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Season 24 Top 9 Power Ranking


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1. Ruby - she wasn’t great this week but I think still has enough goodwill with the audience that she’s the one to beat

2. Huntley - could flip flop with Ruby but based on his performance, I think a little more polarizing

3. Mara - having a growth arc just at the right time, with good song choices I think she can definitely get to the finale, plus can get a Team Niall bump if that exists

4. Mac - least confident prediction for PV but I still think he can do it, they’ll pimp him most likely and his style fits into something that Minivan could enjoy

5. Jacquie - probably will get overshadowed by Ruby in the female country lane, even though they don’t really overlap that much Ruby is much more Minivan bait, but she could pull out a really strong performance to get through if not the PV then the IS

6. Nini - second best bet for an IS I think. I just feel like one of her and Mara will make it but not both, and Mara’s got the edge atm

7. BIAS - I recognize the potential for him to surprise us here, but they pimped him this week so I don’t think he’ll get as much help this time around, and I just don’t see Minivan gravitating that much to his style when Ruby, Huntley, and even Mara and Mac are right there

8. Lila - only putting her above Jordan because I think she has the potential to really nail a folkier classic song, I still doubt she goes through but she is an alternative to the more powerful voices above her

9. Jordan - someone being in bottom 4 could be a wake up call to vote but I just don’t really think the base is there to begin with, I doubt she’s gonna get much help from TPTB either since Reba’s getting at least 1 in no matter what

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1 Huntley- literally defines a voice winner

2 Ruby- very close to Huntley. Has a lot of voting demographic 

3 Jaquie- even though she lost some steam with her last performance, I still think she’ll be top 3 if she nails it this week.

4 Nini- if she keeps performing like she did last week she’ll probably be in the finals

5 Mac- he has alot of online appeal and is Johns contender. don’t think he has appeal to win 

6 Mara- she gained a lot of steam so far and maybe she’ll sneak her way into the finals with a great performance. 
7 Lila- she reminds me of Gina having a secret fanbase to a lesser extent.

8 Bias- I get that he’s being pimped but still don’t see it. Too much country competition 

9 Jordan- she’s an instant save and isn’t vocally good enough to recover but still love her

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1. Ruby - I really believe that she will win the show and is clearly TPTB's TCO and so far she's been delivering fantastic performances throughout. I think she is really consistent and impressive. Plus Minivan loves her but more than Huntley? Probably depends on who has the better performance of the two.


2. Huntley - He is a really consistent contestant who knows how to pick the right songs and knows what songs that Minivan wants to listen to. They clearly love him enough to be in the top 2. He isn't going anywhere below top 2. He is also very versatile as well. 


3. Nini - Nini has been delivering her best performances of the season throughout her whole run and is getting lots of pimping from TPTB as they clearly want her in the finale. She's also getting lots of views and likes from international fans from people outside the US but also has many fans from the US as well. It will be impossible to bus her or for her to flop. She will still be the clear favorite regardless of how she performs. She can take on uptempos and can take on ballads as well. She can really sing the phonebook, sing bad song choices and still be the best of the night. I think she will end up in third place just like Kyla, Brooke, and Katie Kadan who also had international fans and getting the most views and likes throughout. 


4. Jacquie - Jacquie has been so far very consistent throughout the competition and hasn't had a bad performance yet. I think TPTB would be happy to have her in the finale and she's also a powerhouse vocalist. She just has to be smart with song choices in the semis or she could end up in the instant save.


5. Mac - Mac is the only R&B singer left and he is the most likely to win the instant save. He is our usual r&b singer that ends up in fifth place on John's team and Minivan doesn't care that much for him and they have other preferences. He has been delivering great performances throughout that I've been enjoying him but I think his personality in the battle rounds rehearsals could turn Minivan off to the point of putting him in fifth place so he would have to find the perfect song choice to get them on board and he would need a D. Smooth trajectory.


6. Mara - Mara has been having a growth arc throughout and has been delivering great performances. My only worries for her is that Minivan is still lukeworm towards her regardless of how she performs. There is a pattern I noticed with that. She got great reception in the blinds from Minivan, her battle got poor reception, her knockout got great reception from them, they were lukeworm towards her playoff performance, and she got great reception in the top 12. I don't know what her reception will be in the semis as it could go either way. She could snatch the votes from someone with the right songs and the right pimping. Right now Nini and Huntley seems to be the favorites of the two that TPTB likes more. Niall doesn't really have a favorite as he seems to love all three equally. I think he could get all three in the finale if they are pushing for a Reba win.


