:

-Lmao I don't remember the "son comment" at all :dead:.


I hadn't made it too clear when I wrote these but it was the infamous 'conceived to the hour of September 11th' comment which you've just revisited.. I was ASTOUNDED. :omg: :dead:


God Amanda could drive me nuts but I can't even disagree with your top ranking of her in the third episode lmao. Just in those first few episodes she was doing a LOT. And yet also killing it in that beauty shot photoshoot.


Eva and Yaya continuing to kill it :wub: Oof I felt sorry for Kelle like you've mentioned in your last couple write-ups. There was clearly some deep insecurities there and it was sad to watch especially when the judges from what I can remember were quite tough on her on a few occasions over the season.


Omgg reading these has reminded me about how I couldn't stand Jennipher this cycle either. And then I searched her on Instagram to see what she was like post-show and she's a hardcore Trumpie so I felt totally justified.

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21 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

One of the worst makeovers of all time

They just made her a full Karen.


21 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

she is insane. But baby Eli is grown up and is an aspiring model now lol 


Eli O'Connell Instagram

Lol I just spent 10 minutes stalking his insta, this family is A Lot.


17 hours ago, *Lily said:


I hadn't made it too clear when I wrote these but it was the infamous 'conceived to the hour of September 11th' comment which you've just revisited.. I was ASTOUNDED. :omg: :dead:


God Amanda could drive me nuts but I can't even disagree with your top ranking of her in the third episode lmao. Just in those first few episodes she was doing a LOT. And yet also killing it in that beauty shot photoshoot.


Eva and Yaya continuing to kill it :wub: Oof I felt sorry for Kelle like you've mentioned in your last couple write-ups. There was clearly some deep insecurities there and it was sad to watch especially when the judges from what I can remember were quite tough on her on a few occasions over the season.


Omgg reading these has reminded me about how I couldn't stand Jennipher this cycle either. And then I searched her on Instagram to see what she was like post-show and she's a hardcore Trumpie so I felt totally justified.

Lmaooooo yeah I honestly couldn't believe my ears when she said that :dead:


Oh yeah Amanda was totally doing the Most, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't living for it.


Eva & Yaya :wub:. Best final two ever tbh. Yeah Kelle was definitely her own worst enemy at times, but the show was also hellbent on burying her.


That doesn't surprise me at all, Jennipher totally gave off those vibes.

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Cycle 3 - Episode 4 - The Girl Who Sets a Trap


Miss J runway lesson :wub:


"Okay why doesn't someone explain Jay to us 😄 He wears heels and no one says anything about it 😄" It's called HOMOSEXUALITY Miss Republican


They should've brought Camille or Mercedes back to do a runway lesson tbh :kissbye:


It's time for our daily check in with Nicole!


"And that ladies is how it's done 🙂"


"It's really funny, it's gonna fall but you're not gonna let it happen"

"It's not gonna fall :kissbye: 🙂"

Eva is That Bitch!


Norelle gets to meet her favorite designers :wub:


Norelle is actually gonna have a heartattack :dead:


Amanda freaking out that she's not gonna be able to see the runway before walking since she's blind at night.


"Toccara disclosed to me she thought she was going to win because she got a lot of applause. You got a lot of applause because your titties are out girl :kissbye:"


And Amanda freaked out for nothing because she can see the glitter :giggle:


Norelle falling at her favorite designer's fashion show :dead:





I love the bitches this season :wub:. They don't have an OUNCE of sympathy for Amanda when she's talking about her night blindness :dead:


"I don't know how Amanda's talking about she's blind when she's up there doing thiiiis" *shimmies*


"I had a dream I beat Eva's ass 🙂"


Amanda stirring the pot that her shit is missing and Eva was the one who distributed the laundry :shiftywave:


"I'm missing 100 dollars and my laundry's gone because of a certain bitch, certain bitch, certain bitch" :bobo: :bobo:




That blonde hair dye is making her lose her mind :dead:


