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2 minutes ago, holinessss said:

i KNOWWWWWWWWW casey was thinking "i'm gonna eat this man ALIVE" while chayce was opening for her sksksksksksks

I hate you. It was good that Phineas told him to come up with something cause it would have been a homicide. 

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17 minutes ago, xfactor22 said:

I heard *Wallace called abc to demand that Luke sing 

Boy don't lie on me. 😘 There are many other music artists I would demand to have his spot. :haha:  

15 minutes ago, Elliott said:

All things considered, this has actually been a really good Top 4 show.

Agreed. A great episode and the Final 4 should all be proud of themselves. :yes:  

15 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Willie singing Beyoncé? Someone check on @*Wallace.

OMG Iwas losing my ish of course. :dead:  

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