7. Lila - Lila has a gorgeous tone and has great performances throughout. But I don't think she is catching on with viewers at all as she has solid reception but not a great one. I think she will end up singing for her life and her performances are kind of slow for viewers to vote for. I was happy that she got the public vote as she deserved it but I can't see her making the finale unless she gets a perfect song choice that Minivan loves and she gets all the views and likes. Her style does come across as a coffee shop singer that people would label her as. I don't view her as that but view her as an artist. 


8. BIAS - I don't think he will make the finale with a one vote rule as Minivan most likely doesn't have multiple emails and they tend to vote fair. Every single Minivan members are going to vote for Huntley or Ruby as they can only vote for one person. They will only vote for either, Huntley, Ruby, or BIAS, so who would they vote for of the three? He also needs to pick the right songs as his song choices aren't working for him and he's been delivering bad performances so far. His best performance was his battle even though he still got swallowed alive. I don't think TPTB even cares that much for him or want him in the finale over their favorites. He would be an easy bus unless he sings Let It Be with a gospel choir or Love You Anyway. I think Minivan will also find him as too cheesy. 


9. Jordan - Jordan has a fun personality but I'm not sure if Minivan likes her personality or not as they might find her wild and polarizing. She isn't catching on with viewers and seems to get lost in the mix especially with other country artists. She was also in the bottom 4 so she isn't gonna get past anyone else. 

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Top 9 Ranking PRIOR to Performances

1 Mara, she’s been making a steady comeback since top 12 and if she continues going up, she has a good chance at winning this whole thing 

2 Ruby, always been consistent since blinds and still is one of the top contenders


3 Huntley, really caught my eye since playoffs singing Daylight. Have a good feeling he’ll make the finale 


4 Mac, good singer and performer who doesn’t pull my eye in a negative way 


5 Jacquie, she’s ok. She’s hit or miss for the 5th finale spot. All depends on what she sings next week


6 Nini, really impressed me during blinds and battles but regressed since knockouts. Really hope she steps up her song choice for top 9


7 BIAS, didn’t impress me at first but since playoffs, he’s growing on me. He has a small chance of making it to the finale


8 Lila, has a good voice but bores me to tears 


9 Jordan, same feeling when I watched her blind audition and same feeling when I watched her top 12 performance. She’s meh 


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1. Huntley - Staying consistent and it seems the audience loves him, I think his only weakness is if it seems like he's doing the same thing with his voice every week, although it's working out for him so far.

2. Ruby - She took a bit of a hit since she didn't perform up to par, but she'll be given the benefit of the doubt, she could still win if she is given better songs.

3. Nini - She raised herself up a bit with the last performance, if she keeps it up then she could get a PV, although she can't afford to make too many mistakes or she could just as easily dive down. I could see her being a contender for the IS if needed.

4. Mara - Likely shot up a couple spaces since she got a song in her wheelhouse and performed decently, not to mention the ones under her took a hit or two with song choices. I'm not sure she could get the PV or IS, but perhaps if plenty flop then I could see her advancing.

5. Jacquie - Not the best song choice, but she is one of the best vocalists left and did as best she could with the recent song. If given a much better song, especially a ballad, I can easily see her getting a PV. If it comes down to the IS, she's going to be a juggernaut to face, and it seems like she likes her song, I think it'll be tough to keep her out the Finale.

6. Mac - He also took a hit, even if trying to go for the smooth and emotional connection with the audience, then I'm not sure if the gamble will pay off yet. He still has a lane to his own, so a PV isn't out of the question, although I'm having my doubts recently. IS is possible, but he needs to face the right people or he could get shut out.

7. BIAS - Even if he was pimped, I don't think the audience is buying what he has, he may be the only country male left, but he's one of the most polarizing ones we have seen. The country voters have other options that they probably selected, and the other blocks + casuals likely don't care.

8. Lila - I knew she could survive a round, although now it gets harder even with a pocket of voters to help her, I don't think she can get a PV and her competition in the IS will be difficult for her. 

9. Jordan - Instantly Saved. A consistent vocalist, but isn't showing much besides her cool style, seems the audience doesn't care for her with the above options available. 


Like said before Top 2 seem to be locked in for the Finale. 3-6 will be the other PVs + IS depending on what happens. 7-9 have an uphill battle, will likely need stars to align for even one to get through.