"What's a 10 dollar bill to catch a bitch 🙂" Amanda & Nicole are CRACK'DDDDD for this trap Eva plan :dead:


Miss Eva wins the runway challenge :wub:


Kelle getting picked for the reward :wub:


"My crystals are missing 🙂 Has anyone seen my crystals?! 🙂" Miss Amanda is fuminggggggggg


"Excuse me, you bumped into me 🙂"


Eva happily overhearing Jennipher talking shit about her :wub:


"Why don't you be the bitch that you are in front of the judges"

"Because I'm cute Jennipher 🙂 I'm sorry I am 🙂"


"Hey guys, can you be more quiet by the phone :)))))))"


Jennipher is getting CLEARED by Ann & Eva


Jennipher has BALLS. I've got my money on Ann in this fight easily.


"I know when you bumped me here little Miss Sweet Amanda didn't say excuse me!" Eva is READING everyone!


Kelle sprinting through the fight :dead: "LET'S GO! Does anyone have an extra pair of sunglasses?!" :dead: :dead:


Amanda being a crazy crystal lady tracks lmao


"First of all, I didn't even know you were a bitch! I didn't! But now I see it!" GOD Eva's amazing :wub: :wub:


I'm Kelle :wub:


"We really don't have time to talk, we have a yacht to catch 😄"


Amanda found her crystals because she hid them so they wouldn't get stolen :dead:


Boo boo the fool giving the worst apology ever to Eva :dead:


"I'm not a thief. I may be loud, but I'm not a thief."


Norelle is having the time of her life with her boobs out :wub:


Kelle tripping right at the start of the challenge :wub:




Norelle hopping on one leg :dead:


Jennipher really thought she did sumthn


Goodbye to Kristi and her American flag prom dress


And then there were 10...

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Cast Ranking:


Absolutely legendary episode. The Eva & Ann vs. Amanda & Jennipher drama is such a memorable fight. It took up a solid 10 minutes of the episode, but I was literally never bored. This is the fun drama I watch ANTM for. The runway challenge was also really fun, both at the beginning and end of the episode. Honestly, just a dream trashy ass rtv episode.


1. Eva - I mean, number one by a longshot. Once again, Eva was on FIRE this episode. She was reading bitches left and right and dragged Amanda & Jennipher to hell and back. There is an art to what Eva does. She has perfected it.

2. Kelle - Amongst all the drama was Kelle running around the house looking for sunglasses and giving us so many laughs along the way :wub:. Also her picture is just iconically bad in all the right ways :wub:

3. Norelle - Absolutely adorable ❤️. Her obsession with her boobs :wub:. Falling on the runway of her favorite designers :wub:.

4. Ann - Ann stuck right by Eva's side all episode and was ready to go to war for her on a moment's notice :wub:. Atta girl!

5. Amanda - Amanda's gone full lunatic since the makeover and I love it. From the first two episodes, you really expect Amanda to be the boringly inspirational girl of the season. But she is a MAJOR driver of the drama of the first few episodes. Amanda accusing Eva of stealing her shit with literally no proof had me 👀. But she was portrayed to be SUCH a fool all episode it worked.

6. Toccara - Toccara's commentary and reaction shots were amazing this episode. As was her boobalicious performance at the runway.

7. Yaya - Sadly we didn't get much Yaya content as she was mainly out of the drama, but I enjoyed the little we got.

8. Cassie - She completely disappeared after being the main character last episode.

9. Nicole - So Nicole watch update. My critique on Jennipher last week if kinda how I'm feeling here. She was kind of Amanda's mute second in command here. If it wasn't clear before, I am very much #TeamEva in the drama so strike one being on Amanda's side. I feel like Amanda was giving us all the drama so Nicole was on the wrong side without providing the messiness Amanda was providing. So yeah it's gotta be a low ranking.

10. Kristi - Oh no the conservative girl is gone I'm so devastated 😴

11. Jennipher - Ugh she was awful this episode. Sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. I'm actually really upset we didn't get to see Ann completely kick Jennipher's ass.


