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  1. "You Don't Know Me" or "I Can't Stop Loving You" from "Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music" by Ray Charles.
  2. Girl Named Tom - The Picture - Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow Gymani - The Trouble With Love Is - Kelly Clarkson Hailey Mia - Out Here On My Own - Irena Cara Jeremy Rosada - I'll Be There - Jackson 5 Joshua Vacanti - Edelweiss - Sound Of Music Jeyshika Maple - if Love Were A Red Dress - Maria McKee Holly Forbes - All Apologies - Nirvana (Lorde version) Jim and Sasha - Billionaire - Bruno Mars Lana Scott - The House That Built Me - Miranda Lambert Paris Winningham - See You Again - Charlie Puth Wendy Moten - What's Up - Four Non Blondes
  3. "I'm Gone" by Sonia Dada from their album "Lay Down and Love It Live".
  4. An option for the "Showman Route" could be AMERICA by Neil Diamond. Patriotic songs are usually well received on singing shows. An option for the "Singer Song Writer Route" could be TROUBLE by Ray LaMontagne.
  5. Could a Shania Twain song fit the bill (Sassy, Upbeat, Corss over)?
  6. Jim would need to beat Carter and John H to end up as the runner up. So NO, Jim will not end up as the runner up.
  7. Not many comments on Team Legend. Does that mean John H has the PV locked up so there is no need to comment on Team Legend?
  8. Maddie Poppe auditioned for American Idol with RC and went on to win it all (If memory serves).
  9. Usher in the yuletide season with this new holiday celebration from The Voice, premiering Thursday, December 3 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.
  10. DeSz - "Smoke and Ashes" by Tracey Chapmen or "I think it is going to rain today" by Bette Midler Ben - "Desperado" by the Eagles or "Home" by Daughtry Bailey - "Wildflowers" by Dolly Parton" or "The End Of The World" by Sketter Davis Ian - "Wake Me Up When September Ends" by Green Day or "Beth" by Kiss
  11. Cami - "What's Up" by The Four Non Blondes Tamara - "Distant Dreamer" by Duffy Jim - "After All This Time" by Rodney Crowell
  12. Carter-"One Voice" (On "The Voice") by Billy Gilman (Who was on "The Voice"). John-"I'm Gone" by Sonia Dada (The "Love it Live" version).
  13. Unfortunately this is likely the last song we will get from Julia on The Voice. It was fun while it lasted.
  14. Lindsey Parker from Yahoo Music regularly recaps each episode of The Voice. Listed below is a portion of her recap of Mondays show which addresses Ryan exit. A source with direct knowledge of the situation, however, told Yahoo Entertainment that the coronavirus was in fact the reason for Ryan’s abrupt exit, explaining that the show “has strict COVID protocols in place to secure a safe set” that Ryan broke, so, “out of an abundance of caution,” it was decided that he could not continue in the competition and “potentially put others at risk.” It wasn’t exactly clear what Ryan’s violation was; as of this writing, the singer has not yet responded to this allegation.
  15. Julia’s next song, according to YouTube and these forums, is “Hands To Myself” by Selena Gomez. It’s posted on YouTube if you want to hear how she “JuliaIZED” it.
  16. At first I thought she was going to sing HTM by Ashley Kutcher but on YouTube she is doing the S Gomez version of HTM with some Julia added for flavor.
  17. A classic song. One of my favorites. I hopes that she advances so that we get to see her style put on as many songs as possible.
  18. My family lived next door to the Coopers when Julia was born. We moved since but were thrilled to be watching the Voice one night when we unexpectedly saw her on our TV. Loved her last performance of Billie E. Would love to see her sing Out There On My Own (Irene Cara on Piano or Guitar) or What’s Up (Four Non-Blondes). Go Julia!
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