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Controversial KO Decisions (That resulted in eliminations for the losers) (Pt 2)


Controversial KO Decisions (That resulted in eliminations for the losers) (Pt 2)  

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  1. 1. Cali Wilson (Winner) vs Marina Chello (Eliminated)

    • Cali Wilson - Wicked Game
    • Marina Chello - I Who Have Nothing
  2. 2. Steve Memmolo (Winner) vs Delaney Silvernell (Eliminated)

    • Steve Memmolo - Unaware
    • Delaney Silvernell - Praying
  3. 3. Bailey Rae (Winner) vs Lauren Frihauf (Eliminated)

    • Bailey Rae - Let Me Down Easy
    • Lauren Frihauf - Cry Baby

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1. Cali Wilson - Marina was strong but I didn't care for her performance. I thought Cali's win was deserving here.

2. Steve Memmolo - Steve did a solid enough job here, Delaney got a song that was too big for her.

3. Lauren Frihauf - Didn't really like either of them here. May need a relisten, but I recall Lauren's being better in my book (although not perfect).

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1. Marina - Duh, no explanations needed for this one :P 

2. Steve - He was the less bad of the two, but that's not saying much 

3. Lauren - Even though she was far from perfecto she was still a lot more interesting than Bailey both vocally and artistically

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Cali was very good and it was a solid rendition of the song, but Marina takes this pretty handily - I’m assuming this was filmed after all the steaks were gone, because otherwise I don’t see how Marina wasn’t stolen.


Loved Delaney’s first two rounds, but she’s the unofficial fourth member of the S15 KO Flop Trio, so I have to go with Steve since he was at least not as bad vocally.


Didn’t really like Bailey or Lauren’s performances here, but Lauren had a take on her song that was more of a creative risk so I’ll give her points for that.

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1. I thought Marina won that Knockout hands down. Cali’s knockout wasn’t bad, but Marina’s was a lot better.


2. Going with Delaney here. I know it wasn’t her best, but I never liked Steve’s performances


3. I don’t have a huge preference here but I voted for Lauren because why not

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1. Marina swung for the fences on this one, and I don't think Cali's performance was good enough to justify the subtler performance winning. (at least in my book)


2. I don't even remember either of these but I voted for Steve?


3. Neither were great but I voted for Bailey I guess? Probably should've picked Lauren now that I think about it.

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5 minutes ago, Jyn Mycle said:

I can't recall a controversial moment about Delaney vs. Steve KO. Both are fodders either way imo.

IDF recognized (for the most part) that Delaney wasn´t at her best, but the hate many users had for Steve was stronger. Many said they would have picked her anyway. She was an IDF snowflake.

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