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  1. Add me, please! That was my favorite performance of the season so far! They are the best duo/trio this show has ever had
  2. Here Without You: Dexter Roberts or Samuel Harness Driver's License: Ryleigh Modig or Chavon Rodgers Home: Ray Boudreaux,Meghan Linsey,Brendan Fletcher vs Bindi Liebowitz,D.R. King,Alex Guthrie vs Injoy Fountain, Hailey Green Leaving on a Jet Plane: Caroline Pennell or Jim and Sasha Superstition: Danny Hunter Jones,Chris Blue,Jose Figueroa Jr, Paris Winningham Hometown Glory: Paxton Ingram,Camryn B POV: Ryleigh Modig vs Gean Garcia, Gymani
  3. Cam Anthony, โ€œTake Me to Churchโ€ โ€” Grade: A
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