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Trends in your interest in The Voice


Interest in the voice  

24 members have voted

  1. 1. Which of the following best describes you?

    • Minimally interested compared to 5-7 seasons ago
    • Slightly less interested than 5-7 seasons ago
    • Equally interested as 5-7 seasons ago
    • Slightly more interested than 5-7 seasons ago
    • Maximally interested compared to 5-7 seasons ago
    • Wasn’t watching 5-7 seasons ago / Not applicable
  2. 2. Which era of The Voice was your favorite?

    • s1 - s4
    • s5 - s9
    • s10 - s13
    • s14 - s17
    • s18 - s23
    • Not familiar with a majority of the options / Not applicable

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I’m curious to hear about y’all’s experience with how into the show you’ve been over the years especially since although the “golden era” of the show has been over for a while, a lot of us weren’t watching live at that time.


please share more details !! the poll doesn’t rly do justice to it especially for those of u who have been watching for a while 

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Other than the very early seasons I wasn’t watching live until S21. I chose slightly less interested though because I feel like compared to the pre COVID seasons, I haven’t seen as many artists as all timers. Could be partially due to format because I would have artists from the longer seasons (Morgan, Omar, maybe GNT) on that list


I thought 10-13 was the best variety of talent, best format, some bad results but that’s always true and at least we had mostly great finales.

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I started around season 5 and then my interest started increasing a lot beginning with season 7. My peak interest was 9 and 10 and was still strong interest 11-17. Ever since then I’ve been on a steady decline in interest (except for 21).

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I think it was only in S16 where my interest in the show truly went down. But S17 came and gave me Will Breman and I was sucked in again. Since then the show has been very consistent in giving me a snowflake that I got really invested in, regardless of how far they went. And that's enough for me to call the season a success.

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Slightly less interested, particularly because of the constant, unnecesary changes in the format. They still haven´t completely turned off the show though. 


My favorite season is S10, but I started really watching the show live at S13, so I picked S14-S17 for the fact that I got to experience that era live, and I really enjoyed S15 and loved S17, so, there you go. Definitely better than S18-S23.

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