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  1. Goodluck to the Cunningham Queens! I truly believe that they can be the underdogs of Team Kelly. I am so excited for them.
  2. Again, another artist with a massive potential. I love the tone, he has a pretty strong voice too. Excited to see what he has to bring to the show. Add me once again @sydneysam, for the last time I think lol.
  3. Add me please @Bk1234. Looks like another guy to root for Blake. I love his tiktok covers, he has a great musicianship and voice.
  4. WAIT A MINUTE. The very own Jeremy Rosado from Idol auditioned here? Season 11 is one of my favorite seasons because of the talent pool there (and because of Jess ) and I thought Jeremy had potential back then. His Carrie Underwood performance was what sold it for me. I need to check his covers right now and let's see if I'll ask to be added here.
  5. Gorgeous OP. She might be my token AA powerhouse this season. Add me @VoiceFan!
  6. Parker McKay auditioned for The Voice?! Of all the Season 21 contestants, she's the one that I am most familiar with. I have heard her sang way back on 2018 in Nashville. I think it was CMAs time that time, and I have to say, her voice live and her voice on her videos are almost the same (that is my opinion though). I am actually surprised with her pop song covers because she sounded so country that time, it is interesting and it is working (her Lizzo cover is unexpectedly beautiful). Add me once again @sydneysam, sorry for flooding yours and @Bk1234's notifications right now, you just happen to both made fan threads for the artists I like.
  7. I loved Hailey's Season 19 audition and I thought she deserved a chair turn, but I know there's a time for everything. I am glad that she's back this season, she even got better . Add me @Bk1234!
  8. I love the theme/colors of the OP by the way, great job, it looks beautiful!
  9. I am loving your OPs @sydneysam- great job! I love the artwork. Add me. I have been a fan of JADN since 2019, Jeremy (his brother) is a good singer too. I love David and his voice, he's probably my main favorite right now.
  10. I love her covers on Instagram and Youtube. Please add me @David68
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