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If it were up to you, who would have been the 8 PVs on S16's infamous playoffs night?


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8 PVs that night.


Yes, where 5 country/country adjacent guys got PV, 4 of them being on Team Blake.

- Gyth Rigdon

- Dexter Roberts

- Andrew Sevener

- Carter Lloyd Horne (country adjacent, he went into the alt-pop/rock route on the show after his blind)

- Rod Stokes (again, country adjacent, he went a more soulful direction, although more country than Carter)


Maelyn , Shawn Sounds and Kim Cherry were the other 3 that got it.


That night was one of the most controversial ones here. Which brings me to my question: if it were up to you, who would have been the 8 PVs?



- Mari 

- Domenic Haynes

- Kalvin Jarvis

- Betsy Ade



- Rod Stokes

- Presley Tennant

- Matthew Johnson

- Rebecca Howell

- Abby Kasch

- Jej Vinson



- Maelyn

- Shawn Sounds

- Jimmy Mowery

- Celia Babini

- Jacob Maxwell

- Lisa Ramey



- Gyth Rigdon

- Dexter Roberts

- Andrew Sevener

- Kim Cherry

- Kendra Checketts

- Selkii

- Carter Lloyd Horne

- Oliv Blu


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Kendra - Love her and wanted more!

Maelyn - obvi

Presley - Love her too!

Shawn - He is good and deserved

Gyth - I did enjoy him

Rebecca - dang she seems forgettable but I really enjoyed her!

Kalvin - I liked him he was good!

Oliv - She interests me and even though she would never make the top 13 in a regular season, I want some more from her!

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Based on the performance?

Presley Tennant

Lisa Ramey

Maelyn Jarmon

Shawn Sounds


Domenic Haynes

Oliv Blu

Kendra Checketts

(shoutout to Rod Stokes and Dexter Roberts for being acceptable that night as well, though!)







What I feel would've been the realistic result with a 2-2-2-2 quota?

Rod Stokes

Jej Vinson

Save: Presley Tennant


Maelyn Jarmon

Shawn Sounds

Save: Lisa Ramey


Domenic Haynes


Save: Kalvin Jarvis


Dexter Roberts

Gyth Rigdon

Save: Kim Cherry

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This season was really weak on talent and honestly, I barely remember a lot of these performances. 


If I had to pick 8, they'd be Maelyn Jarmon, Kendra Checketts, Oliv Blu, Mari, Kim Cherry, Lisa Ramey, Domenic Haynes, and... uh, Carter Lloyd Horne? I have no clue what this last one would be, but I remember enjoying Carter a bit.

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Based on that night:


- Maelyn

- Domenic

- Andrew

- Mari

- Rod

- Carter

- Presley

- Shawn


I think Dexter can sneak in there as well, although I wasn´t a huge fan of his PO performance, even though he was solid. For the sake of musical diversity, I´m keeping it like this. All of them did great that night.



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In no particular order:


1. Maelyn - Duh.

2. Presley - She had one of the best performances of the night.

3. Domenic - He was a really interesting contestant and this performance wasn't bad at all.

4. Dexter - Wasn't a huge fan but he deserved it based on the night.

5. Oliv - It wasn't perfect but I loved the song choice for her. I used to listen to the studio a lot.

6. Rod - Not my favorite from him, but he deserved to make it farther.

7. Mari - She actually killed it that night, looking back.

8. Shawn - He was really consistent.

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