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Kenzie wheeler fan thread

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Kenzie Wheeler – Got Her Goodbye On | Florida Country Magazine











his covers




i love his voice i think he could go far if you want to be added just say add me

1 jamescasaki

2 David 68

3 misirlou

4The voice fan 12

5 Cdn Country fan 

6 Vr braun

7 Jyn mycel

8 Azwig

9 Team audra

10 Vintage voice

11 Hamza fufail

12 Disney 1024

13 Jordan Smith fan

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And if his blind is as at least as good as this, everyone else could be fighting for 2nd place the rest of the way. It’s that good. 

If you search his name in YouTube, there are quite a few videos of live performances posted by other people. In every one of them, his pitch is spot on.    This one is from 4 years ago.   

his audition must of been  spectacular  considering what happened

I am not an avid country music lover (except for female country artists on the show) but I'm really in love with Kenzie's tone and the richness/timbre of his voice. No wonder all three coaches tried blocking Blake. If he's the country artist in the finale that has Team Minivan's support, I'll be more than happy. Depending on how the blinds, battles, and knockouts go, Kenzie may actually be one of the first male country artists that I fully support.  😍

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