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Favorite Performance (Episode 3)


Favorite Performance (Episode 3)  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Andrew Igbokidi - when the party´s over
    • Cara Brindisi - All Too Well
    • Valerie Harding - Something He Can Feel
    • Julia Aslanli - Let´s Stay Together
    • The Dryes - Islands in the Stream
    • Ava Lynn - Baby One More Time
    • Madison Hughes - Knockin´ On Heaven´s Door
    • Sasha Hurtado - River
    • Morgan Taylor - Cuz I Love You
  2. 2. Grade Episode 3

    • A (Amazing)
    • B (Good)
    • C (Ok)
    • D (Subpar)
    • F (Fail)

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Subpar episode. No showstoppers. I was getting bored to be honest, and that's with some new songs being covered on the show too..


The ones that have already been covered before were done better.


If I had to pick. Andrew followed by Valarie.




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9. Ava Lynn Thuresson - most daring song choice of the season so far, I'll give her that.
8. The Dryes - Looking forward to seeing more of Derek on my screen, NGL.

7. Morgan Taylor - song is just way too big for her.

6. Cara Brandisi - decent singer/songwriter voice, would like to hear her on some 90s female acoustic songs.

5. Andrew Igbokidi - technically impressive, if a bit all over the place.

4. Madison Hughes - the disconnect between her appearance and tone surprised me.

3. Julia Aslanli - I honestly kinda liked this, very Scary Pockets/stories/Postmodern Jukebox.

2. Sasha Hurtado - extremely solid pop voice. She seems like the type of artist that can do well on this show.

1. Valarie Harding - after a rewatch you can tell she was super nervous, but her vocals were clean and confident. Solid outing.


Super mid episode.

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Weakest episode so far for me. Performances were enjoyable for the most part but I did sense issues. I´ll give it a C.


1. Julia - Pleasant surprise. Really dug the jazzy, Amy Winehouse-esque arrangement. The understated style might not be for everyone but it spoke to me tonight.


2. Madison- Nice country rendition of a rock classic. Really liked her tone and phrasing. Another pleasant surprise.


3. Valerie - Not my thing, but undeniably a strong vocalist. Great control. 


4. Andrew - Lovely tone and runs, weak falsetto. Overall I did like the way he made the song his own.


5. Cara  - I detected shaky/whispery parts, but the big notes were really solid.


6. The Dryes - Shaky intro from Derek, some shaky moments together, but also some really good ones mixed in. As a whole however, dissapointed in this audition considering how much I looked forward to it. (Their own material is really good though, they are killer songwriters).


7. Morgan - Killer opening, it went off the rails as soon as the rap/singing part came in. Hard song.


8. Sasha - I enjoyed the opening, but her voice wasn´t fit for the rockier, climatic moments of the song and that threw me off. 


9- Ava - Props for the arrangement and her creativity, but her vocal needs work.

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I can see the critiques for the evening but this was a fun watch.

1. Valarie Harding (8.5/10) - She was very smart with all of the moments throughout the song. She gave just enough to keep me content while also not trying to blow off the roof (which you can tell she's capable of doing).

2. Madison Hughes (8.5/10) - First of all - that tone? Love it. Is it for everyone? Absolutely not, but for me she sounds quite a bit like Gwen if she was raised east of the Mississippi instead of Anaheim. This is a Stefani-Shelton baby for sure. Wish she would've picked Gwen... it would've just been such a fascinating pair because we don't get those tones often. This is gonna be my most replayed of the episode for sure.

3. Julia Aslanli (8.5/10) - Once again, a very smart performance. I understand Camila's concern with the song choice, but Julia delivered the perfect vocals for that specific rendition. The Ariana comparison here was impressive because that was probably the furthest thing from my mind, but I definitely see it.

4. Sasha Hurtado (8.5/10) - This song is one of the tallest orders of the night. She delivered a very good vocal and it was nice and clear, but the confidence level felt a bit mismatched. It did get stronger as it went on. Fortunately, that's something that can be taught and furthermore, she can definitely do even better. Also shoutout to John for acknowledging Tacones Rojos.

5. Andrew Igbokidi (8/10) - Solid job here. Runs were a tad bit too much for the song but a strong, interesting voice. Good use of the song! He needs just a bit of polishing but he's a potential contender.

6. Morgan Taylor (7.5/10) - This was an interesting one because it teetered on the edge of being too big for her but she held on for the whole song and did decent. The only problem with that is that it stayed decent but never truly hit WOW territory with me, which is what I expect from that song. Kind of on the fence with her but solid work.

