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Top 9 Power Ranking


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I literally don't know after Cam/Corey/Kenzie. So here's a guess:


1. Cam

2. Kenzie

3. Corey

4. Rachel

5. Victor

6. Gihanna

7. Jordan

8. Dana

9. Pia


So top ones on each team get PV, remaining ones as likely to get the IS. Corey > Gihanna > Jordan > Dana > Pia

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IDF (AKA the forum with so much PTSD that the minute they see a country male they think he`s the winner) is actually believing Cam could pull it off. I`m on the verge of getting on that train, but there are reasons for this:

  • Minivan not digging Kenzie as much as the other country frontrunners we`ve had in the past. I think he`s one of the best we`ve had, and even some people in IDF agree with this, so I don`t get why they aren`t crazy about him precisely, when they have fallen head over heels for other people in his lane in the past.
  • A dynamic and charismatic performer (Cam) captivating Minivan so much that there`s a big chance they might be willing to make an exception for him. Being Team Blake certainly doesn`t hurt either.
  • I`ve seen some comments regarding the block, and even some people not wanting to support him solely because he`s on Kelly`s team. (Probably excuses, because they supported Hoot. They just don`t like Kenzie as much).
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