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Episode 4 (Battles)


Episode 4 (Battles)  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Kique vs Tanner Howe- Don´t You (Forget About Me)
    • Kevin Hawkins vs Hillary Torchiana - Preach
    • Devix vs Sasha Hurtado - Electric Feel
    • Kim Cruse vs David Andrew - Heartbreak Anniversary
    • Kate Kalvach vs Madison Hughes - Every Rose Has it´s Thorn
    • Alyssa Witrado vs Ian Harrison - happier than ever
  2. 2. Grade Ep 4 (Battles)

    • A (Amazing)
    • B (Good)
    • C (Ok)
    • D (Subpar)
    • F (Fail)

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6. Kevin Hawkins vs. Hillary Torchiana - song is a clear mismatch. They would have shined so much more on a throwback song.

5. Kique Gomez vs. Tanner Howe - they didn't project their voices enough till the last parts of the performance, would have wanted more of those moments.

4. Kate Kalvach vs. Madison Hughes - weird arrangement, but both were vocally solid. I just really like Kate's tone.

3. Alyssa Witrado vs. Ian Harrison - very even battle, arrangement could be better, Ian was too cute so I voted for him, but Alyssa was great too.

2. Kim Cruse vs. David Andrew - Kim was holding back so much and it made the duet so much more enjoyable. Great even match.

1. Devix vs. Sasha Hurtado - Devix really has a knack for taking vocally meh songs and making them cooler and more interesting. Sasha brought it as well.

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B+. Good night of music.


1. Alyssa vs Ian - I dug this. Loved the different textures in their voices and they sounded great. I give Ian the edge because I got to see another side of him I didn´t know existed. Now I want him singing some more rock oriented stuff. Props to Alyssa as well, she did great. Both deserved to move on.


2. Devix vs Sasha - Absolutely loved Devix´s choices here. He took his voice to different parts that made the song his own. Sasha was a bit more traditional, but she brought it vocally. Another one where both deservingly moved on.


3. Kim vs David - Kim delivered as expect, her voice sounds warm and sultry, and you can tell she´s holding back still. She doesn´t need to blow the roof off to impress though, her understated side is fantastic too. David was a great surprise. He held his own masterfully, and I definitely think he deserved a steal or save.


4. Kique vs Tanner - I like the song, but it was a strange pick for these two. That being said, I love Kique´s creativity with notes. His voice isn´t fit for the song but his choices were spot on. He has very good instincts. Tanner seemed more fit for the track but I feel he didn´t run with it, whereas Kique did. Clear choice for me here.


5. Kevin vs Hillary - Mismatch? Yep. But although he didn´t reach the heights of his blind (particulary his opening), Kevin did great here and there´s no doubt he´s a fantastic vocalist. I´d like him to bring it back to more old school R&B/Soul stuff. Hillary was nice, but this was out of her wheelhouse in every way possible, so the battle was over before it began.


6. Kate vs Madison - I don´t think this was a good song choice for them, and the arrangement had a weird pacing. I do think Kate came off as more confident than in her blind, and the soft parts of her voice are beautiful. I feel like Madison choked a bit here. There were moments where the wonderful roughness of her blind came through, but overall it doesn´t seem like she was feeling the performance.

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