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  1. i hope they leak that, honestly both of the two are gonna be good
  2. lmao they short clipped mandi vs camm on youtube
  3. hoping for samantha, so glad it isnt darious there
  4. so glad that darious won that and doesnt have to compete in the 4 way for the vote
  5. honestly if they montage any good battles next week, it would be so dumb. could have montaged this, levi v jamal, kailey v cam
  6. in his exact words "id bet my farm on you to win this whole thing"
  7. she sounds pretty forced yeah, and this song is not working for camm at all
  8. honestly thought john was a lot better than this song choice
  9. in rehearsal gigi didnt sound too bad, but this isnt great. damnnnnnn micah
  10. damn toneisha's blind didnt showcase too much but she just popped off here
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