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How are you voting in the 4 way KO? (If you actually are)


How are you voting in the 4 way KO? (If you actually are)  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • I´m voting my favorite no matter what (even if they flop).
    • I will strictly vote for the contestant that performs the best.
    • I don´t have a horse in this race.

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2 hours ago, AliXRose said:

I intended to vote for either Savanna or Carolina based on the actual performance, but I might vote for both to try to give them a slight edge over Emma (nothing against her). Well it's not like my vote will change anything lmao but still

Totally agreed! You have great taste :wub:

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Savanna all the way. We almost never get an artist that sounds like her on the show and her tone is awesome. The other three are all great singers (Carolina especially has some serious talent) but Savanna is so unique and her song choice is awesome. (That said if she gets outperformed I’ll have to reconsider)

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