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Who Won The Battle Season 17 Part 2/3 Edition-


Who Won The Battle Season 17 Edition Part 2/3  

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  1. 1. Who Won This Battle?

    • Elise Azkoul
    • Myracle Holloway
  2. 2. Who Won This Battle?

    • Hello Sunday
    • Lauren Hall
  3. 3. Who Won This Battle?

    • Kat Hammock
    • Josie Jones

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1. Myracle for me. Those breaks in her voice gave the push that the song needed.


2. Easily Lauren for me. HS improved as the competition progressed but this was not good. Lauren brought urgency to the song with her rasp and overall delivery.


3. Josie took this one. Her harmony carried the song. Kat sounded lovely, but didn´t do too much for me.

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1. Myracle - but damn if Elise didn't deserve a steal. One of the most disappointing early losses that season - she deserved much better

2. I think I may have hit HS by accident but Lauren was the better one here.

3. Preferred Josie here. It was a bit more tailored towards her but I do think she dominated over Kat, can't agree with Blake's decision here. Not saying Kat was bad here though. Although I didn't like Kat's run on the show, this performance and her KO were her better ones.

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1. Myracle. Her tone is amazing! Elise was good, but I wasn't mad about her not getting a steal.

2. Hello Sunday. They did a lot better than in the blinds; they were far more put together. Lauren was excellent as well and was a worthy steal.

3. This one is very tough. They both had blinds I really liked, and Josie killed it here, while Kat's voice floated through the song in a really nice way. W/o relistening, I can't definitively say, but I'm going to go w/ Kat for the sake of the poll.

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1. Myracle - her voice is simply a miracle (pun intended 🤪). Her tone is one of a kind, and the breaks on her voice gave extra emotions to the song. I remember Kelly's reaction when Myracle started to sing lol, same exact reaction as mine :haha:. Elise would've been an amazing steal though :(


2. Lauren - Miley's songs would've suited her. She has that depth that Miley has. She slayed. Hello Sunday improved by a LOT (and was a worthy winner as well) but Lauren was just more polished in this battle and won it for me


3. Kat - close call for me 😬


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1) Elise just by a little bit bc of that INSANE note she hit. Both deserved to go through, and either winner would’ve been deserving.


2) HELLO SUNDAY POPPED OFF! The growth from their shaky blind to this battle WOW! The notes Myla hit were insane, and Chelsea’s runs drastically improved.


3) Josie I felt did more of the heavy lifting, but Kat’s voice is one of a kind. Both are so unique, and Josie deserved a steal/save. 

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