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  1. 1. Pick your favorite Team Camilla Battle

    • Morgan Myles vs. Steven McMorran- "Wrecking Ball"
    • Orlando Mendez vs. Ava Lynn Thuresson- "Rocket Man"
    • Reina Ley vs. Grace Bello- "Time After Time"
    • Eric Who vs. Sydney Kronmiller- "Paparazzi"
    • Devix vs. Sasha Hurtado- "Electric Feel"
    • Andrew Ignokidi vs. Zach Newbould- "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"

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A bit of a mixed bag from this team. To me there´s a clear line between 3 battles, and the other 3. The first batch worked really well for me, the others not so much.


1. Devix vs Sasha 

2. Morgan vs Steven

3. Eric vs Sydney



4. Andrew vs Zach

5. Orlando vs Ava

6. Reina vs Grace

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Camila's got great team members, but a lot of these flips did not need to occur. The only flip that worked for me was Paparazzi. Otherwise she stripped the soul from Whitney, the fun from MGMT, the emotion from Cyndi, and I don't wanna even need to begin with what Camila did to Rocket Man

1. Eric vs. Sydney

2. Devix vs. Sasha

3. Morgan vs. Steven

4. Reina vs. Grace

5. Andrew vs. Zach

6. Orlando vs. Ava

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I love Morgan, but there is something about the "Paparazzi" battle that makes me keep coming back to it. I enjoyed it that much. 


1. Eric vs Sydney 

2. Morgan vs Steven 

3. Devix vs Sasha 

4. Reina vs Grace  

5. Andrew vs Zach 











6. Orlando vs Ava 

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2 minutes ago, Misirlou said:

I think the problem here were the arrangements. Paparazzi, Wrecking Ball and Electric Feel worked, but because of the singers.

If you ask me, i liked the Paparazzi arrangement. It gave the song a whole new vibe that, in my opinion, worked very well with the lyrics. And i had no really that much problem with the other two either, but i can see why people would be bothered by these. 

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