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  1. Is anybody else really struggling with the stream? Mine keeps breaking up every couple of minutes. The one from last season now requires a VPN for me
  2. lmaoooooooo dont do too much. its okay to be salty, but Carter worked his but off for that victory just as much as everyone else if not more since he was so young and this was all so new to him
  3. Still think Cami should be here, but based on Desz getting fourth it is very clear that Minivan lacks any sort of taste....
  4. Belts sound different. There's a certain smoothness to them. Hers are always screechy when she tries to get too high. I absolutely love her low notes though, I wish she would just stick to those instead...
  5. Imagine Bailey gets PV over Tamara and John lmaooo IDF would lose it
  6. I think Desz's blind and knockout were her best tbh. She was very pitchy and screaming tonight...
  7. I love Desz, but when she belts it sounds screechy to me tbh.
  8. Okay but no one can out-slay my queen Mariah with this song...
  9. yeah I agree, but I thought that i should be at least a little bit realistic haha
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