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Favorite Chance KO Artist?


Favorite Chance KO Artist?  

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  1. 1. Favorite Chance KO Artist?

    • Kamalei Kawa’a
    • Alyssa Crosby
    • Maddi Jane
    • Serenity Arce
    • Dani Stacy
    • RLetto

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1. Dani: we only have her audition so based on that, she is my favorite of this team 

2. Alyssa: underrated vocalist, but at least she is getting more appreciation

3. Maddi: not quite sold on her yet as everyone else seems to be, but she is clearly really talented 

4. Kamalei: there is a peaceful quality about his tone that i love. .

5. Serenity: what a dissapointing battle. Big drop of quality from her audition.

6. RLetto: shouldn't have even turned a chair on the blinds but oh well.

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1. Serenity: She is my personal favorite in this group, and I loved her blind audition. I thought she sounded really great in her battle, but her battle partner was not good at all.


2. Dani: She's a fantastic vocalist and very creative. She did not deserve to be montaged. 


3. Alyssa: She is very underrated, but she seems to have more appreciation in the battle which I love.


4. Maddi: She's obviously very talented and has a lot of skills. I'm not completely sold on her yet as I need to see more from her and if she has her breakout moment in the knockouts, then she will be higher than this. 


5. RLETTO: He is really soulful and showed that in his audition, but I thought he was kinda flat in battles. I would like to hear him rap at some point since he's a rapper.


6. Kamalei: He has a beautiful and heavenly voice but he's clearly the weakest in this group and very limited. 

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1. Dani - montaged, but audition was a season highlight for me

2. Maddi - great battle and tone stands out just a little more than Alyssa imo

3. Alyssa - held her own against Asher, that has to be impressive

4. Kamalei - he’s good, his style just isn’t as memorable for me

5. Rletto - did decently in the battle, but outshined by Val and just kinda out of his depth here imo

6. Serenity - not convinced

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