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Vote & Rank the 9 Playoff Performances So Far


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1. Ruby (song choice is everything, loved her last night, but still marginally prefer robbed princess Brennley's more distinctly original interpretation though vs. Ruby's, which was almost note for note, inflection for inflection identical to Linda's, a very good facsimile, but a facsimile nonetheless. Still loved Ruby's performance so so much though, and that's a testament to how good the original is--song choice people!)

2. Kara (with this performance on top of her last two, Kara is now, for me, officially the second best pure vocal technician left in the competition--Kaylee is 1st, Jacquie 3rd--and on a show called The Voice, that has to be rewarded. Even if you don't take the show's title literally (and I don't), Kara is pretty close to the perfect combination of great vocal technique AND great stage presence/performance ability. Okay, she's  in all probability not gonna win based on genre/demographics alone, but this is a "performance" ranking, yes?)

3. Nini Iris (she's still my overall #1 snowflake, and "River" was a great showcase of her raw power and her daring dark-alt-rocker personality.  She's a rare one, and I just want her to take it as far as it goes. I want her in ROCK, not pop, attire though, c'mon FFS!!!)

4. Huntley (again, song choice is everything. I love the song, so in hindsight liked this on the night more than I do now. If we're being honest, he had problems with the start of the song, not dissimilar to what many are saying of Tanner. I believe when a song is not as familiar to the singer, the start of the song is an area where they are particularly prone to tripping up, so it's a case of more practice time with the band In rehearsal to nail the cues at the top--this is easier said than done, and far harder on some songs than others.  Also, like Tanner, Huntley maybe needs to work on low-end note control. Other than that, he's a legitimate vocal beast and a true contender!)

= 4. Mara (yes! Her best since her blinds, and a great time to step it up. It puts her back in contention as a true dark horse. Technically, a more perfect vocal than Huntley's, but without quite touching the heights he did.  On the other hand, she did a whole lot more from a stage performance perspective, so overall, they rank pretty much equally for me. I very much like that she leaned into edgier alt material this go around, and I feel this direction plays more to her strengths vs the AI diva playbook.)

6. Jacquie (like Huntley, she's a beast of a ROCK vocalist, but unlike the latter, she's chosen to lean country.  Probably an unpop opinion, but I reckon the country in her is limiting her ability to fully unleash her gifts, at least it did here with the attempted countrification of an already somewhat country-adjacent folk-rock band. This was still a great vocal no doubt, but it was also a tad tame, if only by Jacquie's own standards.  A too "on the nose" song choice some would say, but ditto Nini you could say, and look at what she did with her song!)

= 6. BIAS (like Mara, he picked a good time to step it up, and yes, this was his best performance since his battle with Jacquie. In that battle, most of you agreed they were both pretty much equal, until the last 20 secs or so when she absolutely killed it. Here, unpop probably, I have them pretty much equal again. He delivered his best to date, she regressed a smidge. Overall body of work, she takes it by a mile, but this opinion is based purely on last night's performances. Does this put him in the frame? No, not quite yet, but it does put him through to lives, and a chance to whip out his guitar and give us a tried and true country WGWG three chords and the truth moment.)

8. Tanner (Some of you dug the song choice, but I'm still not convinced. I fancy his KO song was a better fit, and for Tanner moving forward, for the kind of emotional delivery he's capable of, song choice is going to be absolutely key. Find that perfect combo of singer and song, and this boy/young man could have monster moment that could put him in the frame. Until then, yes, he needs to work harder in band rehearsal with those opening cues--see Huntley.  He needs to absolutely nail his opening next round, or he might be toast.  Still, my fav tonally this season.  He and Gwen just need to fit the pieces together to conjure a complete performance.)

9. Jordan (Not a knock on her, but tonally she's just not for me. I did like the swampy direction for her, and this was probably her best to date, but honestly, I much preferred Noah's performance-- his tone is incredible.  Had Reba picked him, I would have had him easily at no less than joint 6th.)

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1 hour ago, luketapas35 said:

For some odd reason I can't figure out how to vote in the poll. Can someone help me?

If you don't see the submit button for the poll I think it might be because you are a new member, after 15 approved posts you become a member and can vote in polls and post in here without a mod approval


it's a spammer / troll filter

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1 hour ago, Discovolcano said:

9. Nini (If I have to listen to that song 1 more time)

... Or: 9. Jacquie (If I have to listen to that song 1 more time) 😂😂😂


Sorry, nothing against Jacquie (I'm a fan), but I had to defend my #1 snowflake against the doubled-edged reasoning.😎

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