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Best Mercy Performance



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  1. 1. Who sang Mercy by Shawn Mendes best?

    • Mark Isaiah from S12
    • Anthony Alexander from S13
    • Sharane Calister vs Jamai from S14
    • Oneup vs Kymberli Joye from S15
    • Jimmy Mowery from S16
    • Shane Q from S17

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I always thought this site loved Jamai and Sharane's battle, given the immense love it got on YouTube, and also because that one Youtube channel called "Brother" did a reaction to it.


But then, I realized that those two reactors are just easily impressed, heck they actually liked Felicia Temple's Playoffs performance. You could probably have them react to Kota Wade's horrible "Barracuda" cover and they would still act as if it was the greatest performance ever.

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