Photo Ranking:


I think the shoot is fine, but personally I've never understood the point of making it a group photo. And I don't think being topless added much to the photo, it just gave them little mobility. I appreciate the simplicity, but I think there were some poor design decisions with this shoot.


1. Norelle - I didn't remember this photo well, but I LOVE it. Her face is so strong and the best it's ever been. Her pose is also extremely confident and I love the way she has her hands in her pocket. She remembered the assignment and she's really selling the jeans here. Easily her best shot!

2. Nicole - Gorgeous! The red hair is really helping her here and making her stand out. Also the pose is really dynamic and well done. I'm not crazy about her lips here, but still really well done!

3. Amanda - While I feel like she rests on her eyes and hair, she can because they're so flawless. Another amazing shot from Amanda.

4. Ann - Easily the strongest her face has been all competition.

5. Yaya - I think her face is a little lazy, but it's one of my favorite poses of the bunch.

6. Toccara - This is a solid B-shot. She just needed a little more oomph in the face and a little more oomph in the pose to make it an A+ shot.

7. Eva - Wow, Eva is just stuck in the middle of the pack here. Once again, good but not great.

8. Cassie - She's definitely just relying on pretty here. It's fine, but nothing I'll remember.

9. Kelle - Obviously she was way better than this and her face is easily one of the worst faces of a shot in ANTM history, but I actually do like her pose so I'm not putting her last!

10. Jennipher - She looks scared and like she has no idea what she's doing.

11. Kristi - You can read the discomfort on her face. Just a really unfortunate shot.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 3 - Episode 4)
5 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:



Reddit relevant today!

Wow, Mollie Sue's impact.


5 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

..and also making me cackle at work:




Omggggg not no-sees 😭


5 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

space rocket GIF


Eva's best quote. This always sends me into orbit

Eva was ahead of her time!

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Cycle 3 - Episode 5 - The Girl Who Cries When She Looks in the Mirror


Toccara opening up about how she has to be the mama because her parents have problems.


Ugh, I miss my Man from C1.


Lol Jen getting kicked out of the group photo Janice was setting up (Eva was living for that of course ❤️)


Daily check in with Nicole.


Janice teaching Kelle poses to hide her face 🙈:dead:


Toccara telling Tyra she's here to break barriers and be the first Black plus-sized supermodel YES MA'AM!


Toccara breaking down over how she has no control over her parents and she can't force them to want to be in her life if they don't want to :broken:


Look, I'm REALLY hard on Tyra at times and I think she's phony as hell. But I've always felt the respect and admiration she has for Toccara. That's a girl Tyra really cared about and really wanted to help and fight for.


Protect Toccara at all costs!


Plz not Kelle sobbing in front of the mirror, this show really broke my girl.


Mama Toccara has come to snap Kelle out of it. I love how Amanda came into the house saying she would be the mama and Toccara has completely eclipsed her when it comes to that.


"I never thought I'd be half-naked in the window of a store! Oh my God, everyone's gonna see my butt!" I think that ship has sailed Jennipher...


"Cassie is just wylin in the window" -Toccara :dead:


Toccara was done so dirty with this robe.




"Kelle just told me she won the posing challenge, which I still find hard to believe but work it out gurl" Well that was completely unnecessary Mr. Jay :rolleyes:


Lol @ Toccara's blurred booty "I fell many times...gracefully"


Amanda posing through the fall :dead: :wub:


Ann breaking down because she really wants this and she feels like she's wasting this opportunity.


"Hold my weight :)))))) HOLD MY WEIGHT :)))))))"


"Why do you want to be a model?"

"We went through this last week :rolleyes:"

Jennipher, queen of shooting herself in the foot and saving Kelle :wub: :wub:


Omg not Nole comparing Kelle to Miss Jay, I will see you in hell Nole Marin.


Thanks for saving Kellee!


And then there were 9...

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Cast Ranking:


Easily the weakest episode of the season. I actually couldn't believe the episode was 40 mins long it felt like nothing happened lol. I mean a bad C3 episode is still fine though! We got a lot of Toccara and Kelle content which I always appreciate. It's just sandwiched between two iconic episodes.


