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When did you start believing Girl Named Tom was gonna win?


When did you start believing Girl Named Tom was gonna win?  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Pre-season. I always knew
    • Blind Auditions
    • Battles
    • KOs
    • Playoffs
    • T13
    • T11
    • T10
    • Semifinals
    • Finale night
    • I didn´t believe it until Carson called their name

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Knockouts. In the recent seasons, the winners had really good Knockout performances. Their audition and battle were really good and I never expected their knockout to top them, but it really did. It really felt like a winning performance, and when I watched it, it was the first time I thought “They could win this season”, and that never went away. Performances like Dust in the Wind and River definitely reassured that they would win. 

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Although i wouldve perferred Wendy 🙄 It became pretry obvious they would be finalists after Knockouts, and then it became obvious they would be the winners after seeing them chart after the Top 13. I voted Knockouts. 

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Pre-show, I thought they were good but not particularly strong. 

After the blinds, I stopped mocking them because they got a pretty good spot in the premiere and an even better reception from the audience. 

After battles, I thought they were Kelly’s frontrunners and a lock for the Finale. 

After Knockouts it was pretty obvious they were going to win. 


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On 12/21/2021 at 5:45 PM, Misirlou said:

Their KO had them as finalists for me, but after I saw the support they recieved on Playoffs night, I started to think they could win this thing. After T13, I was sure.


Voted for Playoffs.

Pretty much, this. After the KOs, it was hard to see anyone as the runaway winner and their stats weren't as great as Wendy's for the round and a significant amount of the audience thought Holly won that KO when they clearly gave the best performance they can. The reception they got for an iffy playoff performance and the slam dunk that they delivered in the Top 13 made me sure, especially with Wendy losing momentum.

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