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Jacquie Roar Fan Thread


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“I’d take both of ‘em,” the country legend said, though it turns out she would actually be snatching just one of them.


McEntire — who really seemed like she wanted Roar after her Blind audition — was enamored again. And, when given the chance to Steal her, McEntire didn’t waste any time.


“I want to say thank you,” Roar said after the decision, when Host Carson Daily asked if she had anything to say to Stefani. “But, I also want to say I'm a very hard worker, I'm a very hard singer, so somebody hit that button because I’m not leaving this stage.”


McEntire instantly hit the steal button.


“I don’t think we’ve ever had anybody who asks for the steal actually get it.” Carson noted.


“We don’t usually see a person that got a Four-Chair Turn up for a steal, so I was really thrilled about that,” McEntire said.



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excerpts from Mark Franklin's recap:


The Voice began its three-way knockouts at the end of Monday's show.


And three ladies — Kaylee Shimizu, Mara Justine and Jacquie Roar — certainly delivered knockout performances.



The match: Jacquie Roar vs. Tom Nitti vs. Alison Albrecht

The background: Jacquie, 37, of North Plains, Oregon, turned four chairs during the blinds. Alison, 23, of Novi, Mich., turned one chair, as did Tom, 31, of New Hartford, N.Y. Jacquie is a steal from Team Gwen.

The song: "GIRL" by Maren Morris for Jacquie

The outcome: Reba McEntire declared Jacquie the winner.

My take: Another sterling performance from Jacquie. She's a country rocker, and that song choice worked perfectly for her, demonstrating her vocal versatility and firepower. I bet she's tons of fun to watch live. ... Jacquie was the clear winner.



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13 minutes ago, FloorWax said:

Just realized I’m not on the fan list yet. Please add me! She’s my winner pick for this season.

I would love to see it. She at least should be in the finale. 


I think her KO is my favorite performance of the season. She has range and power, but what I liked the most was how she built it up. 

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excerpt from recap by Mark Franklin:


Feedback: John called it his favorite Jacquie performance so far and said he absolutely loved it. Gwen called it “amazing.” Reba loved the performance as well.
My take: Jacquie was one of the show’s most impressive performers through three rounds. She built on that with this performance, delivering the same intensity we’ve come to expect from her and changing the song just enough to make the performance interesting. Every time one of her performances end, I keep thinking she must be tons of fun to watch live. Grade: A–


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excerpt from recap by Charlie Mason:


"The Chain" — Grade: A+

Wow. Not only was Jacquie’s vocal as passionate as it was huge, but she managed to keep it under control throughout her Fleetwood Mac cover — no mean feat when you consider how exquisitely she shredded her voice on those extra-intense notes. She even seamlessly transitioned from roaring to singing far more softly without seeming remotely out of breath. Amazing!

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I've been ranking her as my number 1 since the start of KOs yet I haven't even joined her fan thread lmao, add me please!


She's killed absolute banger songs but strategically and just to show a different side of her, I think she should go for something laid back, or a ballad.

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