1. Toccara - I love this woman so much. Toccara has such a warm and lovable presence on the show, it's heartbreaking how she has to take care of everyone in her family and she has no one to take care of her :broken:. Toccara breaking down in Tyra's arms is the realest I've ever seen Tyra (and she's not good enough of an actor to fake that lol).

2. Kelle - Kelle's breakthrough episode :wub:. She has been kicked so many times, watching her win the posing challenge made me so happy :wub:. She's so sweet and I'm glad they gave her something finally ❤️.

3. Eva - Definitely her most lowkey episode yet, but she still had some great oneliners here and there.

4. Amanda - Most of Amanda's content was about how she doesn't want Kelle to get eliminated which is relatable.

5. Ann - She was two seconds away from punching Mr. Jay at the photoshoot and that was also relatable.

6. Yaya - Yaya taking challenge way too seriously :wub: 

7. Norelle - Still c00t ^_^

8. Cassie - She's not going back to stripping y'all!

9. Nicole - The Nicole sighting is actually kinda fun ngl.

10. Jennipher - I was hoping her elimination episode she'd be going down in a blaze of glory but she just kinda sucked. Definitely my least favorite girl of the first three cycles so far.


Photo Ranking:


For an episode that revolved around posing maybe they should've...made it easier to pose? Just like last shoot, this had some good elements to it, but the roller skating was just unnecessary lol.


1. Yaya - This pose is dynamite! She's really selling the purse here and connecting with her eyes. Everything about this shot works, absolutely flawless.

2. Amanda - I mean...that closeup! It almost feels like cheating how well she kills these shots thanks to her eyes. This picture is haunting in all the right ways. It grows on me every time I look at it.

3. Norelle - I had no memory of Norelle randomly being super strong in these early shoots. This is such a confident and strong photo from Norelle. Amazing!

4. Nicole - I don't LOVE her face, but this is a really high-fashion pose and still really well done.

5. Eva - Yay, Eva finally escapes 7th place! Definitely her best shot yet. It's kinda flirty and my eyes go straight to the purse. I love this entire top five, it was hard to rank.

6. Ann - I wish she was doing more with the pose, but this is definitely one of her strongest faces of the competition.

7. Kelle - I actually loved the closeup when they showed it on the show. I think Kelle controlled her features really well and made them work for the photo. The pose is kinda messy though sadly, which is a shame because based on her photo last week and the posing challenge, she does know how to pose!

8. Cassie - It's kinda cutesy, but just really safe. I think Cassie could've taken some risks with her face and it could've worked better.

9. Toccara - Unfortunately, a very disappointing photo. She's pretty much just standing there not doing much of anything.

10. Jennipher - A mess. She looks completely lost here. Sending her home was definitely the right decision.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 3 - Episode 5)
On 6/24/2021 at 10:10 PM, Steven_ said:

I've been reading these recaps. I don't have much to add since I didn't watch ANTM, but your commentary is funny. :haha: 


I've also seen this moment as a meme. Now I know which episode it comes from. :giggle: 



Steven! Glad you're following even though you're unfamiliar with all this.


Yes, she is an icon :wub:


9 hours ago, 1234567890 said:

MY FAVORITE CYCLE. :wub: I must catchup. ♥️♥️♥️

Yay, I'm glad it's your fave too! I hope you catchup ❤️

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Cycle 3 - Episode 6 - The Girl Who Mutilated the Precious Brownies


"Daddy...I don't have intensity in my eyes 😄" What a way to start the episode ❤️


Mama Amanda calls Cassie a "sloppy slut" for leaving her diet cokes around everywhere :giggle:


Toccara starstruck as Tyra brought in the first plus-sized model to appear in Vogue to talk about body image to the girls ❤️


"Wowwww that's gonna be me, I'm gonna be the first Black plus-sized girl" Yes you are Toccara! :wub:


Cassie admitting to Tyra she has made herself throw up after meals in the past :( (and in that moment she pretty much eliminated herself from contention to win)


Yikes, Cassie pretty much saying she's still gonna make herself throwup no matter what they say I hope she's okay nowadays.


