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  1. I had a very busy schedule so I was thoroughly inactive all through out the phase 2 but all I gotta say is I am really grateful for this opportunity, for the opportunity to be the game changer at the start of this show. I was really scared because I just joined this forum when I decided to answer the form of @anonymouskid_35, meanwhile my co-mentors were pretty known here already, but you made me feel welcome Reaching the grand finals was more than enough for me and I'm really glad that Jamie was able to be the representative. I also want to thank the avid supporters of this show
  2. Ali and Aydan for me had the best original song. Competition-wise though I think Ali won that round for me. But, I can imagine myself listening to Aydan's more. Sheldon's original though was also good!! Rankings (4th Round): 1. Ali Caldwell (Stuck) 2. Aydan Calafiore (Wide Awake) 3. Sheldon Riley (Fire) For the 5th round, I felt like it was somehow a 3-way tie but based on preference I'd probably say 1. Sheldon Riley (I super love that duet of Katy Perry with Jeremiah so plus points) 2. Aydan Calafiore (It is not as
  3. This is my first time lurking in this thread and yeah there's a lot of names. Any suggestions on who is the most probable tco as of the moment and who's interesting? My taste every season is a bit diverse so lay me out on who's IDF favorites as of now. Thanks!
  4. Ren Patrick actually have a really good voice but idk, nothing for me stands out to her as a whole. Maybe they'll try to push her like Maggie from last season and will last until 40 but I don't see her making the lives.
  5. Yes, he is! They're cute together lol, I think they're still in a relationship as of the moment? I followed him on IG right after his audition and his last post with Catie is no less than 4-5 months if I can remember?
  6. NO WAY AMANDA MENA'S GOING TO AUDITION?! Is this confirmed? please please Also, YAY FOR KIKO MARTIN and ALYSSA WRAY!! I might have to search all of their names before deciding on who my final favorites are. But.. lol I did not expect Claudia Conway to be in it, she's good though, just not my type
  7. Oh god I was late lol but these performances stood out for me! Except my underdogs' performance ofc MaKenzie's cover felt so refreshing, it was new to my ears. Good choice @QueenMae16 . @jarmon you both NAILED these song choices imo, love it! @IAN27TAY that was so good, interesting cover from them.
  8. Sucks to lose both of my artists in one night but I truly feel that the grand finalists deserved their spots. I kind of messed up the song choices for their fan picks so I expected this result. Still, congrats to you @anonymouskid_35 @QueenMae16 @jarmon this will be a GOOD FIGHTTT LET'S GO But ofcourse my wildcard finalists is ready to fight for the last spot in the finale, so goodluck to all!!
  9. This is honestly the hardest decision tonight, and also for Avery and Johnny. I super love Donel, but looking at his performances, there's a just a few performances of him posted on youtube and I really don't know what songs to give to him in the future. I just picked the 8 that I think gave it their best last night and who I think I can do better things with, I don't wanna screw over the artists in the future by their song choices. I'm sorry if I let your favorites go, but I will do my best to give my remaining artists the song choices that suits them in the future!
  10. Nice set of groups! I am sad that Lemonade was swapped out but this line-up is pretty diverse. Good choices @IAN27TAY !! My favorites are actually 5AM and 4th Impact
  11. Am I the only one really sad to see Jeremiah go? He's really a passionate and natural storyteller . I am personally on and off on Alisan because sometimes she overdo the notes, making it look like she's screaming . But overall, @jarmon I HATE YOU, THAT'LL BE HARD TO BEAT !!
  12. I think Virginia vs Clarissa and Adam vs Elyse will be on Sunday. Bukhu vs Johnny on Tuesday
  13. Hi guys!!!!! I'm super thrilled to be part of this show, and I'll try to be a fair and awesome mentor to my category, I love being an underdog, and I also want that win for my category, so let's go!
  14. I agree on all of you, it might be really hard for an AA woman to win on the show. But, thinking about what's happening right now, I'd bet that they'd want an AA woman to win, and I know for sure they'd push that hard. To be perfectly honest, they did not pushed Kennedy to win that much, she's got really bad song choices at some point in the lives, in the semis, she's got a really bad partner, the robe girl . They also did not highlight her that much in the pre-lives shows, her battle being a montage, her knockout being in the middle in the last night of Knockouts. But this is jus
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