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Power Ranking Team Blake Lives Team (based on their blinds) (Spoilers)


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Since we know next week is fodder week, lets just power rank the live teams solely based on their auditions. (Not your favorite, this is a power ranking in terms of who do you think will do better with votes as of now.)


TEAM BLAKE LIVE TEAM: Cam, Pete, Jordan, Anna, Emma (if she wins KO)


My power ranking so far based on auditions:

1. Pete

2. Cam

3. Jordan (the off comment puts him lower, plus he didnt really bring it last night)

4. Emma (if she wins KO)

5. Anna Grace

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  1. Pete (good social media numbers + family man + cute kids = always a threat, especially since his KO song choice looks like a bus but he made it through that)
  2. Cam (good social media numbers + talented kid + strong KO song choice = could get the PV, but I'm leaning 55/45 towards Pete getting it between the two of them)
  3. Jordan (meh social media numbers + shot himself in the foot with the Kelly commentary last night = an uphill battle; however, his genre should help him somewhat)
  4. Anna (okay reception + unique sound within the team = a good Wildcard shot, especially since she's the steal and not originally Team Blake)
  5. Emma (she could pull off a 4-way KO win by song choice + team association, but I suspect nerves will tank her if she gets to the playoffs)
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5 minutes ago, Archanium said:

1. Cam

2. Pete

3. Jordan

4. Emma

5. Anna Grace


Hoping jordan to make it somehow, Kelly's stans gonna be mad 🙃 

I’ll just quote yours, so I don’t have to type it. That’s my ranking as well. 

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  • istersay changed the title to Power Ranking Team Blake Lives Team (based on their blinds) (Spoilers)

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