Cassie made herself six dollar brownies (which are six dollars a bag fyi :giggle:)


What grown adult leaves a cracked egg on the counter???? :dead:


Ann & Eva came up with the bright idea to leave a message for Cassie in her brownies :wub:


"Someone had the AUDACITY to mutilate her precious brownies" :dead:


Ann awkwardly denying writing in the brownies "Don't wanna fess up to that 🙂" :dead:


"So Nicole didn't do it. And Amanda didn't do it. And Kelle didn't do it. And Toccara didn't steal the cookies from the cookie jar! And Yaya didn't steal the cookies from cookie jar! And Eva didn't- 🙊. I'll see y'all at dinner!" Iconic ❤️


Yaya chose her wardrobe carefully for dinner tonight ❤️


"It's respeito. In Portugese it means respect. There's a big lack of it in the house so I felt the need to wear it today 🙂"


"Well I was gonna talk to you Cassie...I did that today to be funny 🙂" Queen of humor :wub:


"Some people think it's funny to kill people, that doesn't make it funny!" NJDKANFJDALKFNJALDN I love Yaya's dramatic ass :dead:


"Well I'm sorry that you're so mature, and that you have no sense of humor" Ann queen of apologies :wub:




Kelle cackling in the middle of another fight :wub:. She loves drama more than me!


"There's obviously different levels of maturity in the house, but respect 'respeito' is the issue!"




"I'm literally Cassie on the rope"


"I really wanted the sergeant to drill Cassie and yell at her" Why has Amanda loathed Cassie since she outed her eating disorder :dead:


The girls finding out they have to race up 14 flights of stairs :dead:


Eva vomiting as she realizes there's a photoshoot after running up 14 flights of stairs :dead:


Toccara being faster than Norelle & Kelle up the stairs :wub:


Yaya, queen of respeito, winning the challenge :wub:


"The person that needed the facial got the facial" EVA :dead:


"Finally something I can do :rolleyes:" Kelle being the tour guide leading the girls back to the house ❤️


Cassie complaining to her boyfriend that she wants to go home.


Kelle (fairly) asking Jay to tell her when she's doing something wrong instead of just encouraging her that she's doing great when she's not.


"But at the same time Kelle I can't baby you through every frame :kissbye:" Isn't it your job to help the girls Jay????? Why the hell else is your worthless ass at every photoshoot :kissbye:


"I need help, I've never done this before! If I could take perfect photos, I'd be in an agency!" PREACH KELLE!


Kelle's boobs falling out of her dress :wub:


I wanna punch him in the face so bad, he was awful to that poor girl :angry:


Ann beating herself up going ham at the shoot :dead:


"This is funny, this is so funny :)))))))" Yaya watching Amanda get praised for her dances poses when she's been getting #dragged for them all season


Yaya showing everyone up after the photoshoot :wub:


Me after running up 14 flights of stairs


Now how did Toccara take one of her best pictures under these circumstances :dead:



"You look like you belong in a cornfield scaring crows away!"


Yaya beginning to break down over the judges conflicting comments on dancer vs. nondancer


"I would've liked to keep trying, but there's only so much humiliation I can take" Ugh Kelle deserved so much better, but I'm glad they finally put her out of her misery.


And then there were 8...

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Cast Ranking:


Browniegate :wub:. So many iconic fights and moments from these first six episodes, I love it! That entire incident and blowup at dinner and respeito is easily one of my fave ANTM moments. Outside of that, I also really liked the challenge. Torturing the girls and throwing them into a photoshoot :wub:. It just made for good tv (especially making the losers walk home after lol). While Mr. Jay had me fuming all episode long, he did not take away from the utter joy I had watching the episode.


