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The Voice Year 2018(Poll)

Hamza Tufail


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  1. 1. Favorite Season

    • Season 14
    • Season 15
  2. 2. Favorite Winner

    • Brynn Cartelli
    • Chevel Shepherd
  3. 3. Favorite Runner-up

    • Britton Buchanon
    • Chris Kroeze

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1. S15 obliterated S14 for me. No contest. I liked the cast better in terms of musicianship and variety,  in a way the stakes just seemed higher, etc. I could have done without the Robegate drama, but it is what it is. S14 was pretty inconsistent. 


2. Chevel. I very much enjoyed her run and her consistency. Plus I checked her EP and it´s pretty good.


3. Chris. I don´t care what anybody says, he ended up being my favorite of the season. His style is just right up my alley. I did like Britton too, though.

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1. Yeah, overall the s15 cast was much better. S14 had some great moments prelives, but then it became the Kyla Jade show afterwards.


2. Chevel is the best teen winner, so her.


3. These two are a blur to me. But I remember more of Britton than Chris..so him ig.

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