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21 hours ago, Daillon said:

1. Huntley

2. Ruby

3. Mac

4. Mara

5. Jacquie


7. Nini

8. Jordan

9. Lila

I’m gonna elaborate more on this (I’m bored):


1. Huntley - It’s a coin flip between him and Ruby but his Top 12 performance (and Ruby’s) makes me lean towards him. He’s likeable, doesn’t miss a note, his song choices are exactly what this audience likes to listen to and has lots of appeal. Cons? Not sure if the producers want Niall to win twice in a row and Reba winning her first season is the best way to establish her as the new Blake.


2. Ruby - When I watched Long, Long Time for the first time I was certain she would be the winner but I changed my mind after her T12 performance. It wasn’t “bad” but this season is short so unless she steps it next week it’s gonna be hard to catch up to Huntley regardless of all the pimpling she’ll likely receive in the following weeks. I also think she acts and looks older than she actually is, which is something that was key to the success of some past winners (Chevel, Carter…)


3. Mac - There’s a bit of a toss-up between #3-6 but Mac has it the easiest to snatch a PV next week, by far. Why? The only people on his lane are gone, he’s one of the few guys left in the competition, he’s had a good treatment by the producers… His last performance raised some questions about how good he actually is live but as long as he doesn’t flop too hard or gets a really bad song choice he should be fine - and even then, he would be favored by the producers in an IS situation.

4. Mara - Out of everyone in this Top 9 I’m having the hardest time placing Mara. She’s a bit of an oddball, we haven’t really had anyone like her on the show before (at least not anyone I can think of) so it’s hard to gauge how much appeal she might have. One thing is for certain though, the producers LOVE her. Is that enough to win a PV? No, but her main competition in her own team has more things going against her (we’ll get to that), and Jacquie - who I believe is her biggest opponent for that last spot, is competing with Ruby and even Huntley for the same type of voter - and out of those 3 we know who’s getting the short end of the stick. 

5. Jacquie - I’m not ruling her out of a PV but I suspect she’s getting screwed over by the new one-vote rule, and Jordan winning the IS last round doesn’t help her at all. She’s a fantastic vocalist though, which would come in handy in the Instant Save.


6. BIAS - Is it ballsy to put the only country guy left at #6? Maybe, but like others have said before he’s a bit unconventional and I believe he doesn’t have the same appeal as past iterations. I would have put him higher if the pimp spot was available next Monday but they used it on him last round. That said, he has gained a bit of momentum with his T12 performance and a few flops from his competition and a good performance next week could theoretically put him in a good position.


7. Nini - I’m playing the possible scenarios in my head and I just don’t see how Nini can escape this round. She’s not Minivan-friendly and there’s no way the show would push for her to win the Instant Save over Jacquie, Mara, BIAS or Mac. Some people will mention the high SM numbers, but my guess is those are a fluke (see Nutsa from Idol, she was also from Georgia)


8. Jordan - Instantly saved. I think she has a 0,01% of maaaybe winning the save again which is why she isn’t dead last.


9. Lila - I knew she had a slim chance at survival last week but this week coming up is a whole different story. Her style isn’t audience-friendly and she hasn’t had the support she needed over the course of the season. She’s done.

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9. Lila (John)- Lila has a clear voice, shes picks interesting songs that fit her. Indigo Girls was an excellent choice for her style; glad TPTB took note on the Emily Saliers/Vonda Shepard easter eggs dropped here. But...she just lacks verve, or energy. Her stage affect, her vocals, the combination of those two - it seems so wallpaper-y and unmemorable, especially in comparison with contestants who just want it more. Can she really connect with an audience - hell, not just this audience, but an audience outside of a bookstore or coffeeshop? A student doing homework while listening to this on their earbuds would droop their head over their laptop and fall asleep. She's so chill to the fact that it's chilly.


8. Jordan (Reba)- Jordan's too cool for school, and chose a song this week - well, that's not really couth for the rated-G Voice, and that will struggle to get votes unless the core audience is full of people in uncomfortable marriages. She's a dark artist - hell, figuratively and literally with the shades - kinda like Nini, except occupying the dark country ballad space. You can totally see her set being filled with revenge fantasy type country songs, stuff that frankly won't fly with the Voice core. That might ultimately be the problem - she's dark, she's brooding, and after dinner you want something accessible and familiar. That's not Jordan. She is her - and does her thing well, but like Nini (see below), the audience might not care. She was already B4, while she's artistically tighter than Jacquie and more reliable, that might not matter and TPTB might want to let one of Reba's 3 go before the top 7. 


