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Obscure songs you want to see performed, but never will


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Title says it all. What our some songs that are pretty much completely unknown to the mainstream audience that you love and/or would love to see performed on the show at some point, fully knowing that the chances of them ever being performed are slim to none?


I’ll go first; for a Girl Named Tom recommendation that would never happen, how about “Wolves of the Revolution” by The Arcadian Wild? Folksy vibes and tight harmonies right up their alley.


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1 hour ago, FloorWax said:

Also, every season I see someone suggesting Lianne La Havas in the song suggestion threads but she's never been covered in the history of the show. (Payge had her as her favorite artist in her Trivia thing though :wub:)

Lianne La Havas getting suggested every year is simply the universe saying we at IDF have impeccable taste

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