1. Yaya - I was awaiting Yaya's big breakout episode and it was everything and more :wub:. What I love about Yaya is she is pretty much always so righteous and I'm always on her side. But she's so petty and passive agressive about everything so it brings the drama. Yaya walking into a tension-filled dinner with a respeito dinner to casually talk about the lack of respect in the house is So Yaya :wub:. I also respect Yaya openly shitting on the judges and the conflicting advice they're giving her (in the most passive agressive way ofc ❤️).

2. Ann - Okay maybe Ann unnecessarily bringing up Cassie's bulimia to win an argument was unnecessary........but I still stanned the shit out of her this week 🙈. I was actually #TeamAnn for the most part in the big fight because Cassie literally left open egg shells on a counter. Cassie's totally a pig and I'd be disgusted living with her too. I did think it was funny how Ann cleverly tried leaving a note for her :giggle:. Unfortunately some girls just didn't appreciate it.

3. Kelle - I looooove Kelle but it was her time :broken:. If Jay isn't willing to teach her, she's not gonna be able to grow and there's only so much torture I want that poor girl to go through. Kelle was kinda messy at first, but I actually found her to just be a lovable and naive girl and a stealth fan favorite.

4. Eva - Even when Eva's the partner in crime as opposed to the head honcho, she still brings the entertainment ❤️. Eva's slowly becoming one of my favorite reality show narrators...ever?

5. Toccara - As always, a joy to watch. Idk why but the "Toccara didn't steal the cookies from the cookie jar" monologue always make me lol. As did her reaction to the photoshoot after the run.

6. Amanda - Amanda spending all episode spewing obscenities about Cassie, completely ignoring the fact that she f*cked her over three episodes earlier :wub:

7. Norelle - Sadly invisible this week.

8. Nicole - I don't think she even got a single confessional for a Nicole Watch (TM pending) moment.

9. Cassie - So where I'm at is I feel bad for Cassie, but that doesn't mean I have to like her. She's in such denial about her bulimia at this point and it breaks my heart. And no one's doing anything to help her really (not that it's anyone else's job to help her, but it's tough just putting her on a reality show and watching what happens). Having said that, she's still a grown ass adult who can clean up after herself. I'm sorry but what Ann did was funny and maybe I need some respeito, but it wasn't that deep. And I'm already over the Cassie wants to quit storyline.


Photo Ranking:


This was actually my favorite shoot of the season! It was an extremely difficult shoot, but we're already about halfway through the season so I'm not bad about that. I think action shots are really cool and we got some strong pictures out of it.


1. Nicole - My favorite shot of hers possibly? Nicole took about 1000 risks here and every single one pays off. The way she's holding the bottle, the look she's giving, scrunching herself up, the lack of a neck. A lot of these elements shouldn't work, but it all comes together to create such an interesting and dynamic picture. I'm obsessed.

2. Eva - Welcome to the competition Eva! I think she did the best job of selling the product and making the energy drink the star of the shot. I think Eva's face is beautiful here and I love the longing look in her eyes. It's a very different and unexpected look from Eva. Easily her best shot yet.

3. Amanda - Gorgeous. You can't even tell she just jumped on a treadmill, she has so much control over every part of her body in the picture. Her face is as flawless as evre.

4. Norelle - I think the pose lost her a bit, but this is one of the best closeups of the bunch. Norelle's totally in control of her face here, I love it!

5. Yaya - It's fine. Nothing amazing, nothing terrible. I actually wish the drink was in her hand in the foreground of the picture, I think that would've been better. It's a shame she overthought it because of the judges' awful advice because this shoot was made for her.

6. Toccara - Toccara's been frustrating me so much lately because she just cannot get life in her eyes! It's a huge improvement from last week, but still not at the level I expect from her.

7. Cassie - What I appreciate about this picture is that Cassie took a risk for a change and didn't just rely on pretty like she has in the past. Unfortunately the picture's a bit of a mess and she absolutely looks like a scarecrow.