7. Nini (Niall)- Artistically, you get what Nini's doing - by choosing cool, darker songs (Radiohead/The Cure), and drawing out their lyrics to molasses to put a microscope on them, it emphasizes her dark-pop vibe, and caters to her whole image. She's not just choosing any pop song, and singing them by-the-book - she's cultivating dark songs across genres and rearranging them to further fit her style. She gets the most creativity points of the remaining crop, and you feel she has the most ownership and artistry of this top 9, frankly. Like Mara, she's singing show-reared and you feel confident about her consistency. That being said - an older Voice audience and...dark pop? Does not compute. Her care factor is high, her artistry is clear and incredibly unique for this show, such that she can draw in quite a few casuals. But her core fans might be lacking. Given choices of care factor among females, Mara's style is more familiar to the audience, and Jacquie occupies a "country" space - so this cannibalize votes. When care factor is high among many, a shock elim is possible, and bookies could definitely put Nini as such. Also, team Niall - Mara, Nini and Huntley. The battle of Mara and Nini will really be interesting to watch - you feel TPTB would prefer Nini, but if they let the chips fall where they may, maybe Mara is the one who comes out on top of this race.


6. Jacquie (Reba) - It's hard not to believe Jacquie's playing a bit of dress-up when performing her songs. As if she's mimicking Fleetwood Mac, mimicking Lainey Wilson, etc. A Portlandia Westerner who grew up with pop underpinnings, she's definitely choosing world-weary, strong-woman type songs, but she never makes those versions her own, and you'd certainly want to listen to the original instead. Good karaoke, but nothing that makes you go wow, much less WOW. Of course there's the game, and then there's the game-within-the-game. In terms of the game, she's doing it well -she represents world weary, moms relate, core audience loves their country karaoke, she's giving her all physically and vocally. The game-within-the-game? Her energy will prop her up over Lila and Jordan (who was in the B4), who are detached from the audience for different reasons. But you feel there's gonna be a ceiling here.



5. Mara (Niall)- Mara really wants this. She wants this really, really bad, and as a singing show vet, she knows how to play the game. She really acted out a really difficult song, all of its different nuances, frowns, finger swag wags, stamped with standard Mara belts. She's versatile and can perform every single singing show staple on these shows with solid credibility. I'm not sure if she's doing this more for validation of her abilities rather than catering to the audience, because her performing style hasn't really shown much vulnerability or good emotional pauses - hence the "acting" comment. But her "plays with heart" singing mentality, and her veteran wiles, might rope in casuals and give her a puncher's chance since there are so many contestants who don't have that singing ability/don't have that effort or care factor. 


^^Yeeah, the bottom five here are all girls. 


4. Mac (John)- I actually think Mac is quite vulnerable from a voting standpoint. He seems a bit..aloof, and his care factor seems low. Lila cares, but just comes off like wallpaper; Mac doesn't seem to care as much, and when he gets songs that he can't finagle into his style, he puts up uninspired versions of them. That happened this week with the Bonnie Raitt song, but also percolated in his surprise loss against Rachel Nguyen in a song that should theoretically be more in his wheelhouse. Basically, he feels like one of those boom-or-bust (high upside, low floor) sort of contestants - he really needs the right song, the song he can put a stamp to, and care about putting the stamp on. The D'Angelo song went viral, Gravity/the Thicke song were good, babymaking ballads are his thing. But when he's on - he puts his stamp on it, he creates the atmosphere, he creates moments within the atmosphere. I think John/the judges/TPTB get enraptured in those moments, and let's be honest - there's no straight-up R&B anymore on this show after him, and John's team is down to 2 with Lila also lacking vote equity, so Mac might as well be cemented a top five slot based on the "game-within-the-game".  Hell, he might skate into this top 4 just because everyone below him have their flaws as discussed above. But let's say he 'brought it' the rest of the way- it's impossible to see him getting past Ruby and Huntley, but he could switch places with BIAS.


3. BIAS (Gwen)- BIAS is the court jester, the crowd pleaser. He makes you cheese when you see the guy consistently tackle, without bated breath, all these hard-hitting, soulful, rollickin' country gospel songs with that comparatively light voice. He doesn't focus on the lyrics, he focuses on the vibe, and he brings the effort and youthful energy. He doesn't care about the haters, he just cares about the good time. He puts on a veneer of country soul on songs with Christian/country underpinnings, but the performance style and voice screams pop. That's going to hurt him in the nitty-gritty, but he hits a lot of intersections for an audience accustomed to them, consistently puts in a ton of effort, makes the audience feel good? and has probably the highest care factor of all the acts remaining, so that's likely to bring him far. In this ranking, verry far. If that isn't enough, he's Gwen's only remaining act, so TPTB will only absolutely everything to make him at least top 6; I have him well into the top 5 endgame because he just pops more than everyone else, and the people below him have their weaknesses.


