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S21 Favorite Audition (Ep 6)


Favorite audition?  

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  1. 1. Favorite audition?

    • Aaron Hines - Heartbreak Anniversary
    • KCK3 - no tears left to cry
    • Tommy Edwards - Drops of Jupiter
    • Shadale - That’s What I Like
    • Parker McKay - Slow Hands

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Forgot to make the thread amidst the chaos last night lol


1. Aaron- Smooth, very clean tone, and I love this song. I liked the way he incorporated his runs into it. A bit too tame for 4 chairs, but congrats either way.


2. Shadale - Terrible song choice, which kinda holds her back from being my favorite of the night, but props for actually succeding singing it. She definitely has stage presence and you can tell she has experience performing. I want to see her with a better song choice.


3. Tommy - I'm not a fan of the original, so improving upon it for me wasnt the hardest task. This got a bit boring at times, but I did appreciate his tone. Like Shadale, I want to see him with a different song choice, something more in the veins of rock, since it seems to suit him more.


4. Parker - Wasnt really into this, but it got better as it went along. Would like to see her on a country song, since she has the tone for it. I think it would fit her better than pop, personally.


5. KCK3 - The intro was good. After that, they lost me.

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Great job!
1. Aaron - It wasn’t the flashiest audition but it was perfectly done.

2. Shadale - Impressive how she managed to slay this song. She also has stage presence for days.



3. Parker - I hate this song but she actually made me enjoy it at some parts. Not very memorable though.

4. Tommy - I wanted to enjoy this since he’s the closest thing we got to a rocker, but I found this mediocre.



5. KCK3 - Nothing worked here imo.

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Great Job!

1. Shadale - Stage presence saved her big time, and she was having a blast up there which is nice to see.

2. Aaron - Solid vocal all around and a nice tone to boot.


Pleasant Surprise

3. Tommy - I wasn’t expecting to actually like him, but this was very pleasant. More pop-rock than I thought he’d go, but he made it work.

4. Parker - Her head voice and tone were great, but some stuff was shakier vocally. 

Welcome to The Voice

5. KCK3 - The acapella opening was good, but it fell apart as the song sped up.

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1. Shadale - I was skeptical when I saw the song choice but she slayed it

2. Aaron - Nothing amazing but he did everything he need to do and he has a great tone



3. Parker - Hate the song choice but she has a good voice



4. KCK3 - The beginning saved them



5. Tommy - Mehhhhhh

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