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Worst Finalist each Season (S5, S6, S7)


Who is the worst finalist from each?  

61 members have voted

  1. 1. Season 5 (Tough)

    • Tessanne Chin
    • Jacquie Lee
    • Will Champlin
  2. 2. Season 6

    • Josh Kaufman
    • Josh Worthington
    • Christina Grimmie
  3. 3. Season 7

    • Craig Wayne Boyd
    • Matt McAndrew
    • Chris Jamison
    • Damien Lawson

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S5 - Will Champlin - Solid finale, but never got too into him surprisingly.

S6 - Jake Worthington - Off the top of my head, possibly the worst finalist of all time

S7 - Damien Lawson - Not particularly bad but he didn't need that finale spot. The way S7 started out super super strong but ended up with a super weak top 12 was awful.

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S5: None, all of them are great. That said, I voted for Jacquie as my least favorite (I still like her better than anyone in the current season)


S6: As @Someone648 said, Jake might be the worst finalist of all time.


S7: Damien. Good but forgettable.

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Season 5: Will Champlin. You're right, though; this was extremely difficult.


Season 6: Jake Worthington, but my mama always said that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. So 🤐


Season 7: Damien. This was a really good finale IMO, but I loved Chris, really liked Craig and Matt... Damien was just a favorite out of a good lineup.

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S5: Jacquie Lee, she's a force to reckon with but she felt like screaming sometimes. Too many sharps in some of her performance. I also love Will so definitely she's the worst finalist for me in that season.


S6: Jake Worthington, as usual bland and boring country artist. I don't hate country but he is the worst in that season, a lot was robbed because of him.


S7: Damien, not so impressed by him even on the WC he didn't deserve it.

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S5: Idk, voted for Tess because I'm not voting for Jacquie and Will has so many votes :(.

S6: Jake - do I have to explain myself here?

S7: Craig - I hated him and he should have not won. I also liked Damien the most of this four (controversial I know) ❤️ I understand, he could be too dramatic sometimes, but I still remember his Someone Like You performance and I had chills. I rolled my eyes when he won the Wild Card but because it was so anticlimactic, not because I disliked him. 

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Just now, Jyn Mycle said:

I guess you mean Tessanne is the worst for you in that season. 🤣

Lol. :haha:


Btw Tessanne is one of my top 3 favorite contestants ever. :wub: It was so hard for me to choose because out of the other two I love Will more but I can't call Jaquie as a WORST FINALIST.

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