2. Huntley (Niall)- Huntley like BIAS is also a good-times guy. He's a teddy bear, a WWE babyface persona, who just wants to have fun, is all smiles and is accessible. He sounds like a rocker, he looks like a rocker, he performs like a frontman. He's done generic crowd staples such as Joe Cocker, Bon Jovi, and Hootie already. The David Kushner song is so far is one attempt to really dig deep, but might be too current and too gothic for the audience. He needs to find a moment with a song that's accessible and can dig deep (hint: metal "Sound of Silence?"). But he has a ton of rope in a sea of good singers who might not connect with the audience, or bad/generic singers who rely on energy and genre to power their way through. There's already a heavy argument that he might not even need a moment to just make the top 2, and he can coast by with doing Bon Jovi/ Hootie/ rock-lite stuff the rest of the way.


1. Ruby (Reba) - Ruby Leigh's old Western style, and her surname, frankly harkens back to a time that the audience might relate to. Vivien Leigh (Gone With the Wind), Janet Leigh, etc. were at the top of their games. I think she'll win, because she amazingly has a firmer grasp of her identity than Huntley who tries to be all things for all people. Ruby's shy, the innocence percolates in her voice, yet it swells with meaningfulness and resonance that's rare for her age. It's amazing how she can be so convincing singing songs she likely can't (or shouldn't) relate to. But the core will eat those songs up, and she's incredibly consistent and poised. The markers (young innocent girl, consistent singer, country, team Reba's first win, giving her the 3rd! Reba song) are all there. 



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1 - Huntley. He's likeable, consistent, has his own lane, has a distinguishable voice, and sings well. Even a huge bus like Bad Romance from Lady Gaga won't kill his chances of going to the finale / winning (and I'd pay to have his version). 

2- Ruby. She's yoing and country, but she showed some weaknesses during the top12. Still a sure bet to the finale, but Huntley has the edge. 

3- Jacquie. Even with a less-than-ideal song last Monday, she performed well enough. She's emerge victorious if she falls somehow to the Instant Save unless a massive buss happens. 

4- Mara. She's competent, talented, and the producers seem to love her. 


5- Mac. Has his own lane but he kinda faltered last week. We shall see. 

6- Nini. She's super talented and has a very distinctive artistic sence. I'm on the fence with her ability to connect to the casual Voice viewers, but I'm not rulling her out of the finale. 

7- Lila. She's a undestated artist, but she's really good at what she does. Not very confident about her chances of going to the finale. 

8- BIAS. Yes, he's a male country, but he's on team Gwen, he's no Blake's chosen one, so he lacks team support. Furthermore, his style isn't a vote magnet. Ruby, Huntley and Jacquie cannibilize his votes. He's gone. 


9- Jordan. Dark country + needed the IS. She's gone too. 

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9. Jordan Rainer

8. Lila Forde

7. Jacquie Roar

6. Nini Iris


5. Mac Royals


3. Mara Justine 

2. Huntley

1. Ruby Leigh


Ruby had her weakest outing this week, yet she managed to put out good numbers on her socials. I think she has earned enough goodwill throughout the game to coast to the Finale, and a good Finale set will be all she needs to clinch the victory. Huntley will put up a good fight till the end.


Mara is similar to Ruby in that she earned a lot of goodwill thanks to her excellent edit in the Prelives. That, along with her singing show history and consistency, gives her a leg up.


BIAS and Mac will get favorable treatment due to being the best chances for Gwen and John in the finale. I put BIAS ahead of Mac, thanks to TPTB pushing for him this week. And they love making John fight for a spot in the finale in the IS.


While I think Mac will win the IS, Nini might put up a good fight. She also has an excellent Prelives edit and a singing show pedigree. If Mac falters, she can get ahead of him.


I'm surprised Jacquie is being ranked high. I think the one-vote rule will hamstring her, especially since Jordan is still here. If they want a Reba/Ruby win, it's in their best interest to take out Jacquie and Jordan.

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On 12/7/2023 at 11:11 PM, Daillon said:


9. Lila - I knew she had a slim chance at survival last week but this week coming up is a whole different story. Her style isn’t audience-friendly and she hasn’t had the support she needed over the course of the season. She’s done.



🤡 🤡 🤡

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