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Cookie73’s Season 23 Contestant Rankings List


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Hi guys, since the end of the season is almost here, I want to announce that starting around the Semifinals, I will be posting a contestant rankings list. 


I’ve always been interested in threads and lists based on a specific person’s opinions. Back in the old days, I was posting my own season redos, similar to the Redux games. In 2021, I followed @Bk1234’s Season 20 contestant rankings list, and I really enjoyed the concept of a contestant ranking. I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts on his rankings, and in Season 21, I went into more detail on my thoughts. This season, I saw a lot more lists, such as @jarmon, @Someone648 and @QueenCami’s rankings of every Blind Audition, which Jarmon continued in Battles, and @FloorWax’s reviews of every winner. I posted so much in those threads than I decided to create my own thread on here. Since I found the specific round rankings too demanding, I decided to create a thread just talking about the contestants’ runs as a whole.


Rules and Disclaimers

-This list is purely based on my opinion of their runs. Do not take my opinions on the contestants too seriously. If everyone had the same opinions on here, this thread wouldn’t exist. Feel free to create your own rankings thread if you would like, since it’s a lot of fun to see people’s different opinions.

-I encourage people to comment in this thread. It wouldn’t be as fun to make this thread without making it interactive for the other users.

-Be respectful of me, the other users commenting in this thread and the contestants I am ranking. I have seen many heated debates over contestants on the forum this season and I do not want my thread to cause more problems here. 

-I am going to try my best to acknowledge my opinions in a respectful manner. I will be giving constructive criticism for performances, and I not going to use this thread to insult the contestants. They were selected to be on the show for a reason, and the show is essentially a game for them. I want to make this thread a safe environment for anyone that comes across it.

-Just have fun following this thread. I’m sure a lot of people really like the concept of a rankdown, and I want to create something that will interest people. I hope you enjoy my rankings!











































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2 minutes ago, jarmon said:

omg so so excited to follow along!:wub:

Thanks so much. It was great following your lists as well. They definitely helped inspire me to make this thread

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I know you like R&B and Soul, and you don´t seem like the biggest fan of country but I believe you do appreciate a good country contestant when they come. Should be interesting considering what we have this season.

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46 minutes ago, Hsamid said:

Looking forward to this, I assume this will start around the time this season ends?

Yes. I don’t want to release clues when half the contestants are still in, especially since it will make the sets too obvious. 

I have done 12 writeups for eliminated contestants so far (they’re not always done in order by the way) and I hope to have most of them done by the time I start posting the early sets


For the next couple weeks, you can theorize how the early sets are going to go (keep in mind that I still don’t know the full order, especially for those still in)

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Posted (edited)

I finished my writeups for all of the contestants eliminated in prelives, so I can focus on the contestants eliminated in playoffs this week.

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Schedule Updates

First Set of Clues- Sunday, May 14

Writeups for First Set- Tuesday, May 16


After that I’ll likely post clues or a writeup every day (but give everyone time to reflect on placements and guess who is next)

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  • 2 weeks later...



-A lot has happened in my life the past week. I graduated with a Master’s Degree and I start my first job in about a week. 
-The bad news, my device where I had the writeups broke. I put production on hold because I was unsure whether or not to continue. Unfortunately, I was unable to recover the writeups, so I have to postpone the start date until at least next Sunday. I debated canceling the list, but my lack of motivation may have had to do with my focus on graduation. Since I have extra time on my hands this week, I can probably rewrite the writeups. 

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