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Best Blind Audition Of Season 8


Who had the best blind audition  

25 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick one

    • Sawyer Fredericks
    • Sarah Potenza
    • Meghan linsey
    • Cody Wickline
    • Anthony Riley
    • Deanna Johnson
    • India Carney
    • Jeremy Gaynor
    • Rob Taylor
    • Koryn Hawthorne
    • Mia Z
    • Kimberly Nichole
    • Joshua Davis
    • Travis Ewing
    • Brooke Adee

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Been a while since I've done this, and we're almost done.


Who had the best blind audition of season 8?



Last season there was a glaring omission off the list and that contestant ended up having the 2nd most votes. So if your favourite is not on the list, do not vote, and I will personally count the votes of contestants who are not listed.



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I dont deny Sawyers talent and uniqueness, but I just can't get into his tone


Kimberly Nichole was very good and is one of my favourite contestants ever, but this is one of her weaker performances. That speaks more to how consistently great she was than any flaw in her blind audition.


My pick goes to India. One of the first auditions I fell in love with, it's not as good I thought it was back then, but she still has the prettiest vibrato


Mia z and Anthony were also very good.


Solid group

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