8. Kelle - The pose is a bit predictable, but not bad at all. Just yeah...the face. Poor Kelle :broken:

9. Ann - Ann's worst picture of the whole competition by a longshot, and that's really saying something. She looks like a corpse falling from the sky. It's in the running for the worst picture of the cycle even.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Alex Rewatches ANTM (Cycle 3 - Episode 6)
23 hours ago, 1234567890 said:

It’s the first cycle I watched in real time. :yes: I made my sister watch it with me. :haha: The first two cycles I had to watch on VH1. :dead:

Ahh that's exciting to start with such an iconic cycle :wub:. Lmaooo I remember those all-day VH1 marathons :dead:.


22 hours ago, Deeee said:

F*ck C3 is one of the best seasons of reality television ever. :dead:

It really is :wub:

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31 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Ahh that's exciting to start with such an iconic cycle :wub:. Lmaooo I remember those all-day VH1 marathons :dead:.


27 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

Yup, those VH1 marathons really helped a sister out. :dead:

LMAO Yesss the VH1 ANTM marathons were the best and I would watch those so often too. :dead: That's why I'm so familiar with and saw these earlier cycles so much. :haha: 



Anywho..... loving and finding these Alex write-ups so much fun to read through! 😄 


- Eva was such a true star of this cycle. :wub:  Love all of your comments on her!

- I love Tocarra as a person/personality but can get how she was frustrating as a model.

- Yaya was maybe someone not too big/involved in the drama but agree that she was always so righteous. I was always often on her side.

- Lol I don't know why but I often forget how much drama Amanda was apart of. But it's coming back to me in these write-ups.

- I was #TeamCassie over #TeamAnn on the brownie gate. Cassie wasn't completely innocent/in the right but Ann really annoyed me in that situation. I felt she got too personal regarding Cassie. So yeah that's pretty much our only disagreement.

- I wasn't big on Kelle but agree she was such a sweetheart and likable person. And her treatment was really  rough so that made me feel bad for her. :( Sadly didn't like her modeling.

- omgg I LOVE the episodic Nicole sightings in the write-ups and those parts seriously crack me up! :dead: 

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Cycle 3 - Episode 7 - The Girl Who Forgot Her Shoes


Cassie still whining about missing her family and boyfriend.


"I would like to be a bit more abby, but it's still a bit flabby" :dead:


The girls are going on go-sees in NYC! (I prefer the overseas go-sees where no one speaks the language personally :giggle:)


"So how'd you get the name Yaya it's so unusual 😮"

"It's actually really common in West Africa 🙂"

You tell em girl :wub:


Oop Amanda forgot to bring her heels to go-sees


Amanda, Eva, Ann, Toccara, and Cassie sprinting to go shoe shopping in the middle of go-sees :dead:


"The fact that it turned into a field trip...I was not happy :kissbye:"


The shoe-shopping girls getting abandoned by their cars :dead:


Lol the girls returning to their first go-see to try to figure out where the hell they're going next :giggle:






Lmaoooooo the girls are being so unprofessional at this go-see location :dead:




Clearly not amused by the girls showing up 20 mins late :giggle:


"I find something a bit piggy about her nose" Omg is it too late to #cancel this designer???


"Just to let you know, three of us were here waiting in the lobby for half an hour :))))))"


Toccara getting frustrated over the designers not having clothes that fit her :(


"Toccara would be a good model for people who would want that kind of girl" You mean people with eyes? 🙂


Oh God this man measuring Cassie's hips and telling her they're too big this is not gonna help things 🙈


Oof Norelle coming in last place for go-sees. I'm kinda surprised with her bubbly personality.


Yaya wins go-sees :wub:


Toccara is not amused as Yaya & Nicole try on all their clothes they won at the go-sees :giggle:


Nicole Watch is back on!


Norelle, Ann, Amanda, and Eva feeling "loopy" after dinner and partying in the jacuzzi lol


On the other side of the house Toccara, Yaya, and Nicole are having their classy party :dead:


And I guess Cassie's having her own party :yawn:


Mr. Jay in drag is gonna haunt my nightmares


"And I was thinking...gross because he looks like a woman and that's not something you see everyday in Oklahoma" Y'know what I was gonna drag her, but Imma let it slide because Mr. Jay in drag is gross lol


Everyone go to upn.com for a chance to win a Ford Mustang y'all!!!!!


