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  1. I really liked Megan Joy back in the day but even liking her i remember the cringe when she sang rockin robin. Simon even said one of the worst ever. The only reason it does not have many down votes on youtube is nobody wanted to watch it again lol.
  2. lol you do understand Chaynce is not a runner up
  3. You can't blame the show. They gave her singing 1st with the best song of the 3 they gave out but in the end the country vote and Willie vote is way to much.
  4. Sorry i posted in the wrong thread but she did not belong sorry.
  5. Its funny how the judges picked these songs i guess trying to bus chaynce
  6. noway she wins. I think she was 3rd in the voting last night. If it was 2 white guys then maybe but 1 white guy and 1 black guy do not split votes so i doubt no matter how much they try to pimp her she can win. They tried to pimp Casey last night but pimping does not have the effect it use to have when Simon was on the show so Chaynce or Willie will win but i am leaning twowards the WGWG country
  7. I will try and say this in a way not to be taken wrongly. The idol demo is easy. #1 Country guys get the votes it does not matter how good they sing and Chaynce will win. On to the next point is Casey is a rocker and most of the casual demo are people who do not like that so she lost votes there by rocking. Gabby was more of the same a rocker type but country now and shes doing good. And last point which please do not take this wrong but Grace is a larger women like some past idols like candace etc and the older larger people tend to get the awww casual vote. Just look back to Xfactor when Melinie Amro won same thing older larger women tend to do well as many other voters are threatened by looks. I do not think that is right but it is the way. Anyway she has time to learn and be a kid again while making music in her own terms and time frame now.
  8. I think the judges even knew way ahead of time she was going home as Katy even made it a point to tell her even if she does not win blah blah blah and they did not say that to anyone else. And Rock just does not play well with the casual voter. I do not think I wish you were gay did her any favors either but she is just 16 and she knew the song and liked it so at least she was true to herself. Also Grace played social media for votes and Casey was never no social media even her twitter she tweeted maybe 3 times all season.
  9. It was fun but life goes on. Thanks for all the fun i had in here till next season stay safe
  10. It is the way casual Idol votes they like that type of girl and those types of guys but it was nice see you next season
  11. Well we shall see in a few minutes who goes home no idea but if i had to bet money id say Casey and she is my fav.
  12. I know it closes then but are they really counting still at that point? lol
  13. Unless it is really close how could they add the last minute votes up and hand him the card lol
  14. they have to kinda know who is in and who went home by now. Noway they really are adding votes up yet lol
  15. In other years we kinda know who is most likely going home but none of the 4 would be a shock at this point. Chaynce might be a lock but we shall see in a few minutes.
  16. Well with 30 minutes till the top 3 is in after hearing what we heard so far who do you think are the top 3. Not want but think. Chaynce Casey Grace ill go with.
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