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  1. honestly yeah it probably will be like that but i like hearing "praying" so i hope she doesnt butcher it too much. it does seem like it would be pretty big for her aswel though so idk
  2. i just wanna hear anaya do praying without it being shortened
  3. honestly could see them maybe montaging tayler/micah
  4. okayyy his KO was so good, im so glad kelly got him after that battle- add me pleasee
  5. her KO was so good, like damn add mee please
  6. that KO leak was so emotional, didnt expect that from either of them i actual teared up which is weird- glad they both stayed
  7. who- how- why- cedrice getting a c+ and sara getting a b, what
  8. i kinda wanted to see jules and tayler, more than what we just saw
  9. that 4 way knockout is going to be close as, hope she wins it
  10. samantha's toneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaa so good
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