Giving someone this shirt for a fashion shoot is criminal.




Miss J eavesdropping on Toccara #dragging that devil woman :wub:


The bitch pinching her with the industrial sized clippers :angry:


That demonic woman ruined Toccara's photoshoot by taking all her energy :broken:


Am I being #dramatic or is eating a burger and fries in bed the most disgusting thing ever :dead:


"Is this something you'd like to wear?"




Tyra #dragging Janice & the guest judge Marc for being discriminatory to Toccara, I forgot I stanned Tyra this season :wub:


Tyra bringing out the #receipts of Janice telling Toccara the first week she could be the first plus-sized girl to win :wub:


Tyra and Nigel won the fight against Janice & Marc and Toccara gets to stay :wub:


Cassie's happy to go home because she doesn't want to live in NYC or with other girls and just wants to be with her boyfriend and her mom.


And then there were 7...

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Cast Ranking:


Go-sees are always fun and this was no exception! The sequence of the girls running around shoe-shopping and attempting to make it back to the next go-see in time was hilarious :dead:. The second half of the episode was less exciting, but I did enjoy the judges fight and Tyra & Nigel fighting for Toccara (idk how scripted it was, but tbh I'd buy it that that really were split down the middle like that).


1. Toccara - Toccara won us all over with that lovable personality and it's such a shame to watch the evils of the industry kill her spirit :broken:. I still love Toccara and I'm rooting for her.

2. Yaya - She was hilarious at the go-sees as she made sure to emphasize that she follows the rules and she was on time :wub:. Yaya's breakout has been really fun to watch, as expected.

3. Amanda - Thanks for forgetting your shoes and giving us that fun sequence :wub:.

4. Eva - One of her more lowkey episodes, but still fun to watch.

5. Norelle - Norelle knows how to steal the spotlight with minimal screentime ❤️.

6. Ann - Ann screaming about Eva when she was afraid she was gonna get left behind at the first go-see :wub:. That's a ride or die!

7. Nicole - The judges finally beginning the "Nicole is boring" storyline :wub:

8. Cassie - I think Cassie had a really rough season. She didn't make very many friends, she pretty much admitted to being bulimic on national television, and her uncle got sick. I 100% sympathize with her. Having said that, I didn't like her very much, nor did I find her all that interesting.


Photo Ranking:


Really dumb photoshoot. The girls were forced into these caricatures that were very cheesy (and in one occasion problematic). Parts of a shoot felt more like an acting challenge than a photoshoot. They also didn't get much freedom since they were stuck in certain positions to make the dual shots work, which made it less interesting.


1. Eva - Duh. She absolutely killed this photoshoot. One of the hottest lesbian couples I have ever seen. Both sides are absolutely stunning. She managed to make it not look cheesy.

2. Ann - Her "dark" side is easily her best shot of the competition. Her "light" side isn't bad either, so yeah. This is a win for Ann!

3. Yaya - I really loved the styling of the ghost and I think she did a fantastic job there. The regular shot was kinda just bad acting, but at least we know she's a good actress, queen of Chicago Med :wub:

4. Toccara - I don't wanna fault her too much for the civilian shot since she got screwed over by that godawful styling. The glamorous shot is kinda stunning though (but I wonder if it's because she closed her eyes almost 🙈)

5. Norelle - It's a fine shot on both sides. Not her fault, but the decision to make her a Native American is sooooooo yikes.

6. Cassie - Also kinda just fine on both sides. Cassie just couldn't advance past taking safe and pretty shots.

7. Amanda - Easily her weakest shot of the cycle. The "devil" side is kind of okay, but the other side is pretty bad.

8. Nicole - Yeah idk what she's doing here or what she's supposed to portray but it's just bad all around.

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