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  1. that was definitely short clipped, why would they spend so much time on their rehearsals then
  2. they are already all over his latest instagram post, poor fella
  3. https://www.twitch.tv/agrandeao someone is streaming it on twitch, if anyone elses streams stopped working
  4. been awhile but keep coming back to all of her performances, so gooood
  5. listening back im just so confused as to how sapphire lost like what the way she emoted was so on point and beautiful im so like what how did she lose that???
  6. ok am i the only wondering how sapphire didnt get through like she should have won her playoff and let alone didnt even get the wc wtf???
  7. honestly yeah it probably will be like that but i like hearing "praying" so i hope she doesnt butcher it too much. it does seem like it would be pretty big for her aswel though so idk
  8. i just wanna hear anaya do praying without it being shortened
  9. honestly could see them maybe montaging tayler/micah
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