7. The Dryes (7.5/10) - I definitely like them more than the 7.5 I'm giving them. This just sucks as an audition song in my eyes, that's most of this score lol. Great song, just not for the show. Katelyn is clearly much stronger than Derek, but together they work super well! This just could've been so much better.

8. Cara Brindisi (7.5/10) - A good voice, but vocally it felt inconsistent. The song doesn't allow for super strong moments though and her vocals made it clear she's capable of bigger vocals. Hope she pulls those out in her battle! There's a lot of other songs that would be better suited for her.

9. Ava Lynn Thuresson (7/10) - Points for the flip. By no means is she bad, but she's definitely very underdeveloped vocally. She made a smart choice with Camila I think. I'm not a big Camila fan musically, but seeing how she's matured vocally over the past years, that's definitely the kind of guidance that Ava needs.

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20 minutes ago, FloorWax said:

This episode was a C- or D+ for me. The premiere at least had Morgan, Omar, and Jay, and I think those three had better auditions than anyone who aired today. Posting my rankings when I do a rewatch.



I think I liked almost everyone in episode 2 more than anyone this episode as well.

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12 hours ago, Teraginn said:

Valarie Harding - after a rewatch you can tell she was super nervous, but her vocals were clean and confident. Solid outing.

I was super surprised to read in the comments that people could tell she was nervous, because just by listening to her vocals, I couldn’t tell at all. She was my favorite of this episode and I think my 2nd favorite overall.

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Done rewatching!



1. Andrew - I felt like this could have been something special had he cut back on the rans. It felt very indulgent, especially by the end. Nevertheless, this was a beautiful vocal showcase and he delivered the emotion well.



2. Madison Hughes - She has a love-it-or-hate-it tone, and personally, I liked it! It was a bit slow to start but once she got into her upper register, it was great.

3. Valarie Harding - This was a good cover, but I could hear the nerves with how much vibrato there was in every line. She can definitely sang though.

4. The Dryes - Okay, Derek had a few stumbles in the opening verse, but damn if this isn't the cutest audition ever lol. Their voices blend very well together.

5. Cara Brindisi - I was most excited for her, and while I still thought it was decent, I feel like this wasn't the right song to sing for a 90-second audition.



Bit off more than they can chew

6. Morgan Taylor - Her voice isn't sturdy enough to carry the song from start to finish. I loved the opening line but everything after that was spotty.

7. Sasha Hurtado - Ditto with Morgan, but she had less great moments imo.



8. Julia Aslanli - I was intrigued by the parts where she sounded almost exactly like Ariana, but though this was pretty, it went nowhere.

9. Ava Lynn - Not a fan of the flip, she has good potential though.

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Best audition episode of the season so far IMO (although nights 1 and 2 set a pretty low bar). The good performances were really good and made up for the bad performances which were pretty bad.



The Good:


1. Julia Aslanli: Easily my favorite audition this season, yet the coaches didn't seem very receptive of her at all? I'm obsessed with her voice and style which means that she'll probably get sent packing in a battle montage or something and we will never see her again.

2. Valarie Harding: LOVED her voice and really liked the song she picked. I liked her version way more than BrittneyBree and Samara's Battle last season. I have no idea how she only got 2 chairs (especially compared to so many other people this season).

3. The Dryes: I love groups on this show and I thought their performance was really interesting. Their voices definitely blend together really well.

4. Andrew Igbokidi: If this was purely based on the first half, he'd be #1 on this list. I hated how over the top the rest of his performance was, but I think he'll improve a lot throughout this show.

5. Madison Hughes: Really cool tone. Her song wasn't too interesting, but I think she definitely has a lot of potential!

6. Sasha Hurtado: The song was maybe a bit too big for her, but she sounded fine.



The Bad:


7. Cara Brindisi: She definitely sang a song and gave a performance. The song was so uninteresting that I tuned this audition out tbh.

8. Ava Lynn Thuresson: The arrangement was interesting, but uh, not necessarily good. In general, I'm not a fan of many of the teenage pop girls on this show, and unfortunately, she wasn't an exception; I thought her voice was a bit irritating. 

9. Morgan Taylor: Really messy performance even after the autotune... I'm not really sure what lane she fits in and more importantly, I'm not sure why she got 4 turns. Was she the first audition of the season in taping and the coaches were just testing their buttons??

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