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S22 Top 7 Power Ranking


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My top 10 power ranking was a flop, but I’ll try again. 

1. Will - The most consistent performer in the top 7, picking crowd pleasing songs. 

2. Abi - She killed it on Monday night, and reversed a stagnant/negative trend that had developed the week prior. She’ll have to keep her foot on the gas. 

3. Triston - Last week, I had him in the top spot, but added that if he continues to have subpar performances, I would drop him down. He did not do enough this week to stay on top, and has to take on an Adele cover next week. 

4. Jack - It’s possible I’ve been underrating his chances all along, but I still don’t feel like he’s a contender for the win. 

5. Emmy - She bounced back in a big way with her cover of grandma’s most famous song, in the pimp spot. However, there are still signs of trouble ahead, and an Adele cover is on deck. 

6. Julia - Her home state may be keeping her in it for now. 

7. McKenna - She was last in votes among the top 7. She’ll need something special to dig out of this hole. 

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1.  Abi — I still think that she can win.  But I agree that she needs to keep her foot on the gas.

2.  Will — he’s doing better than Triston.

3.  Triston — I knew his inexperience would catch up to him, and it has.

4.  Jack — his star is rising.

5.  Julia — I think she’s got one week left in her.

6.  Emmy — she bounced back in her last performance but she’s not out of the woods yet.

7.  McKenna — I like her but this is as far as she can go.  😪

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1. Abi - she continues to deliver the highest highs of everybody in the competition (though she is not always consistent with that). with KB going home this week and 2 girls probably going home next week, i think that is going to boost her voting power in the long term.

2. Will - i think that as long as Triston is in this competition, he is being hurt. if/when Triston goes i think he can move back to #1. 

3. Jack - he's on the rise and probably is getting the best growth arc edit of all the contestants remaining. however, his edit prior to this week was very bland/forgettable so im not sure i can fully be convinced TPTB want him to win.

4. Triston - his inexperience is starting to show. his duet with Will confirmed for me that he is likely not winning this season. i think he will be continue to be exposed with next weeks themes.

5. Julia - she has the soulful powerhouse lane all to herself, is pandering to the country audience, and could

potentially have a strong home state fanbase.  not to mention how lovable she is! part of me wants to rank her higher. 

6. Emmy - she had a moment last night and i'm happy for her, but i fear that will be her peak. she will struggle with next weeks themes, and we have seen the past two nights that performances can very much dictate who goes home.

7. McKenna - love her but something is not connecting between her and voters. as i have pointed out before, probably the "sexy" comments and Minivan being intimidated by her looks/talent.

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1. Triston Harper - I still think despite his mid performances and him basically becoming a novelty act that he's most likely to win.

2. Will Mosely - It's American Idol the country guys have the edge.

3. Abi Carter - The most consistently popular girl.

4. Jack Blocker - He's a WGWG but I think Idol wants to bus him. Will it work though who knows.

5. Emmy Russell - One of the most likable human beings to have been cast. Great back story and top tier performance last night. Next weeks theme are not in her favor though. 

6. Julia Gagnon - I keep underestimating her and she keeps on surviving. It's possible she can do it again.

7. McKenna Breinholt - She probably had the fewest votes last time probably even less than KB did. They would have to pimp her and she would have to nail the songs to survive.


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1. Will - most consistent vocalist, audience loves him, and is able to showcase himself well

2. Abi - the one who's taken the most risks this season, able to give "moments" and is backed by production/judges 

3. Triston - still a contender, but has been on a downward spiral these last few performances

4. Jack - has been slowly rising up the rankings, consistent and a risk taker - my personal fave of the males left

5. Emmy - gained alot of ground after last night, next week may be a challenge with the themes however

6. Julia - consistent, but picks the worst song choices - needs to be more strategic

7. Mckenna - was in the bottom, needs to have a stellar performance to be able to survive unfortunately

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1. Abi - She gained a lot more momentum than usual last night. I think if she continues on getting the most views and likes on Facebook, she could win the show.

2. Will - He's been very consistent the past few performances in a row, so he lands higher than Triston for now.


3. Jack - I think we are underestimating his chances. He's proving to be a dark horse. I've seen many comments on Youtube saying he could be a shock win and he's doing great on there. He also gave his best performance in both duet and solo.


4. Emmy - She's Loretta's granddaughter and her fans are voting for her. She had a big moment and the pimp spot last night. If she continues to perform at that level of greatness, her fans will continue to vote. She just needs to stay consistent and sing better than the ones below her. 


5. Julia - She's been delivering incredible performances throughout and has her hometown support rooting for her. If they keep on rooting and voting for her, I see her making at least top 5. She's getting enough pimping from Producers. I don't see her getting past top 5 though.


6. Triston - He's been falling behind the past 3 performances in a row. He's going to need to put himself back on top in order to be top 3. If he continues to have an off night, he could end up going home. Especially looking at Facebook.


7. McKenna - She's been delivering fantastic performances so far lately. But is having stellar performances enough to keep her around? Probably not considering she was in the bottom 2. Even if she gives the best performance of the season, picks a Minivan bait song, doesn't mean Minivan will like it because they won't like the performance regardless of how well she performs. So who cares if she delivers? Minivan won't vote for her anyway. Remember, she sang a Joni song and she was still in the bottom in stats on Facebook. Minivan didn't like that performance. Producers obviously loves her and wants her in the finale as they gave her a big edit.

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At the very beginning of the season I said, “I  just hope that we don’t get the ‘typical’ male prototype winner this year on American Idol. Then I come here and see you all think that Will is going to win and my hopes are dashed again. I don’t think Will is a bad singer, just generic.  

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1. Will - has been delivering the past few weeks and also appeals to Minivan, so I think he's safe in this spot for now

2. Abi - TPTB will back her and she's got the talent to back it up, but she'd need to keep giving moments for a chance to beat Will

3. Jack - gained serious momentum with his last performance imo

4. Triston - now seems more Brayden Lape trajectory imo. unlike Brayden he's shown to be a strong vocalist at best but he'll have to demonstrate that again if he wants to go higher

5. Emmy - too inconsistent and not always Minivan appealing with song choices, but more performances like her last one and she could have a finale shot

6. Julia - the ones above are just stronger voting-wise

7. McKenna - was bottom 2, even if she gave us another Iris I'm not sure that would be enough

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