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Megan Danielle Fan Thread


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Megan Danielle Fan Thread


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 American Idol Season 21 Performances


 Audition: "You Say"











The Voice Season 18 Performances



 Blind Audition: "Remedy" 



Battle Round: "Top of the World


Knockout: "Piece by Piece"


Playoffs: "Anyone"


Semi-Finals: "What Hurts The Most"


Instant Save: "Simple Man"









1. season1
2. Dany

3. Spurrious
4. realityshownerd
5. CaptainOggy6320
6. denilm

7. Starman1

8. Lux~

9. azwige

10. CufaFanvoice26

11. kclarkson1323

12. thevoicefan

13. QueenMae16

14. Niki

15. xfactor22

16. Maxwell

17. ashwinner

18. randomgirl

19. Angeles
20. Gustavo527

21. David68

22. jazzontherocks












Levi Watkins ft. Megan Danielle: "In the Rain"


















[H/T Dany for the trivia images.]



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14 hours ago, Spurrious said:

Add please.


13 hours ago, realityshownerd said:

Add me too


12 hours ago, CaptainOggy6320 said:

Add me please.


10 hours ago, denilm said:

Add please


Added y'all. Welcome to #teamDanielle #teamMegan. jaofSCz.gif

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2 hours ago, WastedinMemphis said:

Haven't watched this season or posted but loved what she did with Top of the World. She connected with this Patty Griffin song in a way that meant much to me, no matter what she did before or does after. 


RIP John Prine. 😥


Good to see you, WiM. 🙂  I think her battle with Samantha is one of the better ones this season.John and Blake were impressed with Megan's take, especially Blake. He said "Wow" after Megan's first couple of lines. UK5i5sj.gif


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10 hours ago, Starman1 said:

Add me! KO prieview Piece by Piece was awesome! Funny I was hoping Sam would sing this in 4 way KO.


34 minutes ago, Lux~ said:

her KO was so good, like damn

add mee please


Added you both. SAOyO1H.gif


I agree that Megan was really good in her KO performance. It's one of the best KOs in the last few seasons for me.

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