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  1. Larriah was hands down the best of the night for me. She showed some artistry and has SO much breath control and intense range and power. I hate being the one tp bring up her age, but like she truly did amazing for a 15 year old. She would also get the most out of moving on to the lives of all four, so I really hope she wins
  2. I hope Larriah brings it so she can win the casual vote. Julia was good but polarizing and Taryn was boring
  3. Cami's look was jus as amazing as her singing!! She really played into the haunting vibe. Great artistry on her part
  4. Just saw the leak and wow! Cami's range is incredible, and she never sounds pitchy, her look was amazing, and her stage presence was so good too. John started off really good, but he switched his tone a bit when he went for the higher notes and it got pitchy and i wasnt a fan of the tone at all. Cami won this imo. Kelly seems to really like her, so I'll be hopeful
  5. After seeing madeline's performance, Kelly's team going into the knockouts is literally SOOOO stacked. If Ryan wins it'll be even more stacked. This makes me really sad for Cami because I don't see a path for her to make the next round :(( I'm hoping she does really well tomorrow and minivan or casuals like her
  6. So far I think the finale will be Carter for Team Gwen, Desz for Team Kelly, Sid for team Blake, and whoever wins of John vs Cami for team John
  7. Cami and James said in a live last week that they have them list like 5-7 songs that they want to sing and then the producers choose. So yeah, it's not true.
  8. Madeline was amazing. It was a breakthrough performance for her
  9. She's gorgeous and has amazing stage presence, but that was such a TERRIBLE song im sorry. If madeline wins this it'll be because Kelsie flopped cuz she didnt sound that great in the rehearsals either
  10. Maybe not the best choice for Joseph, but he really showed his range and I'm impressed!
  11. The app says our final team will only be 3 artists, is that how it usually is? Does this mean